Kim isn't the completely shy girl with no life, but she's not popular either. Jared Cameron however is. This is my version of what I'd like to think happened.

Kim POVs

Really? Again? I sat with my head rested on my hand staring through the window wondering where he was. He hadn't been in school for a little over three weeks and it was really starting to irritate me that I hadn't seen him, not that he'd talk to me or anything but just to hear his voice. I missed him. God, I sound like I'm dating him, I wish. Jared Cameron would never even think to look twice at me let alone date me, he probably didn't even know my name. I can't stop hoping that he'd just walk into class and take his assigned seat next to me.

Stop being so obsessive Kim! I really need to get over him, this 'crush' has gone on way too long, and it's not like anything will ever happen.

"Kimberly?" I was snapped out of my thoughts, by my English teachers angered voice, shit, what was he saying?

"Sorry Sir, what was the question?"

"What effect did Ross' news have on Macduff in Act 4 Scene 3?"

I grabbed my Macbeth book, stupid Jared, distracts me even when he's not here. "Kimberly. The answer. Now." What did he even tell him? When was the last time I actually paid attention? Slaughter, that's it. "It had a horrific effect on Macduff because he learnt of the slaughter of his family and it made him feel enraged and angered toward Macbeth, he wanted revenge because of this."

"Thank you" Safe, but if he had of been here I'd just be the freak that knew the answer. This really has to stop. Just get over him Kim. I need to listen to myself and just cop on. I looked down at my hardback for notes, I opened the cover to scribble down the remains of the points on the board and the first thing I see is Kim Jared. Okay, now that, that's a tad bit over obsessive Kim. We need to change. Big time.

I glanced at the clock just as the bell rang, weekend, thank God. I shoved all my pens and books into my book bag and bolted for the door, I squirmed my way out through the overly crowded door and ran to my locker. I was fiddling with the lock trying to open the stupid thing when a russet hand reached over my shoulder and took it out of my hand in two swift movements the lock was open and dropped into my open hand I mumbled a 'thanks' as I switched some books from my bag to my locker and grabbed my blue hoody from the mess as the laughing began

"You're going to have to figure out how to open it sooner or later Kimmy." "I choose later, now c'mon. It's finally Friday" I looked at my best friend and she smiled and laughed again, she opened her locker and pulled out books and her hoody.

There was a thud and I looked to the floor, her cigarettes had fallen out. I swooped down to pick them up and shoved them in my pocket. "Thought you were giving up" I said as she slammed the locker door closed, maybe I should do that instead of being careful with mine. "I was" we laughed together.

The amount of times she has 'gave up' is terrible she says okay this is my last one, no more, the next day I walk into her room and she's dragging desperately on the butt of the cigarette. We walked down the rows of steps and joined the mass of students waiting for the buses to come. I never really realised how many people were in my school until I looked around me, usually I was obsessing over Jared but that needed to be sorted out, soon too.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as Lance bounded over and threw his arms around our shoulders. "Are you's coming tonight?" He asked with a big crooked smile latched on his face. "To the party on First beach?" Keela giggled. "Yeah, be there around 9 okay?" "We will" I shouted as I dragged Keela away and over to the chugging old bus.

She has been crushing on Lance for as long as I can remember and everyone knows he likes her too, tonight might be good for them. We walked down the bus and plopped down in our usual seats at the back everyone was chatting about tonight and how good it was going to be, I joined in the laughter and fun as Chris Parker said something stupid about one of the 'blonde bimbos' from Forks that he was going to get with tonight, he sat up and began to flex his muscles and make pouting faces which made everyone laugh. Tonight would be good hopefully for a change.

When it came to my stop Keela told me she would be over in a while she just wanted to grab her clothes. I smiled at the bus driver and hopped off the bus I walked up the vacant driveway and into my house, home alone I dropped my keys on the table and my bag on the floor I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge there propped up against a glass of milk was a note from my mom. Grandma was ill so her and the kids had gone up to stay with her for the weekend and dad was going to follow them after work, she told me to ring if I needed her and that there was a tray of fresh cookies in the oven. YES! I threw the note into the bin and opened the oven door hurriedly I grabbed the tray of cookies and took a bite, smarties cookies I really do love my mom.

I picked up the glass of milk and took a drink I grabbed my bag and ran upstairs, I opened my room and slid it in under my bed, I hopped into the shower then so I would be ready when Keela called over. When I was finished I went back into my room and opened my wardrobe door what was I going to wear? I threw clothes that I didn't want to wear on the floor and tried on some others.

I decided to just do my makeup first and then find something to wear, I sat down at my dressing table and got to work at my face, I put on my moisturiser and foundation evenly and not too dark I then got my blush and did a light pink blush on my cheek bones, I did a light smokey eye of browns and golds on my eye lids and then I used my eyeliner to line both eyes, I grabbed my mascara and ran it over my already long eyelashes. I didn't know what I should do with my hair.

I jumped as a bag flew into my room and landed on the bed "I'm getting a shower, Ken won't get out of ours" my heart has stopped beating. Breathe Kim, deep breaths. "No problem" I shouted back still panting. I picked up the mascara and brush that I had let fall and got a cloth to wipe the floor where the brush had landed. I sat back down and looked into the mirror again, my makeup was subtle but my eyes were dramatic so my hair didn't need to be anything special, I decided on going for a boho style so I split my naturally wavy hair in the middle and done a thick plait back along my head above my ear and clipped it back loosely with some bobby pins and a smaller one on the opposite side.

