AN: Hello, this is my first published material on this site so please take it easy on my already damaged self-confidence, please. I am also in a wheelchair so that might have something to do with it. Also, please don't steal it and claim it as your own. Reviews are welcome and flames discouraged. So ya, onwards….

Ciel Vongola


His eyes sear me,

His voice warms me,

He is like the mountains,

Tall, proud, immovable.

Temptation is near

He beckons

But he warns and tempts me

that he is wicked

He's dark and tortured,

But tempting the same.

His kisses are fire,

His embraces magic.

He belongs to the night,

But longs for the light.

His songs are mournful

But hopeful the same.

When I cry and am alone

He comes and holds me,

Kisses away the tears.

I accept him and the darkness

He accepts me and the wheelchair.

We are one, Lifemates

I am light to his darkness.

There is no escape.

But I don't want to.