Banging Art- Chapter Two

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*Dinner time*

"Konan, what's for dinner, I'm fucking starving" Hidan said as he and the rest of the Akatsuki filed in the dining room to see Konan acting giddy and Pain with a stun look on his face.

"Huh, oh, dinner's already done. Itachi and Deidara in the kitchen fixing bakudan" Konan said as the rest sat down, wondering what was wrong with the leader.

"That's the first time I ever heard…I'm staying from his clay from now on" Pain muttered as looked at the kitchen, a brow raised as he wondered how Itachi even knew about that.

"What is leader-sama talking about? Tobi wants to know the joke" Tobi asked as Konan and Pain shook their heads, deciding to change the subject.

"Where's Sasori?" Pain said swiftly before they heard walking and watched as the puppet enter, a strange look on his face as he sat down, seeming to be deep in thought.

"What's wrong Sasori?" Konan asked, shooting a quick glance at Kisame when the puppet shook his head, saying he was just thinking of something. Kisame secretly smirked as he felt his reign of helping Itachi was coming to an end.

'Looks like my plan is about to be put into action' Kisame thought as he took a sip of his water, turning when he heard footsteps and watched Itachi and Deidara come from the kitchen, Deidara grumbling and holding a large plate of bakudan. The duo noticed the look on Konan and Kisame's face before they turned toward Sasori who Deidara noticed was giving him a strange look that made him uneasy as he sat down. As they sat down to eat, Deidara grew more nervous the more he felt Sasori stare at him, eating only about half his plate of food before Sasori called his name, making his jump.

"Deidara can I talk with you for a minute" Sasori said calmly as he got up and went to the hall. Deidara excused himself and walked to the hall where the redhead was waiting, a smirk on his face.

"What's the matter Sasori no Danna?" Deidara asked, ignoring the snicker that he heard coming from Kisame as Sasori looked at him, an aura of mischief around him.

"I want to know more about your art brat" Sasori said as he saw the relief look on Deidara's face as he started talking about why art was fleeting.

"Art is like an explosion-"

"So how does Itachi play into all this?" Sasori asked suddenly, cutting Deidara off and watched as the blonde grew quiet, eyes wide and blushing.

"Uh, what do you mean, un?" Deidara asked nervously as he saw the enjoyment in Sasori's eyes.

"You need to learn to clean your cloak better and I also got a sample of your clay."

Deidara paled and twitch, knowing things were about to get worse as Sasori opened his mouth.

"I found your clay was full of pro-"


Deidara and Sasori turned when they heard a thud, follow by more cursing as Hidan, who was flat on the floor, glared up at the rest of the Akatsuki who was now at the door of the dining room.

"Which one of you assholes just fucking kicked me?" Hidan growled, all of them staying quiet, Kisame, Konan, and Pain all knowing it was Itachi who had kicked him, as the hot spring nin glared at them. Muttering more foul words, he stood up and looked at the duo, asking Deidara what he was hiding, who just remained quiet, feeling like his secret was about to be found out.

"What the fuck you find out Sasori?"

"I found high amounts of protein in his clay" Sasori said with a smirk as he looked at Deidara, who was looking down, not saying a word while Itachi, Konan, and Kisame tense, not believing what was happening.

"What's that got to do with it?" Kakuzu asked as Sasori grinned, still looking at Deidara.

"Ask the brat."

All the Akatsuki turned to look at the blonde who had his head down, shaking slightly which made Konan, Itachi, and Kisame angry as they looked at the puppet.

'There was no need to embarrass him like this.'

Deidara finally looked up and they noticed he was laughing, which made them all confused as he started talking.

"Silly danna" Deidara said making the puppet raise a brow as he wondered what was so silly that he said. "The protein is from eggs" Deidara said casually as Sasori gave him a dull look, wondering if Deidara was serious.

"Clay doesn't take eggs brat" Sasori said while Deidara chuckled, shaking his head as he said his did.

"It keeps the clay moist, easier for making pottery" Deidara said waving a hand as if that was common sense.

"Stop joking around Deidara"

"But I'm not joking around I really do use eggs in my clay for pottery. You can ask Konan because she saw me make a batch and ask to help her learn pottery" Deidara said as he turned to Konan, an apologetic look on his face before everybody turned to the kunoichi to see her response.

"Yea he's right, Itachi asked me when we were in his room remember"

"And I went in there to ask him for Konan's response" Kisame decided to ask, seeing that he would be asked about his visit next.

