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I sighed heavily as I sunk into the worn front seat of the huge ancient truck and tried to think about what had happened today. Was I still dreaming? Was there still alcohol in my system? I pinched my upper arm again as Jared hopped easily in to the driver's seat of the rusty old truck that him and
Paul shared. "So are you happy you came?" He asked while smiling, he had been in a great mood all day which made me smile it was nice to see him happy after seeing him looking terrible this morning.

"I think so..." I said while thinking of how the day went in Sam and Emily's, we had a barbeque and I had lazed around with Emily in the sun while the boys played football fooled around. It was a good day, very cosy, everybody was so close and friendly. I feel like I've known them forever after just a few hours with them.

"You think?" He asked with lines in his forehead from frowning at me.

"Well yeah. Like I don't understand why you are talking to me." I mumbled looking down at my hands on my knees.

"I told you Kim, I just want to get to know you, please believe me Kim" He sighed in an exasperated tone.

"Okay" what else could I say to him. No Jared I don't want you to try get to know me, I've been dreaming about this day for years and still I don't want you to talk to me. He dropped it and just began a game of 'you ask me a question, I ask you a question' I learnt loads about him like his favourite colour is green, he was born on the 17th of July, his dad was a lawyer so was his mom, he had no brothers or sisters, Paul Lahote was his best friend, he loved to play football, he likes to do dangerous things like cliff diving, I almost choked when he said that.

I sighed as we pulled up to my dull house and the calm fun conversation ended. Dad had painted the wooden walls an ice blue last summer because my 'demanding mother' as he called her at the time wanted a change.

Tonight I was going to have to stay in the house by myself because Keela was at home tonight. I hated staying here myself I don't know why but I've just always hated it.

"Do you think we could see each other again Kim?" Jared asked quietly, I looked up at him and he just stared into my eyes. Should I? Just go for it Kim. The voice inside my head whispered.

"Are you busy tonight?" I blurted out before I had a chance to even think about it. His eyes lit up and a huge smile broke out on his face after he realised what I had said.

"No I'm not. Why what did you want to do?" he rushed.

"We could just watch a movie or something if you wanted, you don't have to though"

"I want to. Do you have films or do you want to go get some from my house?" he asked brightly, I didn't have any good movies except for chick flicks why did you suggest a film Kim I screamed at myself

"I don't really have that many DVDs" I said as I felt my checks heat up. He laughed

"No need to blush Kimsy, we'll just grab some of mine" I blushed even worse at the new nickname that he used. Would his parents be there? Would he invite me in? Shut up Kim, you silly girl. The internal me is a real bitch sometimes. Only when your being stupid lovey.

I noticed that Jared kept glancing at me every few seconds during the short journey, there was a silence in the truck but it wasn't an awkward silence it was a nice, warm, peaceful silence. Jared made me feel safe all whenever I was with him.

We pulled up to the small cosy looking house and Jared hopped out and ran around the front of the truck to open my door for me I looked up at the house to see that there were lights on all over. Oh no, his parents.

"I won't come in if you don't want me to" I mumbled to him

He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the truck "Kim, stop doubting yourself" He said as he bounded up the porch steps and through the door "I'm home" he yelled as he shut the door.

"Hello honey how was pat..." "I have a friend with me" he shouted up the hall quickly and cut off the beautiful, feminine voice that was talking. A friend. He called me his friend. I danced internally as we walked into the sitting room where a beautiful middle-aged woman hopped up off the couch and came over to greet us.

"Mom, dad this is Kim." He said almost proudly as he wrapped his arm around my waist, he mother looked at him with a questioning look and he just nodded slightly at her. With this she bounded forward and grabbed me up into a warm hug.

"Kim, this is my mother Melissa and my father Robert" Jared said looking in around his moms shoulder to see my face that had been buried by her shoulder. I looked up at the beautiful woman who was standing in front me as she pulled away and then I looked towards the tall man, who was about the same height as Jared. Jared had the same brown eyes as his father but the same nose and shape of face as his mom, he really was well mixed at where he got his looks but the height definitely came from his father because this mother was the same height as me.

"Oh, no you can call me Mel Kim, everybody does. It's lovely to meet you dear." She said with the hugest smile on her face. He's letting you meet his parents Kim, he called you his friend and his mom likes you! This day could not get any better than it was already. I was literally on a complete high from what was going on around me.

"Pleasure to meet you Kim" Jared's dad said in an authoritive tone. I raised my hand to meet his outstretched hand and shook it while smiling.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both" I said smiling, trying my best not to jump up and down like a 13 year old girl and squeal. I looked at Jared and he had his head held high with a goofy smile on his face.

"Mom, Dad, I'm going to go over to Kim's to watch some films tonight." Jared said as he ushered me over toward the large TV hanging on the wall, he bent down and grabbed the whole top row of DVDs and then asked if I wanted any others. "Nah, I think that'll be enough" I said while I laughed at the amount of DVDs in Jared's arms. "Were going" Jared shouted to his parents who had moved to the kitchen.

"Okay honey. Make sure and phone and let me know where you are. Okay?" His mom said as she walked back into the room. "See you later son. No messing about tonight Jared." His father looked at him sternly. "In other words, be safe." His mom said, I blushed and put my head down. "Enough" Jared shouted as he rushed towards the door. Mel rushed over and grabbed me in another tight hug "You'll come back soon won't you Kim?"

"Yeah Mom, she will." Good job Jared answered for me because I didn't know what to say to her. Would I be back soon? We walked out the front door and in to his truck it was only a few minutes before we were pulling back into my drive way. He cut off the engine hopped out and ran around to my side of the truck and opened my door, he was such a gentleman. We walked up into the cold dark house, I switched on the lights as we walked through the house, Jared opened all my presses before finding where all the sweets and goodies were, he grabbed the popcorn I think while I went to get the things to light the fire, I walked into the sitting room and lit it up, I smiled as the flames blazed and the room grew warmer.

I also smiled when I turned around and seen all the food out on the table with the DVDs piled by the TV. "Kim" Jared called giving me a fright "where are the blankets?" I walked out and got them from under the stairs, I laughed when I see Jared just standing inside the front door looking confused. His smile appeared and his eyes lit up almost instantly after I laughed, he walked over and grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.

"Jared. I told you not to do it again" I said as sternly as I could without letting him know I was laughing internally.

"I'm so sorry sweetheart, but it's funny when you get mad." He said smiling as he placed me down onto the sofa, he sat down beside me and the movie began, it was My best friend's girl. I loved this film it was hilarious. I laughed with Jared throughout the films as they continued and I slowly felt myself closer to Jared throughout them all. I was lying on Jared's shoulder and the last thing I though was I'm falling for Jared even more than before.

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