A/N: I created this one shot and made it humor because after I watched The Ring, it scared me. So to help, I made this so I won't get nightmares! Hope this helps you too!

Rachel was falling into darkness. She screamed and waved her arms around. Then, she stopped when she landed at the bottom of the dark and wet hole flat on her bottom. "Ow!" she screamed. Then, a girl's voice said, "Dark isn't it?" Rachel turned around to see a young girl. She was cute, with long black hair that framed her little face and had brown eyes. She wore a long white dress. But she was still startled to see another person trapped.

"Who are you?" she asked. "My name is Samara Morgan. And may I also ask, who are you?" "M-my name is Rachel Keller. What are you doing here?"

Samara sighed. "My mother Anna Morgan pushed me here. Now I'm trapped. How about you?" Rachel shrugged. "I do not know. All I remember is that I was running and then I fell here in this well."

Samara sighed. Then, her face lit up. "Hey, I know something that might pass the time! Let's share secrets!" Rachel backed away a bit, creeped out. "Um, ok?" Samara beamed. "Ok! There's this boy that comes to my house from time to time because he delivers our milk and he's so cute!"

Rachel swallowed. "So, you like him?" Samara rolled her eyes like duh! "Of course! He's hot!" Rachel slid further away from her. "Um, alright. Good for you!" But Samara wasn't done. "Last night, I fell down the stairs. Now I got a boo boo on my leg. Wanna see it?"

Rachel opened her mouth to say something but Samara didn't wait for her answer, she just rolled up her tights to show. She pointed at the red mark. "See?" Rachel nodded. "Yes, yes. That's nice. Maybe this is a dream. If so, I should go now. She grabbed hold of the rocks and attempted to climb. But Samara grabbed her ankle.

"No! Please stay! I'm scared of the dark!" Rachel sighed but then she slid down to join her. "Ok. I guess I could stay a bit longer."

Samara clapped her hands. "Yay! Because I have another thing to tell you! I believe in unicorns!" Rachel blinked. "You do?" Samara nodded. "Yeah! Because my mom used to read me stories and books about them, and they said that they are real!"

"But, what if they don't exist?" Rachel said softly. Samara frowned. "Yes, of course they exist!" But Rachel shook her head. "I don't think so." But that drove Samara nuts. "No! Unicorns do exist!" She banged her hands against the wall of the well. "They exist! And their horns as well!" Rachel froze. Samara stopped banging and looked at her innocently. "I like rainbows." she said quietly.

Rachel smiled unconvincely. Then, Samara bursted out singing:

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows,

everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together

brighter than a lucky penny,

when you're near the rain goes disappear dear and I feel so fine!

Just to know that you're mine!

Rachel backed up. "Yeah, I'm going now." Then, she woke up to the sound of Aiden's tv. She sat up. "That was one hour of my night I would never get back."

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