"Tobi remember that, Tobi think playing with clay is fun" the orange masked shinobi said as the others muttering about a boring secret as they returned to their dinner in the dining room. The only one who was amused was Sasori as he sighed and walked past the quiet Iwa shinobi.

"Come and eat brat" Sasori said as he walked back toward the dining room but stop when he didn't hear Deidara following him and turned to see an air of sadness around Deidara.

"I'm not hungry anymore, un" Deidara said softly as he turned and walked away, Sasori scuffing as he turned back toward the hall, only to see Itachi, Konan, and Kisame glaring at him.

"Real smooth Sasori" Konan said sarcastically as the trio went back into the room, Sasori following them with a frown on his face. As they went back to eating, Itachi stood up and grabbed Deidara's plate of half eaten bakudan before leaving for the hall.

"What are you doing?" Sasori asked, watching as Itachi walked away.

"Taking Deidara's food to him"

"You're not his partner"

Itachi stopped in the halls and looked back, a half smirk on his face.

"Really?" he said before he continued to walk off, leaving Sasori stun as he turned to look at Konan and Kisame who he noticed wore equal looking grins. Before he could question them, he heard footsteps return and look up to see Itachi who had a grin on his face.

"Konan, Deidara is about to make some pottery, you're coming?"

As soon as the word pottery left his mouth, he soon found Konan in front of him, saying yes, her eyes gleaming while Pain sweat dropped, seeing how fast Konan had moved. Itachi chuckled as he turned back to the hall, Konan following him saying 'yay, pottery' down the hall. Sasori, frowning, got up and followed them to Deidara's room before Konan closed the door in his face. Sasori gave the door a dull look, muttering real mature, before he started knocking on the door, watching as it open only for a sign to be placed on the door. Looking down, he saw a 'do not disturb' sign hanging from the doorknob before the sound of a lock turning greeted his ears. Angry, he returned to the dining room to look at Pain, asking what was going on with them in which he shrugged, secretly enjoying the look on Sasori's face.

"You have to ask them, I'm not sure myself."

"Hmph" Sasori grunted before he left again, going to get some answers while Pain smirked behind his cup. Hidan, who noticed this, asked what he was smirking about before Pain looked at him with a calm look.

"Nothing that concerns you" he said calmly before he stood up, saying he had important business to attend too while Kisame got up, saying he was done and going to his room. Kisame followed Pain down the hall, a grin on their faces as they chuckled.

"Best plan ever"

"Konan is truly an angel from heaven at helping those two"

"Yeah, she's a real ero-tenshi" Kisame muttered, making the duo laugh as they went to their rooms while Sasori was busy knocking on Deidara's door and not receiving an answer, looking around he spied Itachi's door. Going to it, he knocked and once again didn't receive an answer which made him agitated as he walked in and notice the room was empty which made him curious as he raven had entered when he returned to the hall.

'What was that?' Sasori thought as he heard sounds coming from in the room, looking around as he went to the bathroom to see it empty.


Sasori blinked as he pinpointed the sound as coming from the closet where he heard more sounds coming from it. Determined to find out the truth, he entered the closet to hear moaning, grunting, and giggling which he guessed meant a secret room on the other side of the wall. With this in mind, he walked over and started to beat on the wall, the sounds stopping for a second before they started up again, seeming to get louder as if they wanted him to hear them.

"Wait Ita-ah-kun, Sas-moan-ori no dan-ah-na, is listen-ah yes."

Sasori eyes twitched as he knocked louder, the sounds of moaning seemed to be getting louder which made him growl, seeing as they weren't going to answer. Remembering how Konan was acting when they had found her, he started looking for a switch, grumbling about horny bastards before the volume in the room grew lower, making Sasori stop searching and listen.

"Itachi-kun, harder" he heard Deidara say, making him agitated again before he frowned, putting the pieces together.

'I thought something was going between those two' Sasori thought as he moved closer to listen in on what they were saying.

"Why now? I already filled chakra to my-"

"This isn't about that, this is because I want you and I hate to see you sad. Although Sasori is missing out on a lot"

I'll say this is the best show ever. Wow, Deidara you really are turned on by clay seeing as like to thrust into" Konan said giggling as she glanced at the door where they knew Sasori was still listening. Sasori, taken back by her words, started to imagine a hot and sweaty Deidara surrounded by clay as he held some in his hand and thrust into it-

'What the hell' Sasori thought as he shook his head to clear his thoughts before he went back to pounding on the door.

