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She stared down at the clean, white sheet of printer paper, her mind whirling with thoughts. Unconsciously, she furrowed her eyebrows as she zoned out from her surroundings.

Instead of the superficial laziness she originally thought Syaoran had possessed, there was a deeper reasoning to his lack of desire to work. Now that she had gotten to the root of the problem, she had to find some way to assuage his fears and motivate him. She realized that it wouldn't be easy. He had seen his mother cry over his father's deep entanglement in work, and her boss himself had felt the negative side affects of the constant absence. It was a fear that he had grown into because of his childhood. She knew that he would never neglect his friends and family over work, like his father would. However, Syaoran didn't feel the same way and was afraid that he would become entrapped in his work without realizing.

She now would openly admit that she was wrong about saying how his heart was buried deep, deep, deep down inside of him. In fact, she realized that he had the heart of a fluffy, teddy bear.

She wondered how he would react if she told him so.

Pulling herself back onto topic, she kept brainstorming. There were no little tricks, such as tying him to a chair or locking him up this time. It was going to be much more difficult dealing with the deep issue.

She was jolted out of her thoughts as a thumb smoothed out the furrow between her eyebrows.

"Don't think too hard. You might give yourself wrinkles."

Oh if she could hit him across the head for the comment. She resisted though, hearing the slight undertone of concern in his voice. "Hi to you too."

He set down a cup of water on her desk and she thanked him. "What were you thinking of?" he inquired.

She took a sip and sighed in relief as the cool water slid down her throat and into her stomach. "… Just stuff. Nothing to worry about." She fanned herself with her hand. "It's really hot in here though."

He nodded. "I know. Apparently the air conditioner for the building broke down. They're trying to get it fixed. I'm not sure how long it'll take."

"Today's one of the hottest days this week too," she moaned.

He reached a hand over to ruffle her hair. "Tough luck, little secretary."

She supposed it was better than being called, 'Little Red.'

Sakura felt her blouse sticking to her back due to her sweat. Unable to stand the heat, she knocked on Syaoran's office and stepped in. Her eyebrows rose at his state.

His suit was casually thrown across his desk and his tie was tossed onto the ground. The first few buttons of his white dress shirt were unbuttoned and he was currently fanning himself with a stack of paper.

She shut the door behind her, ignoring the little thought in her head that said that he was looking pretty attractive. "Please button your shirt back up. What if someone walked in and saw you like that?"

He sent her a smirk. "I've taken that into consideration. That's why my shirt is only partly unbuttoned and not completely off."

A slight blush rose onto her cheeks. "Alright. It's hot. I get it. I'll let you off the hook this time. Anyways, do you think that they have fans? I'm having trouble concentrating due to the heat."

Syaoran reached over to his work phone and dialed a number. A few minutes later, he turned his attention back to Sakura. "They said that they're going to try to bring one up here. There's not enough to go around to all the offices, so you'll have to move in here for the time being so we can share it." He cleared half of his desk off, leaving a clean, brown wooden surface for her to place her items.

She went back into her office and grabbed what she needed before heading back. While she did this, he brought her chair into his room and scooted his over to make room for hers.

One of the custodians came and set up the fan, leaving quickly after.

Syaoran placed paperweights onto the papers on his desk before turning the fan on full blast. He leaned back into his seat and sighed in relief.

Sakura sat down next to him, their chairs barely an inch apart. She closed her eyes as the wind blew on her. Although it was warm air, it was better than nothing. After five minutes of rest time, she began to work. Only the scratching of pencil across paper and the clicking of the keyboard filled the air for the next few minutes. It was a comfortable silence.

"Sakura, will you get me the documents in the manila folder that's labeled 'June Transactions?' It's in the top drawer by you."

"Oh sure." Sakura pulled out the wooden drawer with her left hand and searched through the files with her right. "Your desk is definitely cleaner than Eriol's," she said as she pulled out the needed yellow manila folder.

He took it from her. "Eriol?"

She nodded. "Yeah. I introduced you to him last time at the party, remember? He's the guy with the blue hair and glasses."

He replied emotionlessly. "I remember him."

They continued working before Syaoran suddenly spoke.

"He seems to have a thing for you."

Sakura looked up from the documents and into his amber eyes. "What?"

