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"It's been a whole month!" I almost screamed running my hand through my hair.

"Um, what?" my best friend looked at me and asked, her grey-green eyes leaving the laptop screen in front of her.

"It's been a frickin' month and I still have no idea who The_Marine is!" I say throwing my hands in the air.

"The Marine? What Marine?" she asked, her brows knitting in confusion.

"The_Marine, Addison. The. Underscore. Marine." I sigh as her eyes light up with recognition.

"You know I still don't think that's safe, right?" when she pauses she looks me in the eyes. When I do not answer her she continues, "I don't see why you can't just stick to our little circle, it's so much safer that way."

"Addie, it's a secured school system and The_Marine is obviously a student here…and a student in some of my classes. I just don't know which student," I rebut.

"So your mystery guy is still out there and let me guess…you want to find out who he is but he refuses to give any of those details away," I groan when the words leave her mouth.

"Addison, you are so infuriating!" her lips curl up into a smile before she looks back at the screen before her.

"You love me."

It's true I do love her; she's like my sister, no, she is my sister. Addison and I have been together almost our whole lives, we are inseparable. Our friendship began one summer when I was six and she was eight and her family moved from Connecticut to Miami. I had gone with my father on a visit to one of his hotels in the city, I was being punished. I hated my father's line of work, yes it brought in money, and lots of it, but I hated not having him at home or always being stuck in a meeting, not having time for his family. So that day I sat in the lobby waiting for my father (I had refused to sit in the manager's office) sulking over my unfortunate and miserable life when an older, redheaded came up to me, sat right beside me and offered me one of the KitKats she had. I was stunned. I looked between her and her parents and even at that young age I could pick out people of the 'upper-class society' and this girl was definitely one of them. I shook my head, I did not want or even need her pity, I had enough for myself. Despite my refusal she was persistent; she did nothing until I broke off a small piece and ate it. After appeasing her, hoping that she would leave, she began talking. Seriously!

"My name's Addison Forbes-Montgomery. What's yours?" her voice was irritating, she was irritating.

"Callie Torres," I spat in her direction. She obviously did not register my animosity towards her because she kept talking.

"Okay, Callie. So, what's got you so upset?"

I glared at her, refusing to answer. Yes, I was six but I was also a Torres and Torres's do not talk about what is wrong with them or their feelings. Ever. It was in my nature. I kept to myself at all costs, at home, at school, at family reunions; Callie Torres was just always out of the loop, away from everyone else.

"Calliope!" I looked up and saw my father standing across the lobby with Addison's parents, beckoning at me to join him. Addison's parents were doing the same.

The girl looked at me and knitted her browns in confusion, "Calliope?"

"Don't," I growled at her. She took the hint this time and we walked silently to our parents. I plastered on a smile, albeit fake, at greeted Addison's parents who were just as irritatingly nice as she was.

"Aren't just a cute little thing," her mother gushed. How old was I? Two? I held my smile while criticizing her, the make-up that was caked all over her face, her repulsive red lips and her piercing grey eyes. She pinched my cheeks and I resisted the urge to slap her; that would have been inappropriate for 'people of our standing' as many of the adults I knew would have said. So I let her and I let her do it every time she sees me, even now. It turned out that Addison's father was my Uncle Berto's business partner before I was born and the Montgomery and Torres families had become close but had lost contact.

That night they had dinner at our home and Monday morning when I went to school Addison was there as well. That morning I walked through the doors of my elementary school I spotted her and her parents entering the administrative office and my heart sank. Since I had no classes with her there was no way we could meet, that is until she spotted me while I was having lunch.

I always ate lunch alone. I was the girl who sat at the back of the class and chewed her hair; no one wanted to be around me, no one wanted to be my friend and I was okay with that. She sat down beside me like she had done a few days before and started talking.

"This is a really nice school. The kids are okay, except this one girl, Aria," she said casually, taking a sip of her grape juice. I said nothing to her; I sat and ate my sandwich while she spoke about my sister. Most of what she said was true, Aria was narcissistic and high-strung but you had to get to know her to see that she was actually a nice person.

We were both almost finished with our lunches when she said something that made me stop eating. "Why are you like this? So…shy and reclusive?"

I looked at her and shrugged; I really had no clue why I was as withdrawn as I was. Sure, no one in my family talks about feelings but they were good with people, they could manage others, crowds but I could not. "You'd think growing up in the high society would have made me…out there but I don't know," I shrugged again; "It's the opposite for me. Being around people almost constantly gets boring and routine quickly so I hide inside myself; I hide in plain sight."

She looks at me her eyes wide, her head nodding. I'm sure she's just a little surprised to hear that coming from a six year old. I know I was.

But that's where it started, our friendship. Addison became my person and I became hers. Even though she and Aria never got along and would often blow-up at each other, I loved them both dearly.

I feel a wad of paper hit the side of my head, pulling me out of my respite.

"Hey, Torres!" I look over at Addison and scowl at her for breaking my thoughts, "Your phone's ringing."

I look down and see that my phone was indeed vibrating because of a message I had received from The_Marine.

Hi there. Just got out of a study session with Prof. Burke…I really hate everything to do with cardio! :(

I laugh before I reply to my unknown friend.

Oh come on it can't be that bad…can it?

Oh it is believe me. Anyways, I really didn't want to talk about cardio or Burke…I wanted to know if you were planning to go to the 007 party next week, so are you?

I thought about it but then I decided against it.

Oh then that's too bad cause I was going to ask you if you'd like to accompany me there.

I let out a nervous chuckle; maybe I really should take Addison's advice and stick to our friends circle.

I'm flattered but I'll have to decline seeing as I really don't know you. No offence if you're not, but you could be a serial killer trying to lure me out.

I assure you that I'm no serial killer or anything of the sort…the only crime I've committed is asking a pretty lady out on a date to a party. If you come to the party, you'll get to meet me ;)

Is this guy serious, I think. Curiosity gets the better of me and so I reply.

Okay, I'll think about and let you know.

That's super :)

I laugh this guy is something else.

So see you at Biochem class…

You betcha!

We end our conversation and Addison laughs at me.

"What?" I look at her annoyed.

"You've got that goofy grin on your face," she points her pen at my face. "What did your Marine say?"

"He asked me to accompany him to the 007 party next week!" I almost shriek out of excitement.

"And you told him no, right?" she lock her steely grey-green eyes on mine and I look away.

"Um, not quite…I told him that I'd think about it," I say quietly knowing that she will be utterly upset with me.

"Callie Torres, you did what?" the other students under the gazebos look at us. "Didn't I tell you to be careful of this guy and now you go and accept dates with him!" she continues in a hushed voice.

"Firstly, I did not accept a date with him; I said I would think about it. Secondly, not because I'm thinking about it means that I'm going to accept. I wouldn't go unless you and Mark were coming as well."

She rolls her eyes at me, "You are so infuriating!"

I smile apologetically as we get up and head off to our Biochemistry class, where the present but elusive Marine was sure to be.

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