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Ciel had decided that he would rest for the rest of the day, and didn't get out of bed. Somewhere along the line, the young demon had fallen asleep, stuffed animals cradled in his small arms. The room was silent, apart from his slow, quiet breaths. It was dark, the new moon invisible in the night sky.

The sound of a door creaking open could be heard. However, this small sound did not disturb the small demon's rest. Soft footsteps sounded across the room, and paused beside the bed. It was silent for a few minutes, with no sign of any movements. Then, the bed creaked, as a second body positioned itself atop the smaller one.

Ciel's eyes opened slowly. Having powerful night-vision, he was immediately able to comprehend what was going on.

Sebastian was on top of him. Ciel's breath hitched, as he stared confused into the eyes of the older demon above him. Sebastian just stared back down at him, saying nothing.

"Sebastian…what are you doing?" Ciel asked hesitantly. He could feel his body tensing, afraid that the situation might be what he thought it was.

"Young master…I am sorry."

Why did Sebastian just apologize?

The older demon suddenly leaned down, pressing his lips harshly against the smaller demon's. Ciel was frozen in place, his worst nightmare slowly becoming harsh reality.

He threw his hands up, pushing forcedly against the older demon's chest. However, Sebastian was much stronger than him, and wasn't even budging. Ciel's efforts were in vain.

Sebastian just continued kissing Ciel, his lips sliding roughly along the small boy's.

Why was this happening? This isn't what is supposed to be happening.

Sebastian knew that if he stopped kissing Ciel, Ciel would order him to stop, and the contract binding the two of them would force him to obey his young master.

He would not allow that to happen.

He was not going to stop.

Tonight, the young master was his.

The young master would always be his.

Ciel's lips were quivering. Ciel had liked it when Alois had kissed him, but when it was Sebastian, it didn't feel right at all. It felt disgusting. It felt wrong. Even though he knew it was helpless, he continued pushing his hands against Sebastian's body, wishing him away with his thoughts.

Stop it.



Sebastian bit at Ciel's lips, nipping and sucking at them. The more he went on, the more bruising Ciel could feel.

This can't be happening.

Sebastian's hands suddenly trailed down to the bottom of Ciel's shirt, and slipped under, feeling the smooth skin that was hidden beneath the cloth of the shirt.

The shirt had to go.

Without missing a beat, Sebastian quickly pulled his lips away from Ciel's, and immediately gagged Ciel with a piece of cloth. Tears were pricking at the edges of Ciel's eyes, causing his vision to blur. He knew what was about to happen. He knew that no matter what he did, how he wished it to not be, that it was going to happen. There was nothing he could do.

Sebastian grabbed Ciel's shirt aggressively, and ripped it open, exposing the previously-hidden flesh. He leaned down, and licked the boy's stomach, tasting the sweet skin of his young master. He had wanted to do this for so long. He had gone without this for too long.

Soft whimpers could be heard from Ciel, the gag binding his mouth and making it impossible to choke the disgusting sounds back. Sebastian took a nipple of his young master into his mouth and sucked it harshly, grabbing onto Ciel's shoulders and digging his nails into the skin, drawing out blood.

After a few minutes of aggressive treatment, the skin Sebastian had sucked on was sore and raw. Sebastian didn't even seem to hear Ciel sobbing. He kept violating Ciel's body, no matter how Ciel's voice cried out from behind the confinements of the gag.

Sebastain then moved on to Ciel's neck, mercilessly bighting at the tender skin, bruising it. He moved down the boy's body, until he came to the hem of his pants. Ciel thrashed violently, doing everything he could to try to prevent the older demon from removing them. However, it was futile. Sebastian grabbed Ciel's body harshly, forcing him to stay in place. The more Ciel tried to thrash, the tighter Sebastian would hold on, to the point where his nails had yet again dug into the skin, drawing more blood than before.

"Young master, if you don't hold still this will be more painful for you than it has to be." Sebastian said, venom filling his voice. Ciel just sobbed, realizing that the older demon was right. His situation would not be helped any if he continued thrashing around as he was. There was nothing he could do to stop this. He was too weak.

That was when he gave up. He began blocking out what was going on around him. He retreated into the back of his mind, refusing to acknowledge what was happening to his body. He heard the distant sound of fabric tearing. Sebastian must've taken off his pants. He then felt his body being shifted, and then a horrible, penetrating pain. At that moment, he completely disconnected from his body, unable to feel anything anymore…

Hours later, sunlight was penetrating window curtains, the muffled light filling a room. A small boy lie limply in bed, his small frame bruised, dried blood crusting on parts of his porcelain skin. The boy stares up at the ceiling, his eyes blank, his breaths slow. On the floor beside him, lies a stuffed cat that his butler had given to him.

Next to the cat, lies a stuffed dog, its head ripped off, stuffing strewn over the surrounding area. A note lying beside it reads,

"The young master is mine, and only mine. Never forget that."

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