The Lady in Blue

Ch 1: How to Get a Penguin's Attention

Julien stared longingly at the penguin habitat. He could see the flightless birds from his throne, but they just went about their daily routine as if he didn't exist. The bossy one, in particular, was starting to annoy him greatly.

'Argh!' the lemur king jumped down from his throne and made his way over to the juice bar. Flopping down on one of the stools, he banged on the counter for attention.

'Something wrong, your majesty?' Maurice turned from his cleaning to address his moody ruler.

'I do not know what to be doing, Maurice. How am I to be getting the bossy penguin to notice me?' the ring-tailed lemur pouted, casting a glance in the direction of the penguin habitat.

The adviser sighed and turned away, rolling his eyes. 'Maybe you should put on a dress and pretend to be a woman,' Maurice commented sarcastically, knowing his ruler likely wouldn't notice.

'Maurice... That is being a great idea!' Julien shot up from his seat with a grin.

'What?' the older lemur spun around and yelped as the King grabbed his arm and dragged him off.

'Whoa, whoa! You want me to do what?' Marlene stared at the lemurs who had waltzed into her burrow and demanded her attention.

'I want you to teach me how to be... a WOMAN!' Julien announced dramatically.

'But, you're a male,' the otter objected.

'I know.'

'And you want me to teach you how to be a female, why?' Marlene twitched, staring in amazement at the self-proclaimed lemur king.

'I am wanting the attention of the bossy penguin. So, I am ordering you to make me a woman,' Julien stated.

'What the King means is that he would like you to help him dress like a woman. And show him how to act like a woman. Just go along with it, please,' Maurice whispered the last part into the otter's ear and gave her a pleading look.

'Fine,' Marlene gave in, ignoring the small cheer from Mort.

'Marlene, I needed to ask you... Oh, sorry. I didn't know you had guests,' Private waddled through the entranceway and smiled brightly at the lemurs.

'Hi Private,' Marlene greeted the penguin as she put the finishing touches on Julien's grass skirt.

'You must be new here, Miss. I'm Private. It's lovely to meet you,' the young penguin reached out a flipper to shake the pretty lemur's hand.

'Hello, cute penguin,' Julien's voice came out of the lemur girl's mouth and made the bird jump back in shock.

'Julien, I told you not to speak,' Marlene warned, slapping the lemur on the back.

'But, if I am not to be speaking, how am I to be talking to the bossy penguin?' Julien grumbled, arms crossed over his chest.

'Your majesty, if you want this to work than you can't say a word. As soon as you do, Skipper will know who you are,' Maurice stated, shaking his head.

'Julien, why are you dressed like a girl? And what does it have to do with Skipper?' Private asked, inching closer to the group.

'He's upset cause Skipper is ignoring him, so he wants to get his attention,' Marlene explained, standing back to look at her handiwork.

'I just want the bossy penguin to notice me again,' Julien eyed himself in the otter's mirror and wasn't sure he liked what he saw.

'Can I help? I'm sure we can work together to get Skipper to notice you,' Private perked up, waddling up to the King and examining his make-shift grass skirt and coconut-shell bra.

'No, no this isn't going to work. It's all wrong. Sorry Marlene, but if he wants to look like a real girl lemur, then he needs a much nicer dress. And I know exactly where to find one,' the young Penguin waddled out the door, promising to be back as quickly as he could.

Private did return within the hour, but he was accompanied by two other penguins.

'I still don't see why we should be helping Julien trick Skipper,' Kowalski frowned at the lemurs, then gave Private a look.

'Oh, come on, Kowalski. It's just for a few days. Just think, if Skipper likes the female Julien, then you'll be able to work in your lab without interruption,' Private explained.

'That does sound promising. Very well, we're in. Right Rico?' Kowalski glanced at the scarred penguin next to him.

'Yeh, yeh!' Rico agreed, eyes fixated on the feminine Julien fluttering his eyelashes at them.

'We need a dress for Julien. Not too fancy, but not too dull either,' Private suggested.

Rico thought about that for a moment, rubbing his chin, then spat out a delicate blue dress. He also hurled up a pink orchid and handed it to Julien with a wink.

'Wow, nice. I definitely like that better than the grass skirt idea,' Marlene admitted, shaking out the dress and admiring it. Furry fingers snatched it from her hands and the king twirled, pressing the fabric to his body and admiring himself in the mirror.

