Becky groaned and slid her hand out from the blankets and turned off her alarm clock, She slipped out of bed and stood up she stretched herself out and yawned. She walked to the bathroom and turned the sink on, she slashed some water on her face and brushed her teeth; she pulled her hair up in to a tight bun. Becky checked to make sure that no hair was out of place and no green had grown back. She walked out and to her closet and randomly pulled out a white hoodie and a skirt after she got dressed she walked out in to the hallway and nearly bumped into Tim,

"Sorry" He called over his shoulder as he ran down the stairs and out the door; before he missed his bus.

Becky blinked "Dummy…" she mumbled; she slowly walked down the stairs and to the living room after she sat on the couch she switched on the TV she flipped through channels.

"Today Harley Quinn-"

"Wait what?!" Becky thought as she flipped back to 'Gotham Morning News'

"-and Poison Ivy were both turned in to Arkham today by an unnamed vigilante; They will be spending some time in a rehab center then hopefully a few years in Arkham with Harley Quinn' s longtime partner The Joker ! This is Amy Louise live form the gates of Arkham Asylum, Back to you Mike!"

"No…No way!" Becky screamed in her mind 'Mom, dad, Aunt Ivy…Are all in Arkham…" Her head started pounding along with her heart. She was glad that were alive and somewhat safe; but she was also scared that they may never get out.

"Thanks Amy! Hey Liz did you hear that weird rumor?" Mike asked looking over at his Co-host,

"No Miko! What weird rumor?" Liz asked looking back at him, 'Well there are some people saying that there is a young girl that was hanging around The Joker Some even saying that she is his daughter!" Liz laughed "Oh-"

Becky growled as she switched off the TV and jumped out of her seat walked out of the living room, bumping into Alfred "Sorry" Becky muttered as she bushed passed him; Alfred looked back at her,

"Something wrong Miss. Rebecca?" He asked.

Becky stopped she shook her head she didn't want Alfred to see her cry , She felt tears sting her eyes until they flowed out and she started hiccupping and nearly fell on her knees;

"Miss. Rebecca?" Alfred asked running over to her and held up Becky hugged him for a support, "They Know I'm his daughter!" She whispered 'My Mother…She's in Arkham! She alive" She cried as Alfred placed his hand on her back.

'It's okay Rebecca" He said as he pulled away from her "Come on I'll make you some Tea and you can calm down" Becky nodded as she let him guide her to the kitchen.

Becky was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea sitting in front of her, She was staring at the table not saying a word; Alfred walked over to the phone hanging on the wall and dialed the number for Wayne tech.


"Mister Wayne?"


"Have you seen the news today?"


"Well Miss. Rebecca did and they seem to be catching on to the 'Joker's daughter'


"Yes and I also believe that Miss. Quinn and Miss. Ivy are also in Arkham"


"Mister Wayne? Miss. Rebecca wants to talk to you"


"Bruce? C-can I see them? Please! I want to see my parents!"

"…I don't know Becky…I can't tells them why you want to see them…"

"I…understand…maybe Batman could…never mind….Thanks Mr. Wayne"

She handed the phone back to Alfred and took her seat back at the table, she glanced down at the cup on the table; she took a sip and sighed,

"Please…I just want to see them"