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Chapter 26

Sam stumbled through the doorway, dropping the box in his hands and all its contents. Dean snorted and burst out laughing, leaning against the wall and pointing. Sam scowled at his brother with his best bitch face.

"Oh sure, laugh it up Dean! Don't see you carrying any boxes…this is your crap you know" Sam muttered.

"No can do kiddo, I'm supposed to lay off any heavy lifting for the first few days after my stitches have come out…doctors orders" Dean replied with a wink, crossing his arms over his chest smirking.

"Jerk" Sam mumbled, rolling his eyes.

"Bitch" Dean quipped in return with a huge grin on his face.

The younger Winchester threw all the contents back into the box, except for Dean's replica model of his precious impala, to which Sam promptly kicked down the hallway, the car rolling into the far wall with a thud and Sam didn't nothing but smile smugly, stomping off with the box in hands.

"HEY WHAT DID MY MINI BABY DO TO YOU?" Dean yelled angrily down the hallway.

"Little shit" Dean muttered, storming over to retrieve his precious model.

"Ah the domestics begin…you guys haven't even unpacked yet" Cas declared, smiling in amusement as he trudged through his front door with yet another box in hand.

He made his way over to Dean who was pouting over his model car like a spoilt child; Cas laughed lightly and placed a soft kiss on his boyfriend's lips, Dean couldn't help the small tug of his lips as he finally let out a little smile.

"Now come on, there are only a couple of light boxes left…I'm sure you can handle them…" Cas said, raising an eyebrow.

"Doctor said No Hea…"

"Heavy lifting…I know! But it didn't stop you trying to pick me up and slam me against a wall two days ago, only ONE hour after your stitches came out…ok you failed miserably, but I'm sure you can manage one box!"

Dean rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Yeah yeah, ok I guess…"

"Good boy…now go grab a box, let's get you and Sam moved in" Cas said with a victorious smile, smacking Dean on the ass as he passed.

The older Winchester started towards the door, turning his head to shout loudly back to Cas, who was making his way upstairs.


Cas laughed, shaking his head and Dean grinned heading out of the door, but not before he heard Sam yell in return.



Castiel flopped down on his sofa next to Dean.

"I'm exhausted" he declared, manoeuvring slightly so he could throw his legs over Dean's lap.

Dean grinned and gave Cas' knee a loving squeeze.

"Worth it though right? Now we can officially say we live together"

Cas smiled in return, placing his own hand over Dean's and opening his mouth to reply, before Sam's shouting cut him off.


The older Winchester rolled his eyes.

"I'll re-phrase…me; you and SAM live together…"

Cas laughed and hit Dean playfully on the arm.


Dean yelled back, they both heard a mumbled cursing sound from Sam and burst into laughter.

"You are cruel to your brother" Cas said, grin still spread across his face.

"Hey…I'm letting him tag along to live with me and my rockstar boyfriend in his swish, mansion type house…I'm a SAINT"

"And you wouldn't have it any other way…you love that kid Dean, admit it"

The Winchester raised his eyes to heaven and smiled, nodding slowly.

"Sure…but don't tell him that. You are cool with this right…having both of us here?"

Cas replied with a simple eye roll.


Dean laughed, pushing Cas' feet off his lap and standing up.

"And on that note, I'm gonna go see if his Royal Highness Prince Sam has finally chosen a room to his liking"

The singer held out his hands for Dean to pull him up, he grinned grabbing Cas' hands pulling him to his feet. Immediately Dean grabbed his stomach and yelled loudly in pain.

"Oh my God Dean…are you OK? I'm so sorry…" Cas rambled, quickly grabbing his boyfriend's shoulder, concern flooding his face.

"GOTCHA" Dean hollered, looking up at Cas and promptly breaking into a fit of laughter.

Cas scowled angrily and smacked Dean across the back of the head, causing him to laugh harder and run up the stairs.

"You are such an assbutt Dean!"

