Who wants some FACE family fluff? I sure do. This is basicaly fluff and angst and I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm actually getting a multi-chaptered fic out that isn't crack. Alright, this'll probably be a little more than 10 chapters but not as much as 20. I've decided that much at least. I'm also contemplating adding sequals. One for Matthew and one for Alfred, about their own romantic troubles. RussiaxAmerica and PrussiaxCanada of course.

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Warnings: Yaoi? So much fluff you might die later?

It was the twins that brought them together. Inexplicably, irrevocably drawn together to try and raise two little orphans. A heart-wrenching story that started off with two very aggravated males. Arthur Kirkland and Francis Bonnefoy had hated each other with every fiber of their being. It started off in the school-yard, as many childish rivalries do...

Little Arthur Kirkland had always been teased for seeing the faeries. But they were real! They were his only friends. No one else would go near him. Until one day...

"Alright class! We have a visitor from one of the upper grades! Mr. Bonnefoy is here to read you all a story. Be nice to Francis, okay?"

The class was in an uproar. They'd never had someone from the upper grades come! What was this Francis guy like? How much older then they was he? Who would grace this little first grade class?

Arthur was not so concerned. He liked story time, but only because he could snuggle in a corner with his own book and read with his faerie friends. It was a quiet, gentle time that Arthur cherished. He rarely had time to read on his own because his house was so noisy and boisterous. He didn't mind it really, he just wanted a quiet time to read that he never got. Ever since he had been taught to read not too long ago, he couldn't stop. He loved to read, and so he did. In his own little quiet corner while the other children were distracted.

But not today. The door to the classroom opened with a flourish. In stepped in the flashiest third grader Arthur had ever seen. Arthur assumed he was a third grader, he looked like one. He had shoulder length blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. Arthur could only stare in wonder at his confidence.

"Bonjour! My name is Francois! It is a pleasure to meet you~! I will be reading you stories today!"

The poor little first grader could only gape at the french accent and exuberant tone. How flashy could one third grader get? Was he going to start doing magic tricks soon? Arthur had to admit that that would actually be pretty fun to watch. Maybe he wouldn't be cuddled in his corner today...

"Gather around little ones. I will tell you all about the Tale of Sleeping Beauty."

Francis held no book. How was he going to tell them a story? Arthur snuck closer to the other children. It was a story Arthur had never heard of before.

"There once lived a King and a Queen who were very sorry they had no children- so sorry that it cannot be expressed. They tried all the curative waters in the world, vows and pilgrimages, but to no purpose..."

Arthur wanted to know what some of those words meant, but he didn't dare interrupt the french boy. His accent has hypnotic and made the words have a flow of their own. Arthur wanted to hear more.

"At last, however, the Queen gave birth to a daughter. There was a very fine christening; and the Princess had for her godmothers all the faeries they could find in the whole kingdom..."

Arthur and the other children sat mesmerized. They listened as Francis told a magic tale of a Sleeping Princess.

"A few days later the Prince took his bride to live with him in his own palace, and the enchanted castle and wood vanished, never to be seen again."

The story ended and Arthur wondered if the boy would come again. He wanted to hear another story from the french boy. The tale seemed more special coming from Francis, like he made it his own even if it wasn't. He spoke with his heart and that made it all the more beautiful. As the other children scattered, Arthur approached Francis.


Arthur almost flinched when the other turned his piercing blue gaze to him. He didn't like talking to other kids, they would just make fun of him after learning about the faeries anyway. But he didn't think Francis would, his stories had faeries after all!

"Why, bonjour mon petit lapin."

Francis took a long look at the smaller boy in front of him. He was wrapped in a forest green cloak, the hood pulled over his spiky pale-blond hair. His eyebrows looked like caterpillars and made Francis want to laugh, but he didn't. He didn't want to scare away the cute little rabbit. The thing that Francis noticed most about the boy was that he had the brightest green eyes that he had ever seen, more than making up for the monsters he called eyebrows. The boy also had a light british accent that Francis found adorable. He loved cute things...

"Um... W-would you like to be my friend?"

The question surprised both. Arthur clapped his hands over his mouth. He had not meant to ask that, at all. What would he do if the boy said no and thought he was weird? He didn't want that! He wanted the boy to come read again!

Francis was shocked. The cute bunny wanted to be friends? Third graders couldn't just become friends with baby first graders. It was against the rules. But... When had Francis ever followed the rules of his peers? He did so love cute things...

"Oui~ mon petit lapin!"

Arthur was crushed in a hug. And thus sealed their friendship that would last forever. At least until one day...

Arthur was now in the third grade, and he was happy. His best friend Francis had cut his hair over the summer and it no longer dragged around behind him, it felt more free. He didn't have to worry about the other kids sticking gum in it. He could also play with Francis now during recess. He was excited to have someone to explore the forest beside the playground with instead of getting lost by himself. The teacher brought them out to play and Arthur rushed to find Francis.


Arthur spotted him by the swings talking to a few other fifth graders. His back was to Arthur. Arthur ran up behind them about to yell Francis' name again when he stopped.

"Why do you hang out with him? He's a freak!"

Arthur hid as he watched Francis shrug. He could only guess who Francis' friends were talking about. He was a freak after all. Arthur could already feel tears spring to his eyes. But it would be okay, Francis would stand up for him just like he always did.

Francis was being cornered. He didn't like this feeling. He wanted to go play with Arthur, not be questioned by his peers. He loved playing with his smaller friend, it was always so fun. Arthur could see faeries, he had no doubt about it. It awed Francis a little, when he and Arthur ventured into the forest he would stop to brush his hand against a few of the leaves and tell Francis to look closely. Francis could swear he saw a faint glow and had heard tinkling giggles. He had no doubt Arthur had magic like in the fairy tales, but he could not tell his friends that. They would not understand. He would have to lie to protect Arthur.

"Yeah, he's a nut-job! You shouldn't play with him anymore."

Arthur held his breath after a painful gasp. Why wasn't Francis saying anything?

"The teacher told me too. He doesn't have any other friends, so the teacher asked me to play with him."

It was perfect child logic. His friends wouldn't question the teacher's orders and they wouldn't bother him about playing with Arthur anymore. It was a brilliant lie. He could play with Arthur as much as he wanted to now!

Arthur didn't stay to hear any more. It was all he could do to hide away in the forest where the other children couldn't see his tears.

It was not too long after that Francis found him. Arthur was not pleased.

"Go away."

"But mon petit lap-"

"I hate you. Go away."

Francis couldn't say anything. Why was his little bunny acting this way? Why couldn't they just walk in the forest in search of fae like they usually did?

"GO AWAY! I hate you! I never liked you anyway!"

Francis turned and never looked back. This had happened many times before. People wanted to be his friend because he was so energetic and fun, but then he got on their nerves. They stopped playing with him because he annoyed them. He had thought Arthur didn't mind. He had thought wrong. He hated Francis, so Francis would hate him. He felt betrayed.

It was from that point on that neither could stay in the same room without getting into a fight. They went their separate ways and barely saw each other. But, this is where the twins come in. Two adorable little orphan boys named Alfred and Matthew would change their worlds forever.

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