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The Magical World is filled with many wondrous things, peculiar things and especially rare things. The last category seemed to belong to solely one Harry James Potter. You might ask why and the answer is simple anything and everything that is rare or impossible happens to him. For instance surviving the killing curse is one example of many. As it were another rare experience was about to occur to him and his mate...

'So very hot!' A delirious Harry mumbled tossing and turning on his bed at the Leaky Cauldron. He was staying at the Leaky Cauldron as multiple things happened back at the Dursleys as well several truths were revealed before Harry had left Hogwarts for summer vacation. Mainly that Dumbledore has lied concerning important information to Harry. Harry was just thankful that Voldemort hadn't tried anything his 6th year. He was able to learn and study things he needed for the war that the miserable old goat refused to do.

Sweating profusely, Harry tried to cast a cooling charm only to have to backfire making his body hotter. Inside his mind he was standing on the edge of a volcano watching the magma sputtered and pop as it was boiling towards the top. Harry could only watch feeling his skin on fire until it cooled and the volcano settled. Frowning he glanced up to see a beautiful male standing opposite of him staring at him with the bluest eyes like ice. His hair was blonde with blue streaks running through it. Harry couldn't tell how tall he was due to the distance but he tell that the beautiful male was fey like as he seemed to move gracefully as he walked the edge of the volcano towards him. Harry was struck by etherealness the closer the male came. The male was a few inches shorter then himself with a snowflakes and raindrops swirling on his left arm.

"Uri" the ethereal male whispered and Harry couldn't help but feel the coolness emanating from the male as it kissed his fevered skin.

"Nereus," Harry breathed out as if the name deserved the utmost reverence.

Across the ocean in a Salem Magical Institute dorm, a young man by the name of Cole was shivering with blankets piled high. Teeth chattering, goose bumps everywhere Cole thought why can't I get warm?

With in his mind he was sitting frozen in the tundra watching the snow flurry past him when he detected someone walk towards him unaffected by the cold. In fact the snow was melting around him and the closer he came the warmer he became. His shivers lessened and his goose bumps receded. He was able to distinguish the male's features. He was tall and broad shoulder. He could see that the male was strong and moved with a purpose. He could see that he had spiked black hair with red and orange tips with a black flame tattoo that wrapped around his left wrist up his shoulder.

The well built man stopped just a few feet from Cole. He could feel the heat the man radiated as it warmed his frozen skin to a comfortable temperature protecting him from the cold and said reverently, "Nereus."

Cole stared at the fiery man before answering softly, "Uri."

When Harry woke up once more, he was feeling cool and comfortable with a blond beauty's name on his mind. Confused about the fact he was dreaming of cool blond and why he was dreaming about a volcano, Harry figured he should write to his father about this. As Harry sat up and went to write to his father, he felt less burden and freer. His magic felt alive, regenerated. He felt happy.

Dear Father,

I am staying at the Leaky Cauldron as some things happened at my previous living place. Something interesting happened last night. I dreamt of a volcano and fire. Before it could erupt though, a blond male showed up and calmed the volcano and myself. He was beautiful Father. As I woke up this morning, my head felt clearer and I actually feel happy and unburden. What does this mean?


Your Son

Sending the letter off with Hedwig, Harry went to the bathroom to clean up for the day as he needed to visit Gringotts for some business in dealing with a certain Headmaster.

Stepping out of the shower, Harry stopped to stare at his reflection. He was tall standing at 6'2" with a lean form. His hair was short and he wore it spiked. It was during his fourth year he had tired of his unruly hair and decided to cut it short rather than dealing with it. He didn't want to think what he would have looked like if his father had recognized the mal-nourishment signs and had taken him aside and questioned about his home life that first year. Harry had been all set to claim everything was peachy, but his father hadn't allowed that and tried to talk to the headmaster about getting him removed. When that backfired, his father took precautionary moves and loaded him up with nutrient potions for the summer as well as healing potions just in case. As well a letter informing the Dursleys what should happen if this continued.