The singer chased upstairs after his boyfriend, almost knocking into him as he reached the top of the stairs.

"YO Sammy…where are you?" Dean called out in amusement down the long hallway.

Sam's head popped out of a doorframe a few doors down.

"Here Dean, I've found my room"

Dean and Cas made their way to Sam's new room and stepped inside. Sam motioned to the room around him with a grin on his face, boxes almost unpacked already and making the room his own.

"My new room…if this one is ok Cas?"

Castiel nodded in approval and smiled at Sam.

"Of course"

Dean glanced around the room, frowning and grimacing at the white walls. It was quite possibly the only room in Cas' entire house that had no character what so ever and was ridiculously plain, borderline dull.

And Sam would have to go and pick this room.

"Umm, I just have to ask…why this room Sam?" Dean asked cautiously, not wanting to offend any part of Cas' house.

Sam smiled knowingly at his brother.

"Well…it's simple…a blank canvas, something I can make my own. It has an en suite bathroom…and most importantly…it's the complete opposite end of the house to yours and Cas' room. I would like to remain completely in denial about what ever activities might occur in that bedroom…I'll save myself the earache and mental images thank you."

Cas looked at Sam wide eyed and slightly embarrassed, his cheeks tingeing a light shade of pink. Dean simply snorted and deemed the excuse acceptable with a nod.

"Good idea…cause I don't plan on 'keeping it down' for your benefit"

"Dean!" Cas said sternly, fixing the older Winchester with a glare.

"What? He has earplugs" Dean said with a shrug, grinning at Cas.

He silenced Cas before he could even reply, pulling him into a firm, passionate kiss. The singer immediately melted into it, moaning lightly into Dean's mouth as he deepened the kiss.

"Yeah and thankfully an eye mask too! But I'd still appreciate it, if you guys don't suck face in my room" Sam said, groaning loudly.

Dean pulled off Cas, chuckling at Sam's disgusted face.

"Man up Sammy!"

"Whatever…hey Cas do you mind if I take a good look around the place? I noticed one of your rooms had a huge library of books, would be awesome to check it out."

"Sure, whatever you want Sam…your home too now"

Sam grinned, running out of the room.

"GEEK" Dean shouted after him, before turning to Cas once more and leaning in to kiss him.

Dean and Cas lay on the sofa together a couple of hours later, Dean stretched out lazily along the length of the couch, with Cas lying back against his chest. They watched some stand up comedy show, Dean chuckling at all the bad jokes and Cas frowning in confusion, not understanding most of the references made.

"You know for someone who works in the music industry Cas, your pop culture knowledge is shocking" Dean mumbled, lightly poking him in the side.

"CAS…" Sam yelled from upstairs.



"SURE, LIKE I SAID…YOUR HOUSE TOO NOW, GO CRAZY! WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS…" Cas yelled back up, before frowning slightly.

"…well most things anyways"

Dean chuckled, pulling Cas closer and nuzzling his neck.

"I was thinking…Sam is going to a friend's birthday party on Friday night…staying over…" Dean started to explain.

Cas' attention peaked, he twisted to face his boyfriend with a knowing smirk on his face.

"Oh is he now"

"…mm hmm! So I was thinking…you…me…quality time…at last! Don't think we have had a night alone for weeks…what with everything that happened."

"Sounds perfect" Cas said with a genuine smile, tilting his head to kiss Dean.


The older Winchester groaned in frustration and rolled his eyes.

"Like I said, it will be nice to have some quality time...for fucks sake…WHAT IS IT SAM?"

Cas chuckled at Dean's irritation.


Dean raised his eyebrows comically, looking down at Cas with amusement.

"You still own video tapes"

Cas frowned in confusion.

"No…well maybe one or two…mostly from the CCTV cameras."


Cas' eyes went wide and he shot up off the sofa, staring down in horror at Dean.

"What the hell dude? What is it?" Dean asked, standing up to meet Cas' wide eyes.

