"This is just too easy!" Becky thought as she pressed the aid in her ear, "Okay mom, what now?" she asked.

"Sneak in and get the ruby" Harley replied, "and be careful!" she added

Becky rolled her eyes, "I got this mom!" she said as she removed her finger from the aid, jumped from her hiding place, and landed on the sidewalk just outside of the Gotham museum.

She flung her blond hair over her shoulder, "Here goes" she thought as she leaned down to pick the lock she fumbled with it for a while, hearing it click she let out a squeal of happiness; she pushed the door open and slid inside.

"Mom! I'm in" Becky said pressing the ear piece

"Good, remember just get the ruby and get out!"

Becky nodded, "Got it!" she said pulling her finger from the ear piece, she wondered the museum for a while, the ear piece buzzed in her ear, "Yeah?" she asked as she pushed the button.

"Hurry!" her mother yelled, "The next guard will be coming in soon!"

Becky pulled her finger off the button, "Crap!" she mumbled, she ran down a hallway and bumped into a podium, "Ow!" she mumbled "Stupid…. ruby!" She whispered happily looking down at the giant red rock.

She said reaching to open the glass box around it, the ear piece buzzed again,

"Do you want to trigger the alarm?" the voice asked,

"N-no daddy" she answered, her Father laughed, She dug thought her bag that she had with her and pulled out a glass-cutter.

Then she gently pressed it to the glass box and cut a circle, she pulled the cut piece off and reached down into the case and pulled the ruby out.

"Come to mama!" she said happily as she placed the ruby in her bag, "That was easier then I thought" Becky said happily.

"Getting away from me wont be" a voice said behind her and she felt a gloved hand grasp her arm.

"What?" she asked turning to face the voice.



"Let me go!" Becky yelped as she tried to yank her arm away from him, "Go away!" she spat as she freed her arm from him and stumped back.

"I'll take that ruby back know" he said as he moved closer to her and tried to grab her bag, "…Just make this easier on yourself, kid" he said as he loosely grabbed her bag.

Becky moved away, "Back off creep!" she yelled "I took this far and square!" She said as she stood up wobbly and rushed toward the door.

"What an idiot" he mumbled running after her, Becky glanced back at him at him again and took off in the opposite direction.

"Doesn't this moving target ever quit?!" she wondered aloud as she looked back again and smiled when she thought she lost him running smack into someone, she moved back and recognized the bat in the middle of the of the outfit, "Crap" she mumbled.

"Who are you?" Batman asked grabbing her arm, Becky sneered at him, as she tried to free her arm but found he was just as strong as people made him out to be.

"Why on earth, should I tell you!? She barked as she stopped trying to free her arm and glared up at the man, although her heart was beating a mile a minute.

"Because the cell I put you in has to have a name" he said, Becky's took in a sharp breath as she absently minded try to run again but the strong grip on her arm reminded her why she was still there in the first place.

"My names Becky Quinn"

"Quinn" he repeated,

Becky nodded, "And thanks for the offer but I have to go!" Kicking him in the shin making him let go of her arm, Then she stepped back and flipped into the air but unknown to her the aid in her ear had fallen out; she placed her hands on Batman's shoulder and used it as a base to push off of.

She landed behind him, "See ya!" she called running out the door and into the night.

Robin appeared next to batman, "Who was that?" He asked

"I'm not sure" Batman muttered, "But maybe this can help us" he said as he picked up the ear piece.

Becky ran to the run-down building she called a home, "Mom!" she yelled running in the house "Daddy!"

Becky heard a loud crash and then Harley ran into the room and to Becky's surprise not in her outfit but in a red nightie.

"My baby!" she yelled smothering her in a hug, as Joker walked into the room also in his nightgear.

"Did you get the ruby?" he asked as he pulled Harley from her, eying her bag.

"Yeah!" Becky said pulling the ruby out of her bag, "S-see?" she asked as she presented it to him.

Joker patted her head "Daddy's little thief" he said, Becky smiled proudly she was glad he wasn't in a…mood.

"OH!" Harley cried "I need a picture!" she said running to get a camera.

Joker placed a hand on her shoulder and gave a fatherly look to his daughter, and then another crash caused him to look away.

"I found it!" Harley shouted, as she ran in front of them "Smile!" she said.

