Tim sighed as he leaned on the door frame, "She is taking forever…" he muttered as he looked out the window, "And it looks like it's going to rain!"

"I checked the weather and they said that it may get cloudy but it won't rain" a voice said behind him,

Tim jumped and turned to see Becky standing there with her arms folded; she was wearing a blue skirt with a matching Tee-shirt and ugg boots and had her hair in a braid.

"Oh…alright then" Tim said trying to avoid anything to do with the news not wanting to bring up her parents, "Let's go"

"We're walking?" Becky asked,

"No Alfred is going to dive us" Tim said as he opened the front door for them,

"Okay" Becky said as they walked out the door and to the car that was waiting for them.

Tim let Becky get in first and then slid in after her; Becky moved close to the window looked out of it.

Tim stole a few glances of her out of the corner of his eye and then rested his elbow on the window and copied Becky's example; Alfred watched them form the review mirror,

"Would anyone like to listen to the radio?" he asked both teenagers shrugged but didn't say anything;

"Aright then" he said turning the radio on to one of the channels he liked.

Becky was jittery she fiddled with her fingers nonstop, she was happy. If she learned anything form sitting in her room all day watching TV it was that the mall was where every normal teenager hung out.

She glanced over at Tim who was currently looking out the window; she smiled and then looked back out her window. Today she wasn't the Joker's daughter, she was just Becky; the short blond girl.

The happy feeling she had was soon replaced with a feeling of sadness, her parents where rotting in a cell and here she was going to the mall; she sighed and rested her head on the window.

"Headache?" Tim asked looking over at her, Becky nodded and shifted to were she would be sitting on her knees; "I'll be fine" she told him.

Tim nodded and looked at the review mirror catching Alfred's eye and frowned, he turned away and kept his eyes on the window; this was just what he wanted to do baby-sit the Jokers moody daughter for an hour!

He inwardly groaned as he rested his elbow on the window sill and sighed.

"I'll be back for you both in an hour" Alfred said told them as he drove away leaving both Becky and Tim standing awkwardly at the front of the mall, Becky looked around,

"Where's your friend?" She asked looking at Tim who shrugged, Becky gave a little shrug toward the door "can we go inside?" she asked Tim nodded and walked to the door with Becky close behind.

Becky smiled as the door's opened but stopped when she caught Tim looking at her funny, she looked down at her feet and followed Tim; Becky looked at the passing stores and noticed that some of them had the Batman symbol painted on the windows.

She blinked and wondered if the really sold batman things in those stores, while her thoughts were on Batman she had suddenly stopped walking when she lost her train of thought she had lost Tim.

She looked around and only saw the odd looks she was getting from people she sighed and turned and started back to the door.

She could wait for Alfred to come back…finding Tim seemed out of the question he kind of disappeared into the people.

She made it halfway to the door when a hand grabbed her shoulder; she turned to kick the person until she saw who it was,

"Tim?" she asked,

"Don't stop walking and not tell me If I loose you Bruce will kill me !" he told her as he let go of her shoulder and turned around,

"Come on!" he told her as he started walking away; Becky jumped at the tone of his voice and then gave him a hard look.

"Does he not want to be here with me?!"She thought as she started after him,

"He's the one who asked me to come here!"she frowned and folded her arms as they walked,

"Maybe…maybe I don't wanna be here with you!"She yelled in her head and was about to say something when a boy called out to Tim.

"Hey Timmy!" He yelled as he ran over to them locking the black-haired boy in a head lock,

"Finally I thought you'd never make it!" He laughed as he let him go and then noticed Becky.

"Who's this?" he asked looking Becky up and down, Tim punched the boy on the back.

"This is Becky...Pennyworth….Alfred's Granddaughter" He said as he folded his hands behind his head and started walking toward the food court, Becky looked at him then her eyes lit up with understanding and looked over at Kyle who was still standing there and smiled and hurried after Tim.

"I have no idea where that came from" Tim thought as he looked over at Becky who had her face twisted in thought, "At lest she is playing along..." He thought as he nudged her with his elbow to make her stop; Becky glared up at him then looked away form him.

"Ow" she mumbled rubbing her shoulder,

"Sorry" Tim told her "Had to stretch" he smiled smartly at her, Becky glared at him then grunted and elbowed him in the gut.

"Sorry" Becky told him "Had to stretch" she mocked as she flung her braid over her shoulder, Kyle looked at Tim and mouthed;

"Freaky" then nodded to Becky who was once again making odd faces as she was thinking.

Tim smirked and nodded but thought, "You have no idea Buddy!"