"Only ones from the CCTV cameras Dean?…labelled '67' Chevy Impala? Think about it for a moment…"

Dean's eyebrows knitted together in confusion, Cas stood staring at him until it finally clicked. His eyes went comically wide as realisation sunk in and he gaped at Cas.

"Holy shit…you didn't?"

"I did"


Both men groaned at Sam's yelling and the younger Winchester immediately stomped down the stairs, video tape in hand and a deathly glare on his face.

Cas winced in embarrassment, Dean smirked openly with a hint of amusement when Sam shoved the tape into his brother's hands.

"Please keep this away from me…somewhere private maybe…" Sam grumbled, fixing both of them with another glare, before stomping back upstairs.

"…I'm going to scrub my eyes with bleach"

The moment Sam was out of dodge, Dean Burst out laughing and looked down at the tape in his hands, Cas couldn't help the snort of laughter that escaped him.

"So…you kept our little sex tape huh?" Dean teased, waving the video in Cas' face.

"Of course…you should see it…it's a masterpiece" Cas replied with a smirk and a wink.

"Oh I plan to…repeatedly." Dean said with a waggle of his eyebrows.

He pulled Cas flush against his body and grinned wickedly.


"Thanks for dropping by to pick Sam up…I would have taken him to the party, but kinda planning a night in with Cas" Dean explained to Bobby as he let the older man into his new house, leading him through the hallway.

"Not a problem, so how you boys settling in?" Bobby enquired, letting out a low whistle of approval as he checked out Cas' house.

"Good…really good actually…" Dean said with a smile, stopping in the doorway of the living room to face Bobby.

"…Sam loves it here, Cas has been great and well I guess…I'm the happiest I've been in a long time…so feeling pretty awesome right about now."

Bobby couldn't help but smirk at Dean's gushing and the dopey grin lacing his features.

"I'm happy for you son, for all of you."

"And thanks for being so understanding about handing in my notice"

"Are you kidding? Dean you have landed your dream job…I couldn't be happier for ya…idgit! Don't worry about me, was only ever meant to be temporary until you found your calling." Bobby said, with a dismissive wave of his hand.

Dean grinned at his father figure in awe, who smiled in return.

"Well come on then, show me around and then I can take ya brother and get the hell outta dodge"


"See you tomorrow Sam, have fun"

"Bye Sammy"

Dean slammed the front door closed and leant against it, letting out a long relieved sigh. Cas smiled seductively, biting down on his bottom lip.


Cas stepped into Dean's personal space and pulled him into a searing kiss, the Winchester responding immediately with urgency. Teasingly the singer pulled away, breathless and mumbled against Dean's lips.

"…at long fucking last"

They stumbled backwards, kissing clumsily and hands grabbing what they could of each other. Dean chuckled against Cas' lips, giving his ass a firm squeeze and drawing a squeak from his boyfriend's mouth.

"Mmmm Cas, the things I wanna do to you…it's been way too long" Dean muttered, placing kisses on Cas' neck.

Cas moaned in response, suddenly the buzzer sounded at the front door, causing both of them to jump.

"NO…just NO…whoever that is…I don't care…just NO" Dean rambled in frustration as Cas chuckled, pulling out of Dean's grasp and heading for the front door.

He took a quick look at the screen by the door which showed who was outside, revealing his fellow band mates lingering at the front gate, holding a great deal of booze and waving at the CCTV camera. Cas shrugged apologetically to Dean who rolled his eyes as Castiel buzzed them through and opened the front door.

"Why…just why?" Dean stutters, waving his arms at Cas.

"We couldn't leave them out there Dean"

Gabriel was first to burst through the door, a bottle of vodka in each hand and grinning widely.


"Technically I've lived here for well over a year…" Cas started.

"Yeah yeah…but DEAN hasn't…so I think that calls for a house warming" Gabe continued pushing his way into the house.


