My name is Aqua O'Shea, and I am one of the few humans left on planet Earth. We have become an endangered species. It's not what you're thinking, though. We didn't wipe ourselves out with nuclear weapons, except for those few insane survivors who had nuclear grade bomb shelters. No, we were invaded by the species that we call the Souls. They are parasites that take over a human body as their host, forcing the human's consciousness to fade away from their own body. When the host body dies, the Soul will move on to a new body, or even a new planet. As long as they have a healthy host, they can live forever.

But I escaped this fate with my older brothers, Kyle and Ian. Others did too—I know that—but we don't know where they are, or who they are. Anyone could be a Soul, and you don't know whether they are or not until you're close enough to shine a flashlight into their eyes and see if there is a silver disk that reflects the light back at you, or feel the back of their neck for the scar from the insertion. And if you get that close, it's too late. You're already gone, your body being prepared to be used as a host for the next Soul to land on their futuristic spaceships, your consciousness slipping away until it fades completely. And then you're gone forever.

I was fifteen when they came. Others I know were older, and there are many who were younger, but we're all alive now, and that makes us all ancient because we survived this with ourselves intact, with our bodies still under our own control. In my years of living on the run, I've lost so much, so many people I love and treasure, but I've also found so much more than I ever could have imagined. I've found an extended family that I had never realized that I was missing until they were there, surrounding me. I've lost brothers, I've found sisters, and I've discovered the one thing that I thought was gone from the world, that I thought I would never be able to experience. Love. Through that, my family and I, we're closer than we ever would have been without the invasion, and this...

This is our story.

Okay, so this is my new story based on the Host. It starts off in the middle of the invasion, before everybody was turned, and will continue on until two years after the end of The Host, so it spans seven years.

If I get some good feedback to this, I'll post Chapter 1 on Wednesday, if not, I'll just wait until next weekend. Please tell me what you think!