As he pulled on his cargo shorts and a t-shirt, Harry sat on the bed thinking about the male in his dreams. All he could really remember was that he soothed Harry in a way that no one else could and that he had blue and blond hair with snowflakes littering his arm and the name Nereus. Standing to leave his room, Hedwig returned with a letter. Taking the letter and giving her an owl treat, Harry opened the letter and read.

Dear Son,

I will address the male appearing in your dreams first, seeing as I have a feeling that is occupying your mind more. It would mean that you have been shown your mate. I do not know if his appearance in your dream was his perceived appearance or his real appearance. Meaning what he shows the world or what he would only show you.

Second your dream about fire is interesting. There are several things that factor into this. One being that you could be an elemental with fire as your element. Two being that you have accepted yourself. The fire was cleaning your subconscious of your doubt and insecurities as well as breaking anything that was holding your true potential back.

I will not pretend to know, but the goblins should be able to help you.

Also when you return for school your birthday present will be given to you. So Happy 17th Birthday my son!


Your Father

Smiling at his father's letter, Harry belatedly realized it was indeed his birthday. Perhaps his brothers could join him for a Birthday dinner at a restaurant.

Cole woke feeling warm and protected. He tried to recall his dream last night but all he could remember was the snow and dark haired inferno. Cole smirked thinking about the male, he was definitely what his peers would call a hottie. His expression quickly changed from a smirk to a frown as he thought about the snow. He has always loved the snow, but to dream of it? He hasn't done that before. Getting up from his bed, Cole changed from his night clothes to tan khakis and a light blue button up shirt, rolling the sleeves up. He had a meeting with his headmistress at ten for his schooling next year, since he had signed up for "Abroad Learning Program." It was his senior year and he wanted to see another place before he was stuck doing some dead end job.

Quickly making his way towards the headmistress's office, Cole knocked on the door before entering and seeing Ms. Williamson shuffling some papers.

"Ah, Cole, Good Morning and Happy Birthday! Seventeen correct?" Ms. Williamson asked with a smile. Cole was one of her favorite pupils even if he was cold to some people. He showed great potential, even if his parents couldn't see it. It's one of the main reasons why she let him and a few other stay during the holidays.

"Yes Ma'am," Cole answered with a smile. It was the first birthday greeting he has received all morning. Granted she was the first person he saw.

"So, you are going abroad this school year. I will miss you but I wouldn't deny you the chance to see some of the world. You will be going to Hogwarts in Scotland. The Headmaster there is Albus Dumbledore," Ms. Williamson explained.

"What about that Dark Lord?" Cole questioned, he wasn't particularly thrilled to be going to Hogwarts but at least it was overseas.

"No one knows, but its been quiet. Also Hogwarts is supposed to be quite safe," Ms. William said confidently even though she herself was quite worried about it as well.

"You should be getting your letter any day now with all the information you need. Do you have any questions?" She asked.

"No ma'am, but I was wondering if you were any good at dream analysis?" Cole asked looking pensive.

"Somewhat. Is there a dream that has been plaguing you?" she questioned.

"I had a dream last night about snow and being frozen when a male approached and warmed the area. The snow was melting around him before it even touched," Cole explained.

"Hmmm, I know that snow can represent frozen emotions or purification. It could also mean a clean start. There is the old wives tale about something about marriage. Or you could become an elemental and the dream was starting point. As for the male, it would depend on what you felt from him. I would bet it would mean he was your soul-mate. He may also be an elemental, most likely a fire one. Does that answer your question?" Ms. Williamson asked with smile. If Cole was an elemental she prayed that his mate would bring him out of his shell and reverse the lack of caring his parents inflicted upon him.

"Yes, thank you. I'll see you before I leave Ms. Williamson," Cole answered his mind rapidly thinking of anything he knew about elementals.

"You do that," Ms. William replied as Cole left her office with a slight frown. Hopefully this next school year won't be so dull for him.