Anne, Michael and Balthazar followed through, smiling at Cas and Dean in greeting.

Dean watched as they all piled into the kitchen and muttered to himself before stomping after them.

"…I don't want a house warming"

Many drinks and a couple of hours later, Dean finally relaxed and enjoyed their 'party' slightly begrudgingly.

But it was now 10pm, Cas had promised Dean they would boot everyone out at midnight and Dean was allowed to do whatever he wanted to Cas in the bedroom. How could Dean refuse an offer like that?

The buzzer sounded and Cas didn't think twice about swinging open the door without checking, only to reveal Crowley standing on the other side with a sorry smile and a bottle of wine.

"Room for a little one?"

Cas glared at Crowley, turning away to face his band mates that had now gathered by the door.

"Why would you guys invite him? You know we're not exactly on speaking terms…" Cas said sternly, fixing the band with a glare.

"Umm still right here…" Crowley said quietly

"We didn't invite him Cas…" Anna started.

"I did"

Everyone turned their stares to Dean, including Cas who was now utterly confused and frowning at Dean.

"Why would you do that?"

Dean shrugged and approached Cas.

"I dunno…I just thought maybe it was time you made amends? I called him about 20 minutes ago…he's still the guy that made you the star you are today…and I guess in some twisted way, if it weren't for Crowley, we wouldn't have met…whether he approved or not. Besides he must have a decent bone somewhere in that body…he did come and tell you about Nick."

Cas stared for a moment, before letting a small smile tug the corners of his lips and he looked at Dean with so much adoration that the Winchester felt his heart warm.

He approached Dean and pulled him into a loving hug, mumbling a thank you in his ear.

Castiel turned back to Crowley who was looking sheepish.

"Come in…I guess we can start over…"

"Thanks Cas, you won't regret it"

"I better not…the moment I see any hint of you trying to get between Dean and I, you're out for good…got it?"

Crowley nodded and held a hand up in surrender.



The rest of the night went surprisingly well; turns out Dean and Crowley actually get along a lot more than they originally thought. But Cas kept to his promise and promptly kicked them out as soon as the clock struck midnight.

Cas smirked as he shut the door behind them and stalked towards Dean, running his hands down his boyfriend's chest.

"I'm all yours…as promised"

Dean smiled, taking hold of Cas' hand and silently leading him upstairs.

When they got to the bedroom, Dean closed the door behind them and simply stared at Cas with a content smile.

"So…what do you want to do with me Dean Winchester?" Cas purred, eyes roaming over his boyfriend curiously.

"Honestly? As corny and girly as this sounds…I just want to make love to you. Take it nice and slow, cherish every fudgin' moment I have with you"

Cas' seductive smirk slowly fell into a genuine look of awe and he approached Dean, pulling him into a slow, tender kiss.

"OK…I'd like that…very much…but Dean?"

Dean smiled and placed a kiss on the end of Cas' nose.


"No more chick flick moments"

Dean snorted a laugh and punched Cas playfully on the arm.

Cas caught his hand and pulled Dean into another long, deep kiss. Dean moaned into his boyfriend's mouth and they slowly starting stripping each other of their clothes, until they both stood naked pressed together in the middle of the bedroom.

Dean placed kisses down Cas' neck, gripping his ass and pulling him closer, causing the most amazing friction as their hard cocks finally rubbed together. Moans rippled from both of them and Cas jutted his hips forwards, seeking more friction.

Cas' hands grazed down Dean's back, feeling muscles ripple under his touch and he immediately started backing up, pulling Dean with him as they kissed feverishly.

They fell onto the bed, Dean on top of Cas and pressing their bodies firmly together, knowing damn well his boyfriend could take the weight.

"God Cas…it's been too freakin long…I've missed this…" Dean moaned, placing kisses over Cas' collarbone and bare chest.

