IT'S READY~! IT'S UP AND RUNNING! (At least, the prologue is...)

So... Any requests? For the sequel?

No promises or anything. Just... It's PruCan. So, anything specific you wanna see happen? I'll try to put it in there. Again, no promises!

Oh yeah... YOU GUYS MAKE ME SO HAPPY. xD I checked the stats for this fic (which I've never done before) and I freaked out!

I don't know what about the fact that people not in my country have read this makes me flip, but it does. :D I've never been out of the US, so I guess that's part of it... ALL OF YOU GUYS MAKE ME SO FLIPPIN HAPPY. So yeah, when I saw the stats, I squealed. Quite loudly. At three in the morning. Hahaha~! I love you guys. So much.

SO YEAH. That play. Um. Grease? FIVE. D: I have to be in it. FIVE TIMES. STARTING AT SEVEN FREAKIN A.M. FRIDAY. AND I WON'T BE HOME UNTIL NINE EVERY NIGHT BECAUSE OF PRACTICE. Busy bee. Busy, busy bee. What does this matter to you? Well... I won't have the next chapter up until later. Later as in... next week. Ffff.

Also, thanks to everyone who liked "American Trash." My second ever smutt! Yummy RusAme. :D

ANYWHO~ Go read it! Go! Go! Go! "Love Me Softly" is up! :D

Mkay. I'm done.

Gilly B.