He clarified. "Your ex-boss. He seemed to have a thing for you."

Sakura let out a loud laugh, her eyes lighting with humor as she shook her head back and forth in denial. "Oh no way. He doesn't."

"He does. He's sly so you don't notice it."

Sakura turned her body slightly towards her boss to face him more fully. "Syaoran, he's engaged to Tomoyo, and he loves her dearly. He loves me too, but not that way. How did you come to that conclusion anyway?"

"Oh… I didn't realize he was engaged."

She sent him a cheeky grin. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you were jealous."

"Perhaps I was."

She expected to take him off guard with her comment but he managed to surprise her with his comment instead. "Uh huh," she said disbelievingly after she recovered.

He didn't reply.

They both went to work but the contract being finished on Syaoran's computer suddenly gripped her attention. Her eyes widened as he attached the file in an email and when his mouse went towards the "send" button, she lunged over him and pushed the mouse out of the way before he could click it.

Syaoran lifted an eyebrow at the woman leaning over his lap, not that he minded. His secretary regained her balance and moved off of him, sending him a glare. "Are you kidding me?" she exclaimed. "You were going to send that over?"

He nodded.

She huffed. "What were you thinking? That was horribly written! It didn't even cover half of the things it was supposed to!"

"It was just a draft," he said easily.

"Just a draft? Syaoran, that draft is going to be the basis for everything! How do you construct a proper contract when the guidelines in the first draft are so lousy?" He didn't reply. Sakura sighed and cupped his face, turning it so that it fully faced hers. "Syaoran. You aren't your father. I have no doubt that even if you decide to become serious about the company and your work that you won't disregard your family."

He gave her a soft smile and lifted one of his hands up to hers, giving it a light squeeze. "Thanks."

She could tell he was still worried. "You're stressed out," Sakura noted.

He denied it. She replied with a lift of her eyebrow, showing her incredulity. He shook his head again to deny it and she sent him a disbelieving look. She changed her strategy and released his face. "Let's go take a break. It's too hot to do anything right now, and nothing is due any time soon anyways." She grabbed his hand and tugged him towards the door. He went along with her. "Just let me call your mother to let her know that we're both leaving."

Five minutes later, they were situated in her car. She placed on her sunglasses, started the car, and backed out of the parking space.

Syaoran released a small, amused smile. "You brought me to a bakery."

She inhaled the soothing scent of freshly baked bread and cake. Immediately, she relaxed in the air conditioned room. "Rika is an amazing baker. You won't regret it. She makes the best apple pie." Her face suddenly lit up as she saw her friend. "Rika!"

The elegant, soft-spoken woman with shoulder length brown hair smiled brightly. "Sakura! How are you?"

Sakura led Syaoran to the counter. "I'm great. How are you?"

"I'm great as well."

"That's good." The two participated in light chatter for a moment before Sakura introduced Syaoran. "Oh, I brought a friend of mine today, Syaoran Li. And Syaoran, this is Rika. By the way Rika, can I get two slices of your apple pie? And two iced coffees, please." She turned back to Syaoran. "Any protests?"

He shook his head with a small smile. "It sounds good."

They had a little quarrel about who would pay, causing Rika to giggle as she saw the scene.

"I invited you here today, so I should pay," said Sakura.

Syaoran pulled out a few bills out of his black, expensive wallet. "That is precisely the reason why I insist on paying. You drove me here and invited me. It's only fair that I pay."

She pushed his money back towards his wallet. "You've helped me out so many times and I never truly got the chance to thank you. I'll pay."

Rika giggled. "You two are cute."

Sakura's face grew pink and Syaoran took advantage of the moment to give Rika the money. Rika smiled and after returning his change, she handed them their food. Sakura and Syaoran chose a seat in the back.

"Thanks for paying."

He smiled. "Anytime."

She smiled back and began eating with delight. After she swallowed the first bite, she spoke. "This is amazing."

Syaoran smirked and took a bite of his own pie, agreeing with Sakura. "It's really good."

"Isn't it? I come here when I'm stressed sometimes. There just something about sweets that cheers me up."

When he had finished the pie, he admitted that he was feeling less stressed. However, whether his light hearted mood was due to the delicious pie or because of the company he had was a different story altogether.

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