"Please Dean, I need you now…no foreplay…just you inside of me…please" Cas begged and pleaded as Dean licked and sucked at one of his nipples, hands grazing Cas' hipbones teasingly as the singer dug his blunt fingernails into Dean's back.

Usually Dean would have teased further just to wind Cas up, but it had been too long and he knew exactly how Cas felt. He just needed to feel Castiel around him and soon.

Dean leant over Cas and pulled the lube from the bedside table, immediately setting to work in prepping him with fingers.

"Oh god Dean" Cas moaned as Dean pushed a second finger past the barrier, stretching Cas out and torturously rubbing against that sensitive bundle of nerves inside of him with the tips of his fingers.

Dean kissed Castiel as he continued to finger him, their tongues sweeping together and drawing the sweetest whimpering sounds from the man beneath him.

When a third finger entered Castiel, he sky rocketed and Dean managed to reduce his boyfriend to a sweating, writhing mess in minutes with the slow drags of his fingers, pulling and pushing in and out of Cas and hitting that sweet spot every time with a sharp jab.

"Dean...too much…I can't…please…need you now" Castiel moaned, panting wildly and sweat pouring off him as he writhed on the bed, trying to push his hips down to meet with Dean's fingers.

"Ok, I got you Cas…I got you" Dean hushed, claiming his boyfriends lips in another kiss, removing his fingers and slowly pushing into Castiel's heat with his hard cock.

Both men moaned in synch, as Dean continued to push inside without stopping until he was fully inside of Cas.

He stopped his movements for a moment, simply looking down into Castiel's blue eyes and smiling. Dean pressed his forehead against Cas' and began to move slowly, they met in another passionate kiss.

Cas' hands gripped at Dean's hair, tugging slightly and sucking on his tongue, moaning in appreciation as Dean sped up his movements.

Dean gripped Cas' hip with one hand tightly, his other hand moving to grip Cas' hard cock and stroking in time with his thrusts.

"Oh God yes…ahh Dean" Cas moaned, breaking the kiss and pushing up to meet Dean's thrusts, resting their foreheads together.

Dean pushed deep inside Castiel, the hot pressure surrounding him causing rippling moans to tear from his mouth. The whimpering sounds and broken moans coming from Cas was enough to spare him on even more as the movements sped up and became harder with each push.

Sweat trickled off them both; they stared into each others eyes and never broke contact. Cas could feel his orgasm approach and could tell Dean wasn't far behind. They had never taken it this slow or this tender before and if Cas said it wasn't the most amazing experience of his life, he would be lying.

"I love you Dean…God I love you so much" Cas moaned, his breathing stuttering as his orgasm approached rapidly and washed over him.

"I love you too Cas" Dean said with a smile, his own orgasm following closely behind.

They held on tightly to each other before, just taking a moment to come down from their high and smiling lazily.

"That…that was amazing" Cas said, smiling and placing a kiss on Dean's forehead.

Dean rolled off Cas and immediately pulled him into an embrace, with Cas' head resting on his chest.

"I second that" Dean finally replied with a chuckle.

They lay comfortably together in silence for around 10 minutes before Cas finally spoke up.

"Umm Dean?"

"Yeah baby?"

"I know I said no more chick flick moments…but this might be called for…"

Dean smirked in amusement as Cas sat up to look at him.

"Go on…"

Cas smiled in return, almost in shyness which Dean found ridiculously cute.

"This right now…what we have…even just tonight alone…it's all I ever wanted, all I ever want…you are all I ever want."

Dean smiled, feeling his eyes well up but determined not to cry like a big girl; he simply pulled Cas into a loving kiss.

"Good…I feel exactly the same. I love you Cas…I may not be your hired bodyguard anymore…"

Castiel smirked slightly and shrugged.

"…But I'll never stop being here for you, protecting you…You're stuck with me. Wherever you go…I go"

Dean and Cas smiled and the singer leant forward placing a soft kiss on his boyfriend's lips.

"I can most definitely live with that"