Characters: Donna/TenII(aka Benedict), Sylvia, Wilf

Warning: Usage of mild swear words.

Summary: A weirdly familiar man appeared in her life; bringing another dimension to Donna's life. This is the sequel to The Shimmering, where they decide to try and make a life together.

Disclaimer: I once thought I owned these characters; and then I forgot. The BBC also owns Del boy and Rodney; they get all the best characters!

A/N: I'd better point out that Pete Tong is Cockney rhyming slang for 'wrong'.

A/N2: You've probably long forgotten this tale; and I honestly can't think how I can change this part, so here it is! Perhaps I'll now get it finished…

Beyond Shimmering

Part 1


Benedict lay back on the bed feeling very happy! He'd achieved every single goal he'd set himself numerous months ago. He had finally worked out to use the blueprints for the Torchwood dimensional cannon to formulate a vortex manipulator, working in secret every available moment as he tried not to fall asleep at his desk. Part of him missed that desk – stupid sentimentality! He didn't miss fighting off unwanted advances, stern words shouted in his face, threats of slaps, or that continuous drone about how he wasn't the Doctor. "No kidding?" he'd wanted to reply as sarcastically as he could.

But here, here was heaven in comparison. Here contained Donna for a start, here wasn't that awful inability to live up to a legend, and here didn't mean being quizzed to within an inch of your life! Okay, some of the time it did, but in a good way.

Donna had snuck immediately back in to see him once Sylvia had disappeared downstairs, and kissed him again. Ooh it was good! She'd pinned him on the bed, taking his breath away with her passion, and promised to return with some clothing for him. Personally he was hoping for a non-clothing option to be offered, but he didn't get it.

When she'd returned later with some of Wilf's clothes they'd both had a good laugh. The trousers had been short in the leg and too wide around the waist. The sweatshirt made him look as though he was a kid dressed in his dad's things, but at least the socks were okay. Wilf had had a good giggle too when Benedict had finally managed to get downstairs to eat breakfast; it was the first morning of many mornings where they'd all laugh together.

"Hello Doctor! I mean… John Smith. Shouldn't you be somewhere else?" Wilf had greeted Benedict when he first saw him hovering anxiously in the kitchen. "Once you've sorted yourself out some proper clothes of course."

"Oh! I'm not him," Benedict had answered, deeply embarrassed. "And these…" He had plucked pathetically at his sweatshirt, clearly lost for words.

"Gramps, this is Benedict," Donna formally introduced them. "He's a close relative of the Doctor's."

"Close? I'd say they share the same shoes," Wilf chuckled. "Come on, who is he really?"

Donna and Benedict felt duty-bound to give a full explanation of the metacrisis, and how being together had stabilised her mind, both their minds. Wilf took it all quite well, considering. And he was exceptionally pleased Donna got to be with the Doctor, in a way; though he kept that snippet to himself. He had a feeling this Benedict wouldn't welcome that thought.

Wilf did a happy dance. "As long as my girl is happy, you'll be fine," he had declared shaking Benedict's hand. "But if you fancy coming to my astronomy club one night you'll be very welcome."

As soon as he could Benedict pulled Donna to one side to embrace her. "Hello fiancée," he whispered as he nuzzled her ear. "I love you." She had squeezed him so tightly in reply he thought the breath would be totally knocked out of him!

"Benedict! Put her down!" Sylvia barked at him, causing him to jump.

He felt it best to release Donna for the time being as Sylvia was taking great delight in carefully ironing his suit, and he didn't want to distract her too much. In fact he couldn't wait to wear his suit again; he wasn't a sweatshirt sort of bloke.

"Here you go!" Sylvia beamed at him as she held up his squeaky clean suit and proudly passed him the hanger. "Much better."

"I'll say!" he readily agreed. "I want to get back to being me." He went to kiss Sylvia on the cheek in gratitude, and she slightly balked at the action before hesitantly letting him do it. There was even a smile to go with it, he was pleased to note. One up on the Doctor then!

As he headed upstairs he was pleased to note that Sylvia had thrust a pile of clean clothes into Donna's arms, so she trudged up the stairs behind him. "Donna!" he whispered once they got onto the landing. "Care to help me adjust my clothing?" He gave her a saucy eyebrow waggle.

"Give me a minute," she whispered back, giving the flight of stairs a worried glance. But Sylvia was obviously staying downstairs for the time being.

He'd only got as far as stripping off the sweatshirt and unfastening the buckle around his waist when Donna burst in on him. "You're keen!" he said as he grinned wolfishly at her.

"Am I too late for the show? I see I got here in time for the previews," she smirked. She sauntered over to him as the trousers dropped to the floor. "Oh dear! You appear to have lost something," she cooed, reaching out to smooth her hands over his torso. "I didn't tell you how much I like your body, did I?"

"In fairness, I didn't tell you how much I love yours," he replied, as his breathing got away from him. "And you've seen it all before."

"True; but you didn't look this good back then. You've toned up," she said. She leered at him, still caressing his body.

"I had to do something with my time when I was avoiding falling asleep at my desk," he admitted. "I kept thinking of doing this…" He bent forward and pressed his lips lightly against hers. "…and some of this…" He pressed more firmly. "…and definitely some of this." He smoothed his tongue over her lips, groaning when they parted to let him seek out her taste. He deepened their kisses, pulling her into his arms and against his burgeoning body.

