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It was on a cold and snowy winter afternoon that Gajeel found himself trudging through the large drifts of snow to his girlfriend's apartment. He had only just returned from a two week mission with his partner, Pantherlily, who had headed home ahead of him, and was looking forward to spending time with his favorite person. The iron dragon was especially eager to see Levy since he had found the perfect pendant to give her to celebrate their six month anniversary, despite the fact that they were both generally against celebrating such a trivial thing. When he saw the necklace, though, he had to get it for her, no matter how sappy he may look, and felt their anniversary made for a good excuse.

As Gajeel finally reached the house with the bookworm's apartment, he let out a huff into the frigid air before leaping up to her bedroom window. As he moved to open the window and slip in, he couldn't help but hear someone jumping behind him, and turned to see the salamander, Natsu, sneaking into his own girlfriend's apartment next door. The dark haired man nodded at his rival, before both dragons went back to their task of breaking and entering.

Landing softly on the floor next to Levy's bed, Gajeel discriminately scented the air to find nothing out of place and that his cute, little Shrimp was sitting in her living room. The iron dragon silently snuck into the other room, spying the small bluenette curled up on the couch with a book in hand, clad only in an oversized, long sleeve, black button down shirt; one he knew belonged to him, and some fuzzy pink socks to keep her feet warm. With a devilish grin the man continued to make his way to the girl, being as quiet as he could, even though he knew that as long as that book was in front of her, the apocalypse could be raining down on her and she wouldn't even stop to acknowledge it.

Once he reached the couch, the large man slid himself behind the girl; picking her up just enough so that she could rest between his legs, still completely oblivious to everything around her. As soon as he was comfortable, his arms wrapped around her smaller frame and nose buried against her neck, he took the time to peek at what book had the woman so absorbed that she didn't even notice being moved.

"Gi hee," he chuckled as he read the title of a certain romance novel he had the fortune of coming face to cover with, literally, when he had helped Levy move into her apartment. The memories of that night continued to linger in his mind; it was certainly the best day of his life since Metallicana had left him all those years ago.

While Levy continued to read, Gajeel decided to entertain himself while simultaneously trying to distract his girlfriend. With his devilish grin still on his face, he subtly began to unbutton the long shirt, exposing her black lace bra and panties to him; the set that also just happened to be his favorite since they were speckled with small silver studs just like he was. As soon as her body was exposed to him, the dragon slayer let his hand trail down to the piercing that still rested in her navel, and began to play with the little black dragon hanging down.

Despite all that he had done, Levy still seemed somewhat lost to his presence, though she had leaned her small frame against his larger one as he worked on her clothing, resting her head on his shoulder while humming in contentment. The position she was in, though, gave Gajeel a fantastic view of the woman's slender abdomen and small bust while also giving him easy access to her neck. So, without a second thought, the dragon brushed back some of her blue locks and began gently nipping and sucking on his lover's neck, focusing on a spot just below her ear that always managed to get her attention.

"Gajeel…" Levy quietly hummed while sinking back further in his embrace, finally discarding her book in favor of the man behind her. "When did you get here?"

"Not too long ago, Shrimp," he answered, just barely removing his lips from her neck to do so, "Miss me?"

"Mmm-hmmm," the girl hummed; moving to twine her fingers with his, and turn her head so he could finally catch her mouth, giving her a searing kiss to show her how much he missed her.

"You really should be more aware of your surroundings, you know." Gajeel teased her after pulling away to breathe. "What if I was some pervert breaking in to take advantage of you?"

"I knew it was you," Levy defended before giggling at him, "and I do believe you did just break in to take advantage of me yourself."

"Gi hee, you calling me a pervert, then?"

"That depends, how did my shirt get undone?"

Gajeel could only chuckle at her again before leaning back down to kiss her again, he wanted nothing more than to taste her, touch her, and feel her around him after the two long weeks he had been away. Luckily for him, Levy seemed to be just as eager, as she twisted around to straddle his lap and grind her hips against his.