"YES ITACHI-KUN, THAT'S THE SPOT" he heard Deidara shout, making Sasori stop pounding on the door, ignoring the thought in his head on how he wanted to pound something else, as the sounds got louder and grew hotter.

'Wait a minute, I'm a puppet how do I feel the heat?' Sasori thought before he decided to ignore logic as he listened in again when he heard Deidara scream.


This was followed by a loud roar and wet sound before a thud sound and all was quiet inside.

"Konan, you okay?" Itachi asked calmly, seeing the swirly eye look in Konan face as she giggled, saying she was, getting up after flying back in a nosebleed. Deidara was panting at the intense orgasm while Konan giggled, saying they could make some money just by selling pictures.

"…go ahead Konan" Itachi said with a grin as Konan head shot up, eyes wide in shock.


"Yes" Itachi answered and watched as Konan pulled out a camera from nowhere and started to take pictures. Outside, Sasori heard the sound of snapshots before the sound of movement met his ears.

"What you doing Itachi?" Deidara asked on a yawn as the blonde wiped him off before setting him down in the bed, a frown on his face.

"I'm putting you to bed, I want you to stay here a while"

"After what Sasori did, I'm not leaving any time soon" Deidara muttered as he snuggle up in the sheets, falling fast asleep while Sasori continued listening, feeling strange. (It's called guilt)

"It's really sad and after all he wanted him to join. Looks like that idea is shot" Konan sighed as she looked at the sleeping blonde. "I hope Deidara feels better later" Konan said as she and Itachi walked toward secret door to the closet. Sasori stepped back and watched as the door open to see Konan and Itachi come out, both frowning at the puppet as he stood there quiet.

"Can I-"

"No, you caused enough harm, just go back to your puppets" Itachi said sternly as Sasori nodded and walked off, the duo watching his retreating back.

"Don't you think that was a bit harsh?" Konan asked, looking at Itachi who was smirking as he looked down at Konan.

"Maybe but you know the make-up sex is hotter, plus that adds for better pictures"

Konan squealed at the thought as Itachi held up the camera Konan used earlier.

"Develop, sell, and buy a camcorder. That will be in the money" he said, handing the camera to her and watched as Konan rushed off, Itachi chuckling as he heard her almost run into Kisame. The shark man went into the closet, a smirk on his face as he looked at Itachi.

"Did he take the bait?" Kisame asked Itachi who nodded, making Kisame sigh in relief. "Good, I can stop helping…how did you rope me in again?" he asked before he looked at Itachi's eyes and noticed his sharingan making him sigh.

"Oh yea, your sharingan, that's the last time I walk into a room without knocking. Wouldn't have the misfortune of finding out Deidara's secret and tell telling you."

Kisame grumbled as he left the closet and then the room as Itachi smirk, thankful Kisame did tell him as he went back to the room to spend the night with Deidara.

*week later*

"I hope Konan comes back soon" Pain sighed, before he saw a plate of food put in front of him and looked up at Itachi who he thanked greatly.

"Somebody other than Konan needs to know how to cook" Itachi chuckled as he watched the rest of the Akatsuki chow down on the food he made, seeing as the others kept burning theirs when they tried to cook. Pain, seeing the way the rest of the Akatsuki was plowing through their food, said he would go eat his peace before he left for his office, wondering if they would plates too. As soon as he left, they heard giggling and the sound of rustling paper before Konan appeared in the kitchen, a giant grin on her face as she carried her purchases in the paper that she sent to Itachi's room.

"What's with the suitcases?" Kakuzu asked, eyeing them before he heard Konan growl and say it wasn't for him as she handed one to Itachi, saying it was full which made Kakuzu look up again.

"What kind of bounty did you take down?"

"Not a bounty, just some photography pictures" Konan said with a smirk while Kisame and Itachi snorted, knowing what she meant while the others were confused.

"What kind of photography picture lands you a suitcase full of money?"

"The popular kind, and is Itachi and Deidara popular in Konoha. I mean the girls nearly had a stampede to buy the pictures I sold out the first day" Konan said as she handed Itachi the suitcase while the boys gave up trying to figure out what Konan meant.

"You can put the other one in Deidara's room" Itachi said as he took his plate of food and started to head to his room, Konan walking beside him.

"So when is Deidara returning with Sasori anyway?"

"Sometime soon" Itachi said with a smirk as Konan grinned, saying she would go check in with Pain then be back for action as she left for Pain's office as Itachi went to room, setting up the camera for the show that was about to take place.


