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Kim's POV

I rolled over in my bed searching for my blanket, I opened my eyes and seen Keela on the floor wrapped up in it. I sighed and got up off of my bed and walked into the bathroom on the other side of the hall I got into the shower and cleared my mind when I was done I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. I brushed my teeth and my wet hair and went back to get my clothes as I was coming out of the bathroom I noticed my brothers door was open, I walked over and pushed the door open further, I poked my head in around the door and smiled as I seen the mess on the non-existent floor. I shook my head and pulled the door closed I turned the key and hung it on the hook that was too high for the kids to reach. I turned around as I heard Keela come out of my room

"Sorry Kimmy, got to go, I forgot that I had my hair appointment this morning" she apologised as she hugged me. "It's fine, I'll talk to you later" "I'll text you" she shouted as she ran out the front door and slammed it behind her. I walked into my room and grabbed a few bits out of my wardrobe and threw them on and grabbed my phone out of my bag.

I walked down the stairs as I waited patiently for the block in my hand to work I walked over and grabbed a box of cereal out of the press and a bowl I sat at the table eating while the kettle boiled. My phone beeped to say it was on and I grabbed it and began to write a message to Keela telling her about Jared last night I hadn't had time this morning. I sent the message after I explained everything and finished my cereal, I made my tea when the kettle popped and I sat back down. I nearly jumped through the roof when there was a loud banging on the front door. I jumped up and went to answer it, I opened the door and there standing on my wooden porch stood Jared Cameron. What the fuck? I didn't know what to say, hello? Go away? No, I couldn't be rude. I managed to stutter and blush and eventually say "Hi" Kim, you're not 5, ask him what he wants, he didn't want to even help you up last night, don't fall for it again. He still hadn't replied to my one syllabled greeting. The voice in my head was right, I needed to not get pulled back in by him.

"Did you need something?" I asked him politely. I looked up at his face, he was staring at my with a glint of happiness in his bloodshot, tired eyes. He looked terrible he was wearing a pair of dark green cut-offs and that was it. His shoulders were slumped and his short black hair was spiked in all directions of his head and didn't look intentional. "I want to apologise for last night, I'm sorry, so, so sorry" He whispered so quietly I barely heard him. "I didn't mean to trip you up in the first place and then I didn't mean to let you fall on the floor like that, are you okay? Did I hurt you? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to do it"

"You didn't hurt me but why did you let me fall again? My hand not good enough for you?" I sneered at him.

"Please don't ever say that" He said in a deep, husky loud voice. His hands were shaking and his jaw clenched, he took a deep breath before he continued. "Don't ever say you're not good enough for me because that is completely wrong. I'm the one who let you fall because when I looked into your eyes last night I saw the most beautiful girl in the universe and I was so angry with myself for not noticing you before, I'm so sorry."

I took in a shaky breath and just opened and closed my mouth like a fish. I'm dreaming, aren't I? This isn't happening. Did he just call me beautiful? No. "It's okay" I whispered as my mouth began flopping like a fish again. He smiled, the biggest smile I've possibly even seen on anyone's face, ever. He looked so perfect standing there on my doorstep and that's the moment that I knew I could never get over Jared Cameron.

"Can we start over? Please." He asked happily. I just giggled at his goofy smile and managed to say "sure" without stuttering or flopping. He shoved out his huge hand for me to shake "Hello, I'm Jared, it's a pleasure to meet you" I shook his warm hand while laughing as he lifted my hand and kissed it while bowing in front of me. "Well hello there, I'm Kim" I said as I lifted my pretend ball gown and curtsied for him. He began to laugh, Jared Cameron was on my doorstep not only that but he called me beautiful and he kissed my hand. I was dancing inside, this had to be the best moment of my life until it was ruined by my phone ringing in the kitchen. "You can come in if you like" I said as I turned and ran into the kitchen.

I picked up my block off of the table and glanced at the caller id, unknown. "Hello?" "Kim honey, how are you? Is everything okay?" My mother's voice rang down the phone with what probably was fake concern. "Yeah everything's fine, why?" I asked as I turned my back towards the front of the house in case Jared was still there. "Just wondering. Kim darling, we're thinking of staying up here a few more days, are you okay with that?" "Sure mom, whatever." I sighed as she asked me the familiar question. "Okay, be safe Kim" "I wi.." There was a beeping before I even got to finish my sentence. I scowled at the phone as I placed it on the counter and turned around to see Jared leaning against my door frame with his arms folded. "Are you okay?" he asked in an urgent tone "I'm fine" I lied with a fake smile. I picked up the cup as I walked towards the sink and placed it down with the nearly full bowl of cereal, I turned around and I looked up into his eyes, and felt myself blush for lying to him.

