Warning: There was an implied sex scene here, but hopefully I have edited it sufficiently out now to line up with the guidelines.

A/N: There is a faint reference to The Magic Roundabout here that some of you might recognise.

Part 2


It took a while, but between them Benedict and Donna soon had all necessary paperwork suitably 'faked', as they worked their way through the wedding planning list. With a little jiggery pokery, helped by the fact Benedict had concocted a working version of a sonic screwdriver; he had appeared on official records.

As it turned out, the Registry Office had a vacancy 35 days later. Firmly booked once they flashed their birth certificates and assured the woman they didn't care what day of the week or what time was available. Benedict was over the moon that he was one more step closer to his dream.

"We'd better work on getting you a job now, eh?" Donna had smiled up at him as they left the building. "Since you seem to be getting your wish for a wedding as soon as legally possible."

He kissed the tip of her nose. "Are you suggesting you're not so keen yourself? Because I don't believe you, Donna Noble!"

"Oh yeah, Benedict Noble! Shows how much you know me then," she teased while tipping her lips up closer to his.

He eagerly took the invite to renew their connection, taking possession of her mouth.

The wedding planning resumed that evening when Sylvia got home from work. She was pleased to see that Benedict had chipped in with the household chores and had prepared dinner; and it was pretty decent too! "Thank you, Benedict; that was lovely!" she enthused.

Benedict had immediately blushed. "I enjoy cooking properly as I never had the chance before. I lived on Pot Noodles and work back in..." His voice petered out as a morose mood settled on him.

"It's all over now, love," Donna softly told him, sensing his deep-seated unhappiness about his experience in the Alternative Universe.

He swallowed slowly, feeling her calm his frazzled nerves as he quelled the memories that had surged into his mind. "I'm so glad I found you," he replied. "I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't."

"Don't think about it," she suggested, throwing her arms around him in desperation. They shared a tender kiss, ever mindful that Sylvia was sitting there.

"Come on you two, this won't get the baby bathed," she chided them in order to refocus their attention.

"Baby?" Benedict's face was a picture of horrified bewilderment.

"There's no baby, you prawn!" Donna soothed him. "We have to sort out what you are wearing for the wedding."

He heaved a sigh of relief. "You had me worried we'd jumped the gun then! I thought we'd only…" The thought brought on a sudden blush of embarrassment as he pondered their near miss that second day. "The erm… whatever suit you think looks nicest on me will do."

Donna took the opportunity to brush an invisible piece of lint from his shoulder. "We'll get you a new dark suit for the wedding. I want my husband to look ultra-hot," she explained.

"Then I'll do my best to make you proud," he told her, capturing her hand and pressing light kisses on her fingers.

She smirked happily at him. "Prawn! You already do that. Now you've got yourself an agency job we can consider saving for our own place in next to no time."

"Will there be any problem with you getting time off, Benny?" asked Sylvia.

"No, I've already sorted that out; and the agency insisted I take a week off," he said. "I'm not sure we can afford that."

"We'll have a proper honeymoon eventually," Donna told him as she stroked his sideburn lovingly. "Perhaps we can have two days on our own?"

So they agreed to go through their finances together to check how long they could take off. In the end it was decided they'd have two days in the house alone while Sylvia and Wilf visited relatives.

"Do you mind I'm not earning us enough money yet?" Benedict hesitantly asked Donna as they nestled up together on the sofa later that evening. "I want to do so fairly and squarely without resorting to using 'Lordy' knowledge." He tapped his head in emphasis.

"Of course not!" she responded. "It means far more when we achieve something on our own. And I know that you can be whatever you want to be, once you've decided what that is."

"You and me together," he whispered, weaving his hand into her hair, and pulling her forward onto his lips. I love you so much! I can hardly believe you'll be mine forever soon.

What do you mean soon, Timeboy? I already am, she replied, returning his kiss enthusiastically.

Do you think we could get a little creative upstairs? I know we said we'd wait but… I have needs, Donna!

And I have a mother and grandfather sitting down here! Sorry, darling, but you'll have to hold that thought. She chuckled at his answering groan of frustration. Tomorrow IS Wednesday, remember; and I'm sure we can convince Gramps to go up the hill for a little while…

You are the most brilliant fiancée ever! he cried. Now there's just the little problem of tonight. He pushed at her exactly what the size of his problem was.

My poor baby! You go on up, and I'll tiptoe up in a minute, she suggested.

They broke their embrace, and Benedict tried to surreptitiously make for his bedroom. Sylvia watched his guilty progress with a smirk. Then to add to her amusement, Donna rose from the settee, made some comment about taking up the clean towels and headed up the stairs. 'Who does she think she's kidding?' Sylvia wondered. She decided to give them twenty minutes before appearing to be nosey.

Benedict grabbed her as soon as she reached the landing, crushing her against his door as he ravished her mouth. Not here! We can be heard here! she warned him; so he manoeuvred her into his room.