Sasori glanced at Deidara who he noticed wasn't his usual loud, short-temper self. Throughout the whole trip to Oto he had been quiet, distant, and didn't complain once about anything which made Sasori get that strange feeling again in his heart captivity. (still called guilt)

"I can't believe I'm out of clay, Orochimaru men were tough but they're finally dead. I wish I had some more clay to get us back quicker next time" Deidara sighed, making Sasori look at him only to see he was staring forward, not even glancing at the redhead beside him. They continued their silent walk back to the base where they reported in to Pain about mission success in which he nodded before looking at Deidara.

"Itachi wants to see you Deidara" Pain said emotionlessly as if he didn't care why while the blonde muttered about horny weasels before he nodded and left the room, Sasori watching him leave. Pain noticed this and with a grin asked Sasori if something was wrong in which he looked up, a question in his mind.

"I made a mistake and I don't know how to fix it"

"Did you try sorry?" Pain asked calmly and earned a dull look from Sasori as he said no. "Then try sorry, it might help" Pain said sending the dull back as Sasori sighed and said thanked before he went off to Itachi's room. "He's stubborn, at least Konan is enjoying herself" Pain sighed as he left to put Yahiko's body to rest and take a break. Sasori knocked on Itachi's door and when he didn't received an answer went inside and straight to the closet where the sounds were picking up again.

"I'm starting to think you use up all your clay on purpose just to see me"

I am not, un"

"I'm not complaining if you are"

Sasori heard Deidara growl before he moaned, muttering about going deeper.

"Horny bastard, un"

"How's it going with Sasori?" Konan asked concern heard in his voice as Deidara tried to answer in between thrust from Itachi.

"It's fine, we don't, really talk, much Konan…would you stop long enough for me to answer the question" Deidara asked angrily as Itachi stopped and looked at him, a smirk on his face.

"Did you forgive him yet?" Konan asked, looking at Deidara who stopped glaring at Itachi and looked at him.

After Konan spoke that, Sasori knocked on the door and it went quiet in the room, none of them saying a word, all knowing who was behind the door. Sasori sighed and sat down, thinking about what he done before he spoke.

"Deidara…I'm sorry for what I did, I know you hate me but I just wanted to apologize" Sasori said, heart feeling lighter even though he was met with silence. Having said what he needed to, Sasori got up and was leave when he heard footsteps and looked to see the door opening before Itachi, Deidara, and Konan poked their head out to look at him.

"Really" they all asked together as Sasori said yes before he was glomped by Deidara who was still naked, making the others laugh.

"Danna" Deidara said hugging the dazed puppet while Konan asked what now.

"Make-up sex" Itachi said with smirk which made Deidara blush and Sasori grin.

"You don't mind sharing?"

"As long as you joining, what do you say Ko-Konan?" Itachi was asking looking down only to see Konan wasn't there before he looked back to see Konan checking the equipment and to see if she had enough tissue for her nose in case of more nosebleeds.

The trio laughed as Deidara got up and led Sasori back into the room where Sasori stripped out of his robe then out of his pants, showing he did keep his manliness at the joy of Deidara who was secretly wondering if Sasori was truly 100% puppet. Sasori joined Itachi and Deidara on the bed where they resumed what had been interrupted where Itachi and Sasori decided to torture Deidara with licks, nibbles, and touches.

"I suggest you put up some kind of sound barrier when you're in here"

Itachi chuckled as he pushed a button on a nearby remote and said there was one already installed.

"I only deactivated when I knew Konan and you were listening, that way to put my plan into action."

Sasori smirked, happy to know that, before he went back to torturing Deidara's nipples, Itachi biting on a sensitive spot on Deidara's neck while Deidara was busy feeling around Sasori's body before he settled on his human heart. Knowing it was sensitive Deidara continued to tease it with his hand mouths, watching as Sasori gasp and twitch with ever lick. Seeing that Deidara was occupied, Itachi got up and went over to a large blow full of clay.

"I thought so" Sasori said with a smirk at Deidara who blushed as he watched as Itachi place the clay on the bed, holding out two pills which the blonde took without complaint. Sasori got comfortable in front of Deidara who was positioned over the clay before Itachi thrust in deeply, causing Deidara to fall and his face to land in Sasori's lap. Seeing as a good position, Deidara started to lick Sasori's cock before he took him fully, the puppet growling as he held Deidara's head there, his human heart somehow feeling all that was happening to his body.