"What's made you talk to me so suddenly Jared?" I blurted out without thinking about what I was saying. "I'm so sorry for not noticing you before and I regret it so much. I just want you to know that I like you and I think your beautiful and I know that I probably seem to be stalker material right now but I just want to get to know you and for you to trust me" What is going on? I pinched myself on the arm and he looked confused, I blushed and just managed to squeak out an "okay"

I looked at him again, standing facing me in my kitchen and all I could do was smile, Jared was standing there calling me beautiful and all I could do was smile like an idiot. He grinned when he seen me smiling. "You can sit down you know" I smiled "Actually Kim, I'd better go, if I'm late for breakfast Emily would have Sam kill me" he chuckled. He's going to go, I felt my face frown at this news but I covered it quickly with a smile. Jared stopped grinning as soon as I frowned and his eyes swept the kitchen, he paused on my half full cup of tea and barely eaten bowl of cereal.

"Okay, I'll see you out then" I smiled and started towards the door. "Why are you seeing me out? Don't you want to come with me?" To meet his friends? "Oh no no, I couldn't just intrude like that, its fine." "Kim go get ready quick, you're coming whether you like it or not" he had an evil glint in his eye. I put my hands on my hips and sneered at him "and you're going to make me, how?" He smirked "like this" and the next think I know I was threw over his shoulder and we were in my hall.

"Where's your room?" He asked "Jared, I can walk put me down." "Its more fun this way. Now where is it?" He chuckled as I grunted and said upstairs on the right. He ran up the stairs with me still on his shoulder. He grabbed my black handbag that I had used last night and I laughed as he put it on his other shoulder. "Pick a coat" he said smiling when I laughed at him. I reached up and grabbed my dark green trench coat.

"Okay, let's go" he shouted as he bounded out of my room. "Jared?"

"Kim, just don't start, you're coming. End of story"

"I have no shoes on"

"Oh" he said quietly as he turned around towards my room, he began to chuckle again "That's what the smell is" he said and started laughing at his own joke. I smacked him on the back and wriggled to get out of his grip. "Not a chance you're staying where you are" he said as he grabbed my brown boots off the floor "Will these be okay?" He asked "yeah" he ran down the stairs and out the door he took the key out and locked it and threw it in my bag.

He walked down the road with my shoes still in his hand and my bag on his shoulder. "Put me down" I said to him as I tried to wriggle again. "No way." He said and began to walk faster. "I'm not talking to you" I said as I folded my arms on his back and stopped wriggling.

He just laughed and ran down a dusty lane, the trees began to get thicker as we went in further soon I seen a house as Jared ran around the back and up onto the porch steps, as he burst through the door I heard a female voice squeal then the same voice screeched "Jared Cameron, how many times do I have to tell you not to be la..." There were people chuckling then she trailed off and everything became silent "What did you do to her?" She shouted even louder. There was a smack and she hissed "Put her down. Now." Suddenly I was on my 2 feet again.

I looked around and smiled at the girl who helped me, she was a little taller than me with naturally wavy long black hair, she was beautiful but she had 3 distinct scars down one side of her face, I didn't want to be rude so I didn't look at them "I'm Kim, thank you" I said as I stuck out my hand to her before she had a chance to say anything I turned around and slapped Jared on the arm "Do not ever do that to me again, got it mister?" I warned as he laughed and sneered "Or what?" He walked over to the table laughing where three other huge men like Jared were sitting there watching the encounter.

"I'm Emily its lovely to meet you Kim, it'll be good having another girl around here" she smiled as she hugged me, I hugged her back and laughed "I'm not sure about that I don't really like being KIDNAPPED" I said as I glared at Jared's big head. Emily just laughed and said "Well your welcome here anytime, come on and get something to eat before the horses eat it all" she said as she walked over and sat down on one of the men's knees. I walked over and sat on the chair that was beside Jared he grabbed a plate and filled it up and placed it in front of me. "Jared, I won't eat all that" I exclaimed. "I'll eat what you don't eat, oh this is Sam, and you know Paul and Embry" Paul and Embry? What? They had changed so much, they were huge muscly men now. I took a deep breath and said a short hello after Jared introduced me to them all. I had a funny feeling that I was getting into a lot more than just a new group of friends.

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