What about here? he begged her. We don't have to go all the way, but…

This? She tested his reaction; and got an answering happy groan. Shush! No sound, remember?

Oh God! I love you! He panted heavily into her neck before planting large, grateful kisses there.

"Donna! Are you coming down for this tea?" Sylvia called up the stairs. She waited a few moments for the expected movement she heard. Aw, she was going to have so much romance to boast about to the Wednesday Girls!

The following evening they went late night shopping to pick him out a new suit. "Are you sure we can afford this, Donna?" Benedict asked anxiously.

She smiled back confidently at him. "Of course I am! If you look the part you'll soon be earning the money to cover it; and it's a major investment, so stop worrying. You handsome devil, you!"

He blushed with delight as she ran her hands over his chest, feeling her rising anticipation as she did so. "Do you think the house is empty yet?" he near whispered.

She gave him a suggestive eyebrow waggle. "Let's go find out!"

As they walked along Donna suddenly commented, "I could have sworn I heard Martha's voice then."

Benedict halted and sniffed the air. Yes, there was a trace of Time Lord; which meant they were in danger of upsetting the timelines. "Donna, I think we'd better get out of here, just in case…," he started to say, hoping against hope it was the Doctor during his time with Martha as his sole companion.

"It's okay, Benny," Donna tried to soothe him. "I know the rules of this game," she reminded him. Her voice deliberately dropped in tone as she added, "And anyway, I have a hot date with a sexy and gorgeous man to rush home for."

That caught his attention and forced it back onto normal tracks. "Sexy and gorgeous?" he echoed, grinning broadly at her. "Who would that be then?"

She swept a seductive finger across his chest, gauging his interest as she did so, before trailing it up his throat and onto his plump bottom lip. "Only the man I plan to ravish tonight, if you fancy joining me for a little bedroom activity." She then deliberately ghosted her lips against his, letting him sense her growing interest in him. "Just for the record, it isn't the national bed-making championships."

"Is there any chance of the bed becoming very unmade?" he whispered into her ear, keen to keep her body pressed close to his. "As that sounds like a lot of fun."

"Fun, and possibly a house that's empty; what more could we want?" she wondered.

The urge to kiss her was irresistible. "Then what are we standing about here for? We have some fun waiting for us," he murmured, before making the decision to break free and drag her off home.

High above them, on a separate level of the shopping centre, the Doctor stood leaning against the handrail, watching them intensely. It wasn't often he ran into himself these days; and it was never a good thing. He tended to argue with himself for a start! But to see himself with Donna Noble was extremely interesting; in fact he would have thought such a thing was impossible considering what happened when they had met. Hmm. Not only would she be with him, but it looked like she would be with him. It looked like he was going to get lucky in more than one way, and the thought of that gladdened his hearts. He'd looked really happy with her. Perhaps she would be his salvation? At least it was something to look forward to…

All the lights were on when they arrived home, but there was no sign of Wilf and the kettle had only some residual heat. "Looks like Gramps has gone up the hill early," Donna commented. "Time for bed, said Zebedee."

Benedict's face lit up with delight and held out his hand in invitation. "Your room or mine?"

She made a scoffing noise at him. "Depends if you want a single or a double bed."

He growled at her in return, and dragged her hastily up the stairs and into her bedroom. Shutting the door just in case, they lunged at each other, kissing desperately whilst removing clothing. There was a bit of frustration caused by shirt cuffs that wouldn't undo, and a clasp that refused to comply to an expert touch. "Wait! Shouldn't we stick to our wedding night, like we planned," Donna suggested hesitantly.

"Donna! Are you trying to kill me off before I even get to taste your body properly? Please don't do this to me!" he begged. He gently caressed her cheek with his thumb. "I'll wait if you want me to; you know I will, but it's mean to get me this far… that's all," he crooned. He brought his mouth even closer to say, "You were willing to wait a hundred years for me once and I'd willingly do the same for you. As it is I only have a week. I can do that; I think."

"A whole week?" She wriggled against him, revelling in the firm skin flush with hers. "Is that all? That's hardly any time in the scheme of things," she murmured, bringing her lips up to meet his. We're practically married all ready, she reasoned.

And you're no virgin bride, he argued. Ow! You didn't have to hit me! If anybody's the virgin around here it's me!

Yeah, keep telling yourself that, princess! Because what happened between us totally didn't count! she huffed angrily at him.

If it counts, why are we bothering to wait? he reasoned. I'm willing and able, you're covered protection-wise, we have the house all to ourselves for a few hours; oh and… there's the little matter of me being desperately in love with you.

Good point, Holmes. I could get to like you very much!

Only like? I was hoping for more than that in the loving stakes… He pulled back from their embrace to look her in the eyes. "What's the verdict?" he asked softly.

"I'd say love conquers all, but I need you to show me," she breathily replied.