Ooh! You feel good, she encouraged him. Should we be doing this with Mum so near?

I'm willing to risk it if you are, he replied. Any moment now I won't care if she catches us or not. I need you so much! Have you any idea how much I've missed you?

We've only been downstairs, you prawn!

You know I don't mean like that! I was lonely without you. I can think so clearly when I'm with you.

Funnily enough, so can I! she laughed in his mind. You know that old cliché of 'you complete me'? Well, you might actually make it true! She broke from their kissing briefly. "We need to consciously do this bit," she pointed out.

"You mean the removing part?" He blushed. "Thank goodness your contraceptive shot the Doctor gave you is still in date."

She frowned at him. "I've always wondered why he insisted he should give it to me. I mean, it wasn't as if I really was going to grab the nearest available man and marry him."

"He was just playing it safe," Benedict replied, thankful that they weren't telepathically connected at that moment. "He… he was worried about your wellbeing."

"That sort of implies he was expecting me to be sexually assaulted or something," she pondered.

"Yeah; or something," he agreed. "Come on, let's not think about him; we have other business to attend to." He wriggled against her to remind her exactly what sort of business he had in mind. "May I do the honours?" he shyly asked as his hands landed on the buttons of her blouse; delighted to get her nod of agreement.

"Donna? What are you doing up there?" Sylvia yelled up the stairs.

"Nothing!" Donna automatically shouted back, almost deafening Benedict in the process.

"Then come and do nothing down here!" Sylvia yelled at her again.

"She's going to come up here. Quick!" Donna hastily did up her blouse as Benedict tugged on his clean trousers.

"Is it always this exciting around here?" he asked. "I hadn't expected to risk my life in this way."

"Get used to it," Donna remarked. "Unless you fancy living a little dangerously?" She wove her arms around him, halting his attempts to do up his shirt buttons.

"Donna! I'd like to be still alive for our wedding. After that I'll be all yours to do with as you please." He kissed her mouth softly.

"Is that a promise?" She kissed him delicately back.

I'd say it was a fact, he told her as they heard footsteps on the stairs and the door handle being turned.

"Are you two at it again? You're like bloody rabbits!" Sylvia exclaimed. "Come on; we've got a wedding to organise."

Donna meekly followed her downstairs. She went to the bureau to pull out a writing pad, grabbed a pen off the mantelpiece and sat down at the dining table. "Well…. Where shall we start this time? Wedding venue I suppose," she said to Sylvia. "Ah! Hello, Sunshine!" she greeted Benedict as he sat down next to her. "Any particular thoughts?"

"Nope; apart from somewhere that'll let us get married as soon as possible." He grinned broadly at her.

"Right," she said and began to scribble on the pad. "Anywhere within the next month that'll take us."

"You can use your old wedding dress if you want; I thought you looked lovely in it," he offered.

"I'm supposed to wear something you've never seen!" she chided him. "Though technically it wasn't you…"

"True. It is only a memory after all," he pondered. "I won't mind because you will look beautiful, and I'll only worry if you don't turn up."

"You are sweet!" she crooned and leant over to kiss his cheek. "Next topic is paperwork. Have you actually got a birth certificate?"

"Do be serious!" he whined. "I don't think you both rushed down to the Registrar's office when I came into being somehow."

"Hmm; fake a birth certificate on the computer later." She scribbled some more. "I think the pair of us ought to have no problem hacking in and getting one of them."

"Can we have a big gooey cake?" he asked excitedly. "With a teeny bride and groom on the top? And can it be chocolate cake rather than that heavy stuff they're normally made of?" He looked at her hopefully.

"Benedict, you don't have chocolate cake for your wedding," Sylvia softly pointed out. "It isn't as though it's your birthday."

He pouted at her. "But I want a chocolate wedding cake! It's my wedding!"

"We'll get you a chocolate cake, all to yourself," Donna promised him as she took hold of his hand. "You only get married once."

Sylvia snorted in reply. "Don't you mean most people only get married once?"

"Did you have to bring that up, Mum? It wasn't my fault that wedding went Pete Tong. And if it weren't for that happening I'd never have met the Doctor and then Benedict." She turned to smile lovingly at him. "The most wonderful man in the world."

"All this mush isn't getting the job done!" Sylvia griped as the couple in front of her swooned over each other. "Save it for the honeymoon."

"Oh, we need a honeymoon!" Donna exclaimed. "With our finances we'll be pitching a tent on Gramps' allotment."

Benedict snuck an arm around her. "As long as we're together and married I won't care where we honeymoon."

"You could always bunk in with some church mice since you're as poor as them," Sylvia offered.

"Thanks for that, Mum," Donna laughed. "We won't always be poor."

"Yeah, I know! This time next year you'll be millionaires!" she scoffed. "Just like Del boy and Rodney."

"You never know; we might get lucky like they did," Benedict mused. "Or I could use some insider knowledge." He tapped his temple in demonstration.

"I knew there was a reason I loved you!" Donna crowed; and kissed his cheek again. He placed a hand on her jaw to place a kiss her lips.

Sylvia noisily cleared her throat. "We've got a wedding to organise here, remember? You two will have plenty of time to do all that later." She appeared phased, but secretly she was storing it all up to boast about to her friends at the next Wednesday Girls meeting. She was going to have a field day describing Benedict and his enthusiasm for her Donna.