'Yes, I am thinking this dress is much more befitting a princess,' Julien announced, slipping it over his head. The lemur smoothed down the front of the dress and watched it flow out at the waist, ending at his knees.

'My crown, Maurice,' Julien ordered, holding out a hand for his ever-present crown.

'Sorry, your majesty,' the older lemur tucked the crown behind his back and slipped behind Rico for extra support.

'Remember, you're not suppose to be King Julien. You're suppose to be... um, have we decided on a name yet?' Private glanced at Marlene.

'Oooh, how about Amy? I like Amy,' the otter offered with a bright smile.

'I'm partial to Nina, myself,' Private admitted, sighing as he remembered his first crush. (hint: Nurse)

'Doris!' Kowalski chimmed in, receiving dark looks from everyone in the room.

'How about Juliet?' Maurice suggested.

'Yes, I like that one. Like Romeo and Juliet, how romantic,' Private did a small dance as his love for Shakespeare swept up on him once more.

'Who is Romeo?' Julien asked.

'No, no. You're suppose to say, "Romeo, Romeo... Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" Private admonished lightly.

'No, seriously, who is this Romeo guy?' the king asked, giving the penguin a blank stare.

'Never mind,' Private sighed heavily.

'Well, I am liking this name, Juliet. So I shall be Juliet. But I am not to be liking having a crownless head. My head, it is just feeling so naked,' Julien threw his arms over the top of his head to hide his shame.

Maurice rolled his eyes and nudged Rico in the side. The penguin smirked and hacked up a matching blue headband.

'Perfect,' Julien swept it up and placed it on his head. Doing a twirl in the mirror, he suddenly realized he had yet another issue.

'Maurice, my tail is hiding beneath this dress. It should not be being hiding. Fix it,' Julien ordered, arms crossed over his flat chest in annoyance.

'I can do it. Rico, I need a pair of scissors,' Kowalski held out his flipper.

'Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit,' the scientist smirked.

'Lovely. I think the sash around the waist, tied into a bow at the back, was a nice touch. It makes you look even more feminine,' Marlene commented, studying the lemur.

Julien posed for the group, keeping his mouth shut for once. As long as he didn't talk, he could easily pass for a female lemur.


Everyone jumped at the voice and stared in shock when Skipper shoved the sewer grate, in the middle of Marlene's den, out of the way and poked his head out to glare at his team.

'You three missed combat practice. If I had known you were having a tea party, then I would have brought crumpets,' the lead penguin stated sarcastically.

'Sorry, Skipper. It's just that... well, Marlene had a guest and invited us to meet her,' Private explained, ducking behind Kowalski.

'A guest? Oh, a lady. My apologies for the interruption, Miss,' Skipper hopped out of the hole and smiled at the vision of beauty next to Marlene.

'Skipper, this is, uh, Julien's cousin, Juliet. She's visiting for a few days from the Bronx Zoo,' Kowalski stepped back to give his leader some room.

'Enchanted to meet you,' the penguin leader bowed gracefully and took the lemur's delicate hand in his flipper. Pressing a gentle kiss to the soft, grey fur, he looked up into Juliet's lovely golden eyes and smiled.

Skipper watched the goddess part her sweet lips to speak, then she stopped and shook her head.

'What's wrong?' the leader asked.

'Oh, she doesn't speak. She's mute,' Kowalski gestured to his throat.

'Well, I think you're perfect, Juliet,' Skipper smiled up at the tall lemur female and saw happiness reflected in her eyes.

'Um... so...' Kowalski interrupted after several quiet minutes had passed. Really, how long were they going to stare at each other? Not that little Private wasn't eating up every lovey-dovey minute of this.

'Right... so, where's ring-tail?' Skipper finally asked, glancing around for the lemur king.

'Oh, he's not feeling well. That's why Juliet is staying with Marlene during her visit,' Maurice subtly nudged the otter.

'Right. That's right. She's staying with me,' Marlene agreed quickly.

'I have to get this guys back to the base for evening training. May I call on you again, Miss Juliet?' the penguin leader asked, his voice filled with hope.

The female lemur smiled brightly and nodded, curtsying daintily as the penguins waddled out the doorway.

Mort giggled as he watched the bossy penguin back into the wall, eyes fixated on his dress-wearing king. The penguin stuttered an embarrassed goodbye before turning tail and waddling out of the burrow.