Becky smiled feeling her fathers hand on her shoulder…knowing that he was proud.

Harley sighed "My baby's first crime!" she wiped away a tear, "They grow up so fast!" she said as she again wrapped her into a hug.

Becky rolled her eyes "Mom" she mumbled, pushing her away smiling.

"Did you run into any one?" Joker asked moving away from her.

Becky nodded "…..The…..Batman…." she muttered not sure how her father would respond, she just hoped he wouldn't be angry.

Joker cut her off "The Batman?" he asked taking hold of her shoulders, Becky flinched as he did so her father had never hit her but she had seen him to it to her mother,

"Yeah" Becky mumbled, "I…got away from him…" she said hurriedly her voice slightly fading out, something that happens when she's nerves or scared.

Joker smiled "So my little girl faced the Batman and got away with the ruby!" He laughed loudly, Becky smiled as he let her go.

Harley gently placed a hand on her shoulder, "Time for bed" she said kissing her forehead Becky nodded as she walking to her room.

Joker smiled at the ruby, "So Batty knows about are little secret?" he asked Harley nodded as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Yeah" she mumbled hugging from behind, Joker pushed her arms away and walked to his work room,

"Night" Harley yelled after him she sighed as she got no replay and then walked back to her room.

Becky threw her bag on her floor as she flopped onto her bed landing on her stomach, "What a day" she thought,

"Stealing a ruby, running from the Batman" She turned on her back and placed her hands on her stomach,

She pushed a piece of free hair behind her ear, then froze

"W-where's my ear piece?" she thought frantically "D-did I lose it at the museum?" She bolted up "What if Batman found it?"

She slid off her bed "I-I have to connect to it!" she thought, "I'll have to sneak into mom's room and get the other one" She thought as she slid out back on her bed, "I really hope that someone stepped on it.." she mumbled.

"Was that girl really Joker and Harley's daughter?" Robin asked

"We can't be to sure…there's no DNA proof…yet"

Robin looked out the window of the Batmobile, "…..She was…tiny…both Joker and Harley are tall…" he muttered.

"Your right, but that doesn't mean she can't be theirs" He said as he parked the car inside the Cave.

Robin shook his head "She didn't seem crazy" he said removing his Mask Batman pulled his off his mask as well,.

"Neither did Harley"

The doors to of the home entrance opened, and Alfred walled in to the cave carrying a serving tray with two glasses of water on it.

"And who was it this time sir?" Alfred asked "The Joker, Miss Quinn, and Miss Ivy?" he asked.

Bruce shook his head as he took a glass, "Becky Quinn" he sat sitting down in his computer chair, Alfred looked shocked.

"A relation to Miss. Quinn?" Alfred asked.

"Maybe" Bruce said.

Alfred looked up at the computer screen "Please don't tell me she's the offspring of those two.." he asked, Bruce sat nothing while he typed.

"Hey" Tim said "What if she's biologically not there daughter" he said "Maybe they kidnapped her or something."

Bruce nodded "It's possible"

Tim looked at the screen, "So what are you looking up?" He asked

"This" Bruce answered holding up an ear piece, "When she went to get away from me this fell out" He said truing back to the computer "And I have a feeling that it was Daddy dearest that she was talking to"

Tim took a glass of water, "Why do you think he wanted her to take the ruby?" He asked.

"How do you know he asked her to take the ruby?" Alfred asked "Maybe she did it on her own free will." He said,

Tim shook his head as he took a sip of his water "I guess" he muttered

Bruce turned to face Tim "You were the first to encounter her did she say anything to the person on the other side of the hearing piece?" He asked,

"Yeah" Tim said "Her mother and her father" He said

"Did she say any names?"

"No just 'mom' and 'dad' " He said.

Bruce turned back to the computer "Gotham defiantly has a new problem." He mumbled.

Joker studied the ruby, "My little girl's first crime" He thought "They do grow up so fast" He laughed,

He knew that Becky had dropped her ear piece, he could see it when they took their picture, he also knew that Batman found it, "He'll be wanting this back" He mumbled picking up the ruby.

He smiled "This should be so much fun!" He said, He exited the room and went into Becky's room.

He pulled her covers up, "Sleep tight" He whispered patting her shoulder.