Tororo frowned as he tugged a small towel further over his shoulders. He had found it in his room just before his platoon descended from the ship, and he was bloody glad he'd thought to take it with him. When Garuru said their next mission would involve surveilling a park in the middle of August, he hadn't expected this at all.

The park they had visited was in a small English Town, close to the city of Manchester. Tororo had of course heard the many rumours of the United Kingdom's notorious wet weather... but freezing, dark and rainy... in what was supposed to be the hottest month of year! Of course, this only made his understanding of the mission much clearer. The people of the town still came and spent time in the park, playing sports, using the skate park and playing in the playground, proving that for such a recent generation of Pokopenians, they were as hard as nails. Their short mission was to find out why.

That didn't make enduring the weather any easier, however, and the chubby hacker only found himself distracted from his work by it.

While he had been internally ranting to himself, he was gently prodded on the shoulder. Turning slightly, he caught sight of a yellow tadpole he didn't recognise.

"Who are you...," he growled, slowly picking up the ray gun that lay on the damp grass beside him "and how did you get here?"

The tadpole raised her arms slightly in a jokey manner and grinned playfully.

"I'm Chiroro, and if you shoot me, I will not be happy"

Tororo frowned at her poor attempt to be humorous. What an annoying person... Chiroro, was it? Where had he heard that name before...

Oh god.

"Karara's sister" He mumbled under his breath, while raising an eye ridge at her in question.

Chiroro stared blankly, before resting her finger on her chin in an almost thoughtful manner and responding to the silent query.

"We came here on your ship! Karara wanted to, so I just came with her. She told me to hide, for some reason..."

"That's probably because you were illegally hitchhiking" Tororo grunted sarcastically.

"Ah! That would be it. I just assumed we'd be allowed on board because we're Taruru's mates, you know?" She said this cheerfully, but that didn't hide the twinge of worry and guilt that flickered onto her features. Looking to change the subject, she found her saviour in the form of Tororo's laptop.

"Oh, you must be New Recruit Tororo!,"

"I prefer the term 'Buck Private' myse-"

"I was hoping to bump into you. I love computers, so I was wondering if I could watch what you do?"

Tororo frowned.

"I'll be dead quiet, I promise!"

Tororo opened his mouth to protest, but then realised that Chiroro had come to him instead of the old man! This was confirmation that he was the better scientist... kinda. Well, in his mind, at least.

Chiroro took his silence as a yes, and promptly sat down next to him, smiling at him in a friendly way the highlighted the fact that she looked almost nothing like her supposed twin sister, Karara. Tororo merely looked away from her, not even attempting to return the gesture, and returned to work.

His research on the Pokopenians in the park bore fruit almost immediately, and he was finding it all very interesting, albeit a little obvious. Logging the data and securely sending it to the main computer in the ship, Tororo felt almost relieved that he would be out of this situation soon. Chiroro's unwavering gaze upon his work was beginning to get a little awkward.

He began to log the last of the data, before he was quickly distracted by a swishing sound, which turned out to be Chiroro's tail.

"What?" He grumbled, glaring at her from the side.

"Don't you see it?"

"What...?" Tororo asked, eyeing the data he'd recorded with suspicion.

"You could easily use that DNA code you recorded to grow stem cells, test them and find out exactly what causes the Pokopenians to deal with such crap weather""


"Well, obviously... I thought you pointing out something important" He mumbled, trying to hide his surprise.

He hadn't expected her to actually pay attention, let alone know what the hell he was doing.

"Impressed?" She smirked, raising her eyebrow in a proud manner.


"No... that's primary school science"

"Aww, come on, I did my homework, man!"

Tororo annoyance only increased at the idea of her swotting out just to see if she could catch him by surprise.

"Can you...please... let me concentrate...?" Tororo grumbled, grinding his teeth.

Chiroro went red and nodded, ducking her head a bit.

Tororo thankfully got back to work, trying his best to ignore Chiroro's existence, and get through the rest of his work so he could get away from this... enigma of a person.

Suddenly, his communicator went off, bizarrely enough, playing the chorus to 'Black Rock Shooter', which Tororo quickly answered out of embarrassment.

"B-Buck Private Tororo speaking... yes... yes, I've found out what I needed to. Yes... she's with me...," he glanced in exasperation at Chiroro, who was smirking at him, probably because of his choice of call tone, "...Ok, I'll be right there, sir... over" shutting off the communicator, Tororo shot an unreadable glare in Chiroro's direction.

"Am I in trouble?" Chiroro, looking just a little bit worried, although she did seem a lot quieter than before. Tororo sighed, deciding to take pity on the bothersome tadpole.

"Probably not, most likely it'll be your sister that will be reprimanded for giving you the wrong impression and technically leading you on" Chiroro brightened up significantly at this. Tororo only shook his head and walked off in the direction of his ship, letting Chiroro tag along behind him.

"...Nice ringtone"

"Shut up"


Upon reaching the ship, Chiroro was nearly bowled over by her twin sister running towards her at speed.

"Don't run off like that again!," she chided gently "Mum told us that we have to stick together at all times so nothing happens to us"

"I'm sorry, Karara" Chiroro replied, though she didn't look the least bit sorry.

Looking up, Karara noticed Tororo shuffling over to his platoon out of the corner of her eye.

"You are such a nerd, Chiroro, I knew you'd go straight to Tororo" she smirked, sticking her tongue out at her red faced sister.

Garuru, who had been chatting via his in-ear communicator, chose the following moment of relative quiet to speak up.

"I have just had a word with headquarters, who put me through to Dobaba"

The girls grabbed onto each other, each of them looking genuinely now at the mention of their economically influential and apparently scary father.

"It seems he has decided that since we are on a call out period, only taking minor missions, the girls might as well stay with us for the time being. He knows they are in safe hands, and also believes it will provide the girls with experience in the military field"

Tororo began grumble in frustration, but was silenced by the relieved cheers from the twins.

"I totally thought we would be in trouble!" Karara giggled.

"W-what do you mean... 'we'?" Chiroro asked with a weak half-smile. Karara gave her an odd look.

"You wouldn't have let me accept all the blame, would you?"

Chiroro lowered her head at this. She always stuck with her sister, no matter what, so she wasn't about to complain. Tororo actually frowned at this a bit. Karara was blatantly using Chiroro's love for her as a sister to benefit herself. Even as an arrogant little brat, he believed this was very cruel.

Realising that he was sympathising with the younger twin, he quickly changed the direction of his thoughts to something work related. It would be something he would need a lot of extra focus for, with two inexperienced girls running about.


Old story is OLD. This is a tester chappie, and is very short cos it took A LOT of editing from the original to get where it is now. This is one of the two multi chapter stories I'm submitting as testers as I'm unsure whether I should continue them or not.

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The place I am describing is my hometown of Macclesfield, and the park I am describing is known as 'West Park' or 'Westie'. Yes, the weather is genuine. I was inspired to write this on a day in august a year or two ago whjen it really was wet cold and dark. YEAH ENGLAND.

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