'Well, I guess you'll be staying with Marlene for a few days. Mort and I had better head home. Don't worry, I'll make sure the crown doesn't get damaged,' the aye-aye dragged Mort out the entrance-way, leaving the new roommates alone.

'Miss Juliet! She's everything that ring-tail is not. Beautiful, graceful, delicate... even her fur has a special shine,' Skipper sighed, staring blissfully out the underwater window.

The other three penguins exchanged a look behind his back.

'Right, so she's the complete opposite of Julien?' Kowalski asked curiously, as he edged toward his lab door.

'Exactly. Did you see the way she looked at me with her beautiful eyes?' the leader crooned, lost in his own little daydream. Taking the golden opportunity without pause, Kowalski escaped into his lab and locked the door behind him.

'Maybe you should take her on a date,' Private suggested.

'A date?' Skipper turned away from the window and threw his youngest squad-member a look.

'Sure. Show her around the zoo, give her lots of attention, that sort of thing,' Private commented, pulling his Lunicorn out from under his pillow and giving a squeeze.

'But tomorrow I had combat drills planned,' Skipper thought aloud, rubbing his chin.

'I'm sure we could skip them for one evening. After all, Juliet won't be here for very long,' the young penguin smiled cheerfully.

'I would like to spend some time with her before she goes back to the Bronx Zoo. Alright then, men! Tomorrow you'll have a rest day. But the day after that, expect to be worked until you drop!' Skipper announced.

'Yes sir!'


The leader blinked and glanced around, seeing only two penguins instead of the usual three. 'Kowalski,' he growled, glaring at the glowing lab door.

'Shouldn't you go ask Julien... I mean, Juliet on that date? You know, so that Marlene doesn't make plans first,' Private intervened.

'Fine. But remind me to work that nerd extra hard,' Skipper grumbled, waddling up the ladder and leaving the base.

Rico and Private shared a grin.

'That was amazing. He was totally checking you out,' Marlene giggled.

'Well, I am having a great fur day. Everyone should be checking the King out,' Julien bragged, sweeping his tail into his arms and twirling.

'You keep thinking that. But don't forget, if you talk...' Marlene warned.

'Yes, yes. If I speak, then the bossy penguin will know that I am King Julien and not Princess Juliet,' the lemur exclaimed, eyeing his reflection in the mirror.

'You really can't give up your royalty for even a day, can you?' the otter rolled her eyes and watched the lemur preen.

'Knock, knock! Anyone home?' a smooth voice called out from the burrow-entrance.

Marlene jumped to her feet and raced to the entrance to give Julien a chance to get back into character.

'Skipper... Hi! We just saw you a little while ago. W-what are you doing back so soon?' Marlene tried to hide her nervousness with a smile.

'I came to ask the lovely Lady Juliet on a date. Tomorrow, I mean,' Skipper pulled a rose from behind his back and presented it to the lemur.

{She's an angel. A goddess. A queen...}

Skipper watched the beautiful lemur accept his rose and nod politely. Such a lady. So delicate and refined. His eyes took in the way she stroked the flower's petals against her soft, tender lips; her golden orbs expressing her delight as she returned his gaze.

How he longed to stroke her gossamer tail and whisper sweet nothings into her dainty ears. Serenade her with a Spanish guitar while drifting on the lake in a gondola. Get poked in the cheek with her delicate fingers... Oh, that was actually happening. Skipper jolted to attention as Juliet pulled back, giving him an inquisitive look.

'Yes, my lovely, I'm listening,' Skipper's smile grew as he watched the pretty lemur giggle silently at his expense.

'Well, it's late and we should get some sleep,' Marlene suggested.

'Then sleep my angel and dream the most beautiful of dreams,' the penguin purred, waddling backward out the entrance so he could watch the enchanting lemur until the very last moment...


'I'm okay! I meant to do that,' Skipper's voice called from outside, prompting Marlene and Julien to share a giggle.

'You know, I feel sort of bad for tricking him like this,'

'Don't feel too bad. We're effectively killing two birds with one stone. Julien gets the attention he wants and Skipper gets to relax for a bit. Then we'll pretend to send Juliet back to the Bronx Zoo and everything will go back to normal,' Kowalski commented, fiddling around with his newest device.

'I suppose...' Private trailed off with a sigh.


Note: According to WikiName, Julien originated in Latin as the word for "sky." Originally I was going to go with Judith for female Julien (as it was on a list of Malagasy names), but Juliet seemed to flow better.