The iron mage let out a groan as his hands automatically went to her firm backside, holding her there as he continued to press their bodies together while trailing his kisses back down her neck to her collar bone, nipping the ridge before continuing down to her breasts. Keeping her shirt on, Gajeel pulled the black bra down to expose her creamy mounds to him, and quickly drew a pink nipple into his mouth while pinching its twin. His actions succeeded in drawing quiet mewls from the woman, until his free hand reached the apex of her thighs and began rubbing soft circles on her clit over her underwear, then the mewls turned into loud moans as Levy wrapped her arms around his head and rubbed her aching womanhood against him harder.

"Gajeel, I need you… now," Levy suddenly said, not caring if she sounded desperate and needy, she had missed him too much while he was gone and craved his touch.

Gajeel didn't need to be told twice, and the next thing the bluenette knew, she was on her knees on the floor, bent over the coffee with the large iron dragon entering her from behind. Somehow in the span of three seconds the dark haired mage had removed her panties, moved her to her new position, and undid his pants enough to free his member. Levy didn't have time to be amazed by his speed, though, before her boyfriend began quickly thrusting into her, hitting a spot just right that she was already seeing stars.

As he pounded away at the small woman, Gajeel leaned over her body, crushing her against his chest, while he fondle her breasts with one hand and locked the other hand with one of hers. He knew it was going to be quick, but he was only getting started with her at that point; they had all night to catch up on the last two weeks and he intended to use that time to the fullest.

Levy was close, and as her walls began to ripple around him, Gajeel moved to bury his face against her neck, kissing and suckling on the skin while groaning with ecstasy as her orgasm pushed him over the edge. As soon as he came within her, they both collapsed on the table, which luckily he made for her after they accidentally broke her old coffee table the first time they tried that position.

Once Gajeel had caught his breath, he slowly removed himself from the woman's prone body to dig in his pocket, snatching the cool chain as soon as he felt it. While Levy was still recovering, he gently slipped the necklace around her neck, snapping it in place as he leaned down to place a soft kiss on her shoulder. As soon as he was done giving her his gift, he picked himself up to sit back on the couch, watching Levy as she finally came back down from her high to notice the extra weight around her neck.

Looking down, the bluenette caught sight of the pendant dangling down between her breasts on a thin iron chain. The small dragon seemed to be made of solid pewter, it was heavy and a dark charcoal color, with the exception of two tiny red jewels placed for the eyes. The small script mage was amazed by the detail and intricacy the tiny figure had, as she examined the gift.

"Like it?" Gajeel quietly asked, still watching the girl as she sat on the floor, her shocked expression already giving away her answer.

"I love it," Levy answered breathlessly, turning her face up to smile widely at the man before launching herself from the floor to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss his cheek in appreciation. "What's the occasion, though?"

The larger mage just shrugged while shifting her to sit more comfortably on his lap. "Anniversary," he eventually grunted while looking away from her once again shocked expression, feeling somewhat embarrassed about the fact that he actually remembered it.

As soon as Levy recovered from her surprise again; and quickly calculated in her mind that he was right, it was around their six month anniversary, she found herself giggling at his scowl signaling his shyness to her. She only continued to laugh at him even after he turned to glare at her, finally stopping to lean her forehead against his and smile down at him, turning his glare into a grin as she quickly kissed him again. When she pulled away, receiving a growl for the chasteness of the kiss, she couldn't help but laugh again as he pouted.

"Thank you, Gajeel," Levy told him before pouting back at him, "but I didn't get you anything."

"That's fine, didn't plan on getting you anything either until I saw that," he reassured, pulling her in closer to rest her head on his chest. "But I plan on getting all the thanks I deserve for the rest of the night as my gift anyway, Gi hee."

Levy giggled back at him before pushing herself up to give him yet another kiss, squeaking in surprise as he grabbed onto one of her still freed breasts and swiftly impaled her again from below. Apparently he was ready to receive his gift right then and there, but Levy wasn't one to complain as she was quickly worked to another explosive finish.

Nearly five hours later, both mages were exhausted and thoroughly sated, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch as they finally let themselves rest, quietly enjoying each others' presence after being apart for so long. Levy was laid over Gajeel's bare chest, listening to his steady heartbeat as the iron dragon ran his hand through her blue hair, neither needed to speak as they let the peaceful winter night settle around them. As the script mage's breathing slowly began to even out as sleep finally took her, Gajeel leaned down to press a kiss to the crown of her head; happy to finally be home where he knew he belonged with the woman he loved more than anything.

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