'Thank you fates' Konan thought, wiping her nose as she checked the camcorders making sure it picked up everything as Deidara started panting before he came hard in the clay, Sasori and Itachi both still hard. Itachi slowly backed up until the tip of him was inside Deidara before he slammed into him again, making the blonde accidently bite down on Sasori who cursed and came hard, Deidara coughing as he tried to drink it all. Still hard, Itachi pulled out of Deidara this time to give the blonde enough time to get resituated, earning him a glare from him as he grumbled about his ass hurting in the morning, making them all laugh. Itachi sat Deidara in his lap before they were both surprise when Sasori sat in Deidara lap, a smile on his face.

"What are you doing, un?"

"You make feel, I want to be with you" Sasori said before he kissed Deidara, Konan mentally doing a cheer as she thanked the forces for her job. Itachi handed Deidara some lube before he impaled Deidara on his straining cock while Sasori was thrust on Deidara's both of them crying out while Itachi bit his lip, trying to come from the tightness of Deidara. Seeing as he wasn't going to last long, Itachi started to pound hard and fast into Deidara, forcing him to the do the same into Sasori who wasn't minding as he was filled with pain and pleasure.

"Ah, brat" Sasori cried out when Deidara grabbed Sasori's cock with his hand mouths and went to licking and suckling him while Deidara continued his pace, feeling his control starting to snap as he still felt the effects from the pill. With Itachi having held it in for so long, Deidara still under the effects, and Sasori first time, all three came at the same time, Sasori staining Deidara's chest while the blonde came into Sasori, Itachi doing the same to Deidara.

"…wow, un" Deidara managed to sigh as he laid against Itachi's chest, feeling the raven pull out of him before a towel went under him, catching the come that was leaking out while he was handed another towel by Konan to do the same to Sasori and to wipe his chest off. After a quick shower together, with Konan sneaking the film out of the room to sell, they returned to the room where the sheets were changed. Too tired to put on clothes, they got in the bed naked, and snuggled up to each other, Sasori and Deidara both fast asleep with Itachi looking at them before he looked up when he heard 3 knocks on the door, signaling who it was. Itachi pushed a button on the remote and watched as the door open to see Kisame enter, a smirk on his face as he moved the clay to the oven where he set the timer for it to cut off when it was done.

"Seem like you got your wish after all. About time" Kisame grumbled as he heard Itachi chuckle before all was quiet. He turned around to see the raven had fallen asleep, making Kisame chuckle as he left the room, seeing Konan out in the closet with a giggle. "Now there together I can finally sleep in peace" Kisame sighed, making Konan laugh as they headed back to the main room where they saw the others watching TV.

"Where were you? You been gone for a while and where is Itachi, Deidara, and Sasori?"

"Making pottery" Kisame and Konan said at the same time, earning stares that made Konan giggle and Kisame chuckle as they said night to them before heading to their room. The others just threw up their hands in defeat before they returned to the TV.

*one month later*

"You sure are smiling a lot Deidara-sempai" Tobi said looking at the happy blonde who grinned, saying he was while Konan giggled, looking at the letters she received requesting more Itadeisaso. Kakuzu was still asking about all the suitcases full of money but gave up thinking bounties were easier for him. It was one of those morning where they were all sitting down at the table when Itachi and Sasori came in, hiding something behind their backs and large grins which made Deidara and Konan suspicious.

"What you two got there, un?" Deidara asked before he noticed their grins become smirks before they brought out honey and bottle of some kind of powder which Deidara read with his left eye to see it was sandalwood extract.

"The powder make 'explosions' more memorizing and I heard honey is good for pottery" Sasori said as Itachi clapped a hand on Deidara shoulder before he started tugging him toward the door, Deidara gulping as he was dragged away. Konan jumped up quickly, saying pottery was calling before she rushed after the trio, giggling all the way while Pain and Kisame chuckled before going to their rooms, as not to have to answer the other four's questions. Tobi, Zetsu, Hidan, and Kakuzu watched confused before they looked at each other, Hidan asking what the fuck going on around here in which the rest shrug and ate the cookies in the middle of the table. In the distance, there was the sound of moaning and giggling as Konan got ready for another round of fan letters for the boys.

"Art is a bang, un" Deidara gasped as Itachi thrust into him, a smirk on his face as he looked at Sasori.

"Yea art is banging and we're banging art" they said together before they continued with their torture, thinking how they had a new look on another person's art.

*sequel to Sugar Rush will be up next week*