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"So," Russel said then, eying them sternly. "You two owe us an explanation."

Noodle nodded vigorously. After 2D had greeted Russel and they had chatted a little, it was time to get down to business.

2D and Murdoc glanced at each other, wondering where to start.

Murdoc opened his mouth, but 2D put his hand on Murdoc's knee under the table, out of sight of the others, and took over the story.

As he explained what happened with Pete, Russel's and Noodle's jaws dropped. 2D dug his fingernails into his palms as he told them the less pleasant parts.

When he'd finished, Russel and Noodle both looked horrified.

"And that's when you thumped him on the head, Russ," he finished.

It was silent as Russel and Noodle processed all of this.

Then Russel raised his fist at Murdoc. "You let that fucking happen to him?" he shouted, and made to punch Murdoc.

Murdoc dodged out of the way, and Noodle put her hand on Russel's arm, pushing it down gently.

"Russ, it wasn't his fault! He had no idea," 2D said quickly.

Russel calmed down a little as Noodle practically shoved tea down his throat.

They all stayed silent for a moment, comforting each other without having to use words, just showing how close they all still were after all that time.

"So.. that's it then? They're gone?" Russel said quietly after a while.

Murdoc nodded. "Me and Cyborg got rid of 'em."

"Yes, this is something I still quite don't understand. You made a cyborg replica of me?" Noodle said, frowning a little.

2D, although glad of the subject change, gave Murdoc a worried glance. He wasn't sure how Noodle'd react about being replaced.

Murdoc shifted uncomfortably. "Well, you see, Noods.. Uhh, I couldn't find you, and we really needed to make this album to get us back on our feet, you know, and I also needed a bodyguard.. so I used some of your, er, DNA and built a robot," he said quickly.

Noodle didn't say anything for some time, making everyone else nervous. She just sat there silently sipping her tea.

She gently put down her cup, and looked at Murdoc.

"So, am I going to meet her?" she said then.

Everyone breathed out in relief.

"Of course," Murdoc said, grinning slightly. "CYBORG!" he then yelled, making everyone jump.

Cyborg Noodle immediately came inside, shuffling toward the table looking embarrassed.

She stood still a few meters away from the table, staring at her shoes.

"Cyborg, come and meet Russel and.. Noodle," Murdoc said, beckoning her to come closer.

She shuffled a few inches forward. Noodle stood up and walked to her.

"Hi," she said kindly. "I'm Noodle."

Cyborg looked up a little. "I am Cyborg Noodle," she replied.

Noodle smiled at her. Cyborg looked at her curiously. "Are you my original?" she asked.

Noodle laughed a little and nodded. "So I hear you play guitar?"

Cyborg nodded.

"Great, we can play together," Noodle said to her with a big grin.

Cyborg smiled hesitantly.

"This is Russel, our drummer," Noodle then said, pulling Russel forward.

"Um, what's up, Cyborg?" Russel said, a little freaked out.

"Hello," Cyborg said.

Murdoc and 2D glanced at each other, both thinking the same thing.

"And there's something else you should probably know.." 2D began nervously.

Russel and Noodle turned around curiously.

2D stayed silent, looking for the right words.

"We're together," Murdoc said suddenly.

You could have heard a pin drop.

Noodle and Russel gaped at them. 2D stared at his feet, blushing red as Murdoc glared at them.

"It is true, I saw them have sexual intercourse in the elevator," Cyborg added solemnly.

"CYBORG! OUT!" Murdoc yelled, 2D turning an even deeper shade of red.

Suddenly Noodle laughed, looking at Cyborg. "I think you and I are going to get along just fine," she said, still laughing.

"Are you guys fucking serious?" Russel asked, still staring at them.

They nodded. 2D grabbed Murdoc's hand for emphasis.

It was silent for a long while, 2D and Murdoc becoming more and more nervous.

"Man, this is going to be really hard to explain to the press," Russel then finally said, rubbing his face.

"So you're not.. mad?" 2D asked quickly.

Russel raised an eyebrow. "Listen, man, I'm surprised, astonished, and shocked, but I ain't mad. You two want to uhh.. frolic around, you do just that. I've never been one to judge. It'll take some getting used to, though."

2D's mouth spread out into a big grin, and Murdoc chuckled, relieved.

"Thanks, mate," Murdoc said to Russel.

"No problem, man. I'm just happy to see us all together."

"Noodle?" 2D asked, not having heard her during the whole conversation.

Noodle looked at them steadily, her face revealing nothing.

"Well, it's about time. I was starting to wonder if my assumptions had been wrong after all. Excellent," she then said with a smirk.

The three men gaped at her.

She flashed them a grin, then sipped the last of her tea.


"What the hell is floating in my noodles, Russ?" Murdoc complained, albeit goodnaturedly.

"Shut the fuck up and eat," Russel replied, grinning.

2D scooped the noodles and vegetables into his mouth with his fork, them not having any chopsticks on the island.

Cyborg was sitting next to them, chatting with Noodle.

"So I managed to get us a place to stay for a while," Russel said with his mouth full.

"Where?" Murdoc asked curiously.

"London," Russel replied grinning slightly. "It's only temporary, but by the time we need to move out, we'll have made enough money again because of that album of yours."

"We're leaving Plastic Beach?" 2D asked surprised. He had come to like it here.

Murdoc nodded. "We can't stay here much longer, D. This place is okay for a while, no to live permanently."

2D nodded, understanding. "And Cyborg is coming with us, right?" 2D said sternly, lowering his voice.

Murdoc nodded. "Yeah. I think Noodle would kill me if I didn't. These two seem to be getting along great," he said happily.

The three men looked at the girl talking to her robot lookalike.

"You know what," Russel said. "I think this is all gonna work out just fine."

Murdoc smiled and leaned over toward 2D, pressing a kiss on his lips, ignoring Russel's protests.

Murdoc cupped 2D's face, making the kiss last a little longer, doing it also just to get on Russel's nerves. He then decided he had tortured Russel enough, and leaned back again.

2D was grinning at him, cheeks a warm, pink color.

"I think you're right, Russ," Murdoc agreed then.

Suddenly Russel let out a huge belch, making 2D and Murdoc fall out of their seats in laughter.

Noodle glared at them disgusted.

"And then I ask myself why I'm not attracted to men," she muttered quietly to Cyborg Noodle.

The three men jumped up immediately.


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