I then walked over to the big pile of clothes that I had left threw on the floor in my temper of not finding anything to wear, I sifted through my hung up clothes which consisted of mostly dresses skirts and blouses. I pulled out one of my favourite dresses that I hadn't got to wear yet, it was a light denim dress that had small bits of white lace in places on it. As I pulled it over my head Keela ran into my room with makeup done and hair half straightened to grab her clothes bag off the bed "I like that" she shouted as she scrambled back out of my room. That girl confused me a lot sometimes, how would she like it when it was still bunched up around my head and she couldn't see it properly? I had to chuckle at her silliness.

I walked back over to my dresser and opened the second drawer that had all of my jewellery in it. I took out my big gold ring with the coral coloured stone in the middle and slid it on my finger I then took out my long gold necklace that my brother had got me for Christmas last year and put it on. I looked through all of my shoes and decided on my loose black boots and lastly I grabbed my black leather short sleeved jacket and threw it on over the dress. I was in the middle of packing away all my clothes when the doorbell rang, I threw them all back into my wardrobe and grabbed my black leather bag with the long strap off of the hanger on the back of my door.

I screamed for Keela as I ran down the stairs and opened the door, Eva was standing waiting for us I grabbed my keys off of the table where I had threw them after school and ran into the kitchen to switch off the lights when I came back Keela and Eva were walking out of the door onto the wooden porch. I slammed the door and jumped down the steps to catch up with them, Eva got into the cab of the truck to her boyfriend Vince, Keela hopped up into the back of the truck and sat in the seat beside Lance, I sat down in the middle of my friends and joined in the conversation of who would end up together tonight. We drove up to the diner in Forks and went inside, we all got something small to eat before heading back to First beach on the res.

We pulled up to the parking lot and got out, the sound of the music made me so happy, I couldn't wait. I walked down the small worn pathway laughing at Keela and Lance she was demanding he give her reasons as to why they should try get together and he was coming up with the most ridiculous things. As we got closer I seen the fire surrounded by logs and the coolers full of drinks. I walked closer and realised that there was a big crowd here, we all went towards the coolers I walked over to one that had less people at it and started to dig through the ice and bottles to find a bottle of Bulmers, someone else had their hand in looking around too.

I found what I was looking for and turned to walk away but I tripped over someone's foot who was waiting to get there drink. "Fuck! Sorry, sorry. Here take my hand." I thought that voice sounded familiar I took the warm hand that was being held down to me and looked up at the person with the big feet.

Jared was standing in front of me helping me up. He had changed, he was taller and had more muscle if that was possible. It was indescribable he was bigger in every sense of the word. I looked up to his face as he pulled me up with such ease like a feather off of the ground, I searched for his eyes, they were the only thing about him that hadn't changed, still the beautiful caramel eyes that anyone could get lost in.

As he returned my glance his mouth dropped open and he let me go and I fell back on the ground with a thud, he just stood there looking at me. I knew it, I knew it he would never want to even touch me, he couldn't even hold my hand for a second. That's it. No more pining over him I'm finished with that now.

"KIMMY" I heard Keela scream from the other side of the fire, she was obviously drunk already. "coming" I shouted back to her I jumped up off the ground downed my bottle of drink and grabbed another out of the cooler, Jared was still standing there so before I left to find Keela I spat "thanks for that" at him sarcastically and smiled and walked off to find my friends.

I went over and everyone was dancing together I got in to the crowd and started to dance to the song that was on. Everyone was having a great time, I glanced over to where I got my drinks Jared was standing there with 2 men staring in my direction. I walked over to a different cooler and drank another bottle, after my fifth I could feel myself getting drunker and drunker.

I started to dance more with Chase, who had been trying it on with me all night. There were raised voices and I looked around to see who was fighting, Jared was trying to get by the 2 men standing with him but they weren't having it, he must have been trying to fight with someone. He's pathetic I was telling myself but something in the back of my mind was telling me otherwise. The two men pushed him back into the woods and they disappeared.

Everyone went back to dancing like nothing had happened I walked over towards the coolers with Chase and we sat down on one of the blankets laid out around the fire, we had a few more drinks and were just talking, he was actually a really interesting person. We decided to move the blanket closer to the shade of the trees away from the music. He was telling me this really cute story about his little brother and a second later he was kissing me, I was kissing him back, I put my hands into his shaggy blond hair and as he pulled me closer to his body there was a frightening howl from the woods we stood up and he held me behind my back as he grabbed the blanket and my bag off the ground and he dragged me away from the edge of the trees there was two more piercing howls getting further away from us.

I stumbled back to the fire with Chase's arm around me holding me up, I quickly found Keela who was sitting on a log lying on Lance's shoulder, I took her off of him and we said our goodbyes and we stumbled all the way back to my house carrying each other, we got up the stairs and into my bed.

Within 5 minutes Keela was asleep, as I lay down to go to sleep there was one more piercing howl in the distance, I didn't know if it was just the spinning in my head or if I was dreaming but I was almost sure the howl sounded sad, if that's possible. Jared looked amazing tonight.

I thought and then I fell asleep dreaming about the one person I desperately loved but needed to forget.