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"Set me down, Sebastian." Ciel ordered. Sebastian slightly bowed his head and set his young master gently onto the ground. It had been many years since the two demons had surfaced from the underworld. To be more precise, over 200 years. The two stared down at modern day London, slight fascination hidden in the younger demon's eyes. Sebastian however, was used to leaving the surface world and returning to discover such drastic changes.

Ciel began making his way towards London, but Sebastian stopped him. Ciel glared at him, unsure of why the older demon had stopped him, but perturbed nonetheless.

"Yes, Sebastian?" Ciel asked in an irritated tone. Sebastian bowed apologetically.

"I'm sorry to stop you, young master, but we must change our attire in order to blend in if you wish to go."

Ciel looked down at his now old fashioned clothing, and used his powerful eyesight to see what the humans now wore. His eyes widened slightly in surprise, and he glanced at the other demon with a hint of anger in his eyes, irritated by the fact that his butler had caught this before he had.

"Sebastian, I order you to get the both of us suitable clothing immediately."

Sebastian bowed.

"Yes, my lord." Instantly, the older demon was nowhere to be seen, and Ciel waited impatiently for his return. As he waited, he began to glance around at his surroundings. He gazed down upon London atop the hill he was standing on, and saw things that were rather odd. There were odd machines that shot around at high speeds, probably the equivalent of a stage coach, Ciel deducted when he spotted a human opening the side of the machine and getting in.

He looked above his head and saw an extremely large object flying overhead. The boy was fascinated. He didn't necessarily expect things to be the same, but he didn't expect things to be so different.

"I am back with suitable attire, young master."

Ciel nearly jumped in surprise when he was abruptly brought back from his thoughts by Sebastian's voice. Ciel sighed, and took the bag and box that were being handed to him.

First, he looked in the bag. He pulled out what appeared to be pants, made from a scratchy dark blue material. His butler smiled.

"Those are called 'jeans', young master. I noticed that they were the most popular form of pants for males. Even a lot of females were wearing them." Sebastian sighed disapprovingly. "Females should not be wearing such masculine clothing.." He mumbled to himself, but Ciel was too busy observing the new article of clothing to care and listen. He took off his current pants, and replaced them with the scratchy material now known as 'jeans'. He looked down at his lower half. The material clung tightly to his skin and was slightly uncomfortable, but there was something about the look the boy liked. Sebastian smiled.

"My, my. I thought they would be very fitting, and it seems I was right." Ciel caught a hint of something in Sebastian's voice, but couldn't put a word to it.

Then Ciel opened the box to find an odd type of shoe. They were black with white laces, and when he put them on, they went up to right above his ankles. He noticed a white star on the outside of each shoe. He concluded that he like the new style of shoes.

He then removed the last two articles of clothing. There was a black shirt with short sleeves and a blue cross design in the middle of it tilted to the side, with intricate blue swirls surrounding it.

The other article of clothing was what Sebastian called a 'hoodie'. It had horizontal black and blue stripes, the blue matching the color of his exposed eye. He put it on over his shirt and let it hang open, unzipped. Ciel looked up at Sebastian for approval, and found that he had already changed into an outfit that he had bought for himself. He wore a white shirt with a beige overcoat, jeans that weren't as tight as Ciel's, and black dress shoes. Ciel felt a light blush cover his cheeks, not used to seeing his butler in such attire. Sebastian smiled at Ciel.

"Alright, young master. We may now go explore the newer London." They put their other clothes in the bags Sebastian had, and made their way towards the city of London.


Sebastian and Ciel walked along a sidewalk, watching the large machines now known as 'cars' go by. The two had been walking and observing London all day, and were ready to retire for the night. Sebastian began talking to Ciel.

"Young master, what do you think? Would you like to head back to the underworld, or waste a few years here?" He asked, but he already knew the answer. The underworld had been boring lately, and both of them found that London would satisfy their hunger for entertainment for a few years at least. Ciel made eye contact with Sebastian.

"Sebastian, find us a place to temporarily stay until we can find a more permanent setting." Ciel demanded.

"Yes, my lord." Sebastian nodded for Ciel to follow him. "While we were walking around, I was watching specifically for places to stay just in case it came to this. There was one place in particular that caught my eye."

They arrived at a hotel called "Baglioni Hotel". A fence surrounded it, and it was obviously a more expensive hotel. When they walked in, Ciel's first thought was that it was more fancy than he had originally thought. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and everything he laid his eyes on were obviously very high class. The two demons walked up to the counter and asked for a hotel suite. The man at the counter had gray hair, wore a fancy black suit, and overall looked very proper. Ciel had been spacing off the entire time, not paying attention to Sebastian and the man at the counter. Then, when Sebastian paid the man, Ciel realized that the money was different from how it used to be and glanced at Sebastian curiously. Sebastian caught the glance, and gave him a nod saying he would explain the situation once they were at the hotel suite.

Sebastian took the key handed to him by the man at the counter, and Ciel and Sebastian walked up to their suite. When Ciel got inside, he immediately started examining the suite. There were three rooms - the bedroom, the bathroom, and the living room. The bedroom was located toward the right side of the suite, and was rather large. There was an odd rectangular box that Ciel assumed was a T.V – he had heard talk about some of the technology in the underworld, he wasn't completely hopeless – and a bed. Although there was only one bed, Ciel wasn't bothered by it. Ciel was the only one who slept, even though he didn't need sleep. Sebastian would use the time Ciel slept to do whatever it was he did, while Ciel would paint the black walls of his sleep different colors, to erase some of his boredom.

The bathroom was very nice. The bathtub was a beautiful golden color, the walls were a red-orange, and there was a large sink with a beautiful mirror hovering over it. There was a small stool next to the bathtub with shampoos and soaps, and a tiny jar of flower petals to be put into the water while bathing.

The living room was nice as well. There was a T.V on the wall, much larger than the one located in the bedroom. Two white couches facing each other with a black coffee table in between them, and a black fireplace. Pictures and paintings hung decoratively about the walls in the room, and a small desk was located in the corner of the room. Overall, Ciel liked the suite. He sighed and sat down on one of the couches. Sebastian came from inspecting the bedroom and sat on the opposite couch facing Ciel. He immediately began telling Ciel what would be happening from then on.

"Before we arrived, I had talked to one of the other demons from the underworld. He is allowing me to work for his company, and he is where we will be getting our money from. Luckily, he is one of the richest men in the surface world, so he has plenty to share with us. He also brushed me up on current day customs." Sebastian launched into detail about the modern day world and Ciel listened intently. After an hour of listening, Ciel knew everything there was to know about the current day world, including all the major events that had occurred since they had last been to the surface world. It didn't take long for a demon to learn.

"So, when will I be attending school, Sebastian?" Ciel asked. Sebastian gave him a surprised look.

"You wish to attend school, young master?"

"Of course I want to attend school. That's what people my age do, and it would be abnormal if I didn't do so. People would become suspicious."

"But there is homeschooling. We could just say-"


"Yes, my lord. I will look into it right away and tell you when you will be attending school." Sebastian left the suite to do some research on nearby schools, and Ciel could have sworn he heard Sebastian chuckle as he left.

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