September 1 – Hogwart's Express

Cole was walking back to his compartment from the bathroom when someone slammed into him, knocking him flatly to the floor with the oaf on top of him. Sighing when the person groaned and lifted his head, Cole was struck by the enchanting emerald eyes and pitch black hair.

"Sorry about that," the man said looking down at him with an apologetic smile.

"It's fine, don't do it again," Cole responded coolly defaulting to his mask, even if the man made his breath hitch.

"Right, well I feel bad. How about I buy something from the trolley as an apology?" the man questioned, as he went to get up and offered his hand.

Cole hesitated a moment before grasping a very warm hand and was surprised that the man's palm wasn't sweaty, "Don't worry about it."

"I insist, I rarely knock down people since I'm decent at dodging so I feel horrible. At least some chocolate and butterbeer?" the man pleaded with a puppy dog expression.

Cole could read the sincerity in the man's voice and posture and reluctantly agreed which earned him a fist pump and a promise of a quick return. Cole watched the tall spiked hair man take off for the trolly and casually lean against the wall waiting for him to return. Since he didn't ask where Cole was seated and Cole for a strange reason didn't want to disappear from where the man left him. Cole contributed to the fact that he really wouldn't mind a cool butterbeer, especially after having such a hot body heat near his person. It had felt warm and left him feeling protected. It was a feeling he wasn't familiar with and needed something to bring him back down to his new normal cooler temperature.

Not even a few minutes later he saw the man that had knocked him over, rushing back with a box of things. He was worried when a younger student suddenly stepped in his way; Cole went to move only to see the man gracefully dodge the student. When the man made his way back to Cole not even out of breath, he gestured for Cole to lead the way to his compartment. Cole smirked and led the way a few doors down.

Once they were settled across from each other when the man started unloading the box filled with chocolate and butterbeer.

Cole arched an eyebrow and asked, "So, do you always purchase this much for a person you knock down, Mr. Nameless?"

Cole watched as the man paused before smiling sheepishly, "Ah, sorry about that. I'm Harry Potter and no not normally."

"So I'm the exception?" Cole asked with a slight tease. There was something about being around this man that had him lowering his guard. The man's presence was warm and comforting.

"Pretty much, I take it you are the new student Cole?" Harry asked after handing Cole a cold butterbeer.

"I am. How did you know?" Cole questioned with a hint of ice.

"I'm the Head Boy this year. It's my duty to make sure you are well taken care of and also you don't look to be a first year and I know everyone else," Harry answered with a shrug. It was true, over the last couple of years, Harry had become popular with the younger students. He could often be found holding study groups in the Great Hall after dinner with the first and second years on Mondays and third and fourth years on Tuesdays. It has only become recently, as in last year, that the fifth and sixths took up his Wednesday nights. It had started out with just the Gryffindors, then the Gryffs and the Puffs, the Ravens became interested and joined and finally by the Easter Holidays the Snakes had joined. In fact Draco even became a Co-Study Leader and was his best friend after the betrayal of his former friends during fourth year.

"Yeah and Daphne Greengrass is the Head Girl. Sweet girl once you get past the Ice Queen persona. So how have you enjoyed being across seas? Homesickness yet?" Harry asked with happy smile. There was just something about Cole that relaxed him.

"No homesickness and I doubt I will and it's been fun," Cole answered with a shrug and the two made idle chitchat for a little bit before Harry needed to get going.

"Right well, if you need anything, let me know. I need to go find my best friends before they send the rock and troll," Harry said with an eyeroll. Honestly just because he can be an utter Slytherin doesn't mean he needs the protection of those two idiots.

Cole frowned a little, he had been enjoying Harry's presence and didn't want him to leave.

"Unless you want to come with me?" Harry asked when he saw the frown, he saw Cole about to protest and made up his mind shrinking the goodies, Harry grabbed Cole's hand never noticing the freezing appendage as he pulled the protesting male out of the compartment and headed for where he knew his friends would be.

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