"Draco! Calm down, you know Harry is alright or the train would have been rattling," Daphne snapped in irritation. Seriously, she knew Draco and Harry were good friends along with Blaise and herself and that Draco was their biggest worrywart, but just because their friend hasn't shown up yet doesn't mean that he is in troub- er…maybe Draco was right to worry after all the weasel and his worm were on the train as well.

"Maybe we should send Crabbe and Goyle, just in case. Those disgraces could have cornered him somewhere," Draco replied standing.

"You know our hidden snake can take care of himself, so just relax," Blaise stated from his reclining position near the window, eyes close, the epitome of laziness.

"Well, excuse me for worrying about him," Draco growled wrenching the compartment door open only to walk straight into the person he was worrying about. Draco and Harry went sprawling to the floor as Cole sidestepped the catastrophe.

"Bloody hell, that is the second time, I've been knocked down!" Harry complained loudly as he rubbed his forehead from where Draco head butted him, sometimes it really sucks to be the same height as your best friend.

"Harry, you bloody pounce! Where the hell were you? You had us all worried!" Draco shouted as he fisted Harry's shirt in both hands raising Harry's upper torso off the ground.

"Gah! Draco, stop! You're ruining my shirt!" Harry yelled back, fighting to get his shirt free. It was his favorite shirt, after he told his dad about his dream, his dad found a white button-up shirt with slightly silvery flames stitched into the fabric.

"Who cares about a shirt when I was envisioning you being molested by that red-headed twit!"

"Dude, it has flames and Dad bought it for me!"

"Care more about your person than your clothes!" Draco continued to yell, shaking Harry to emphasize his point.

"That's rich coming from you! All tailor made clothes!" Harry shouted and had by this time had gotten a hand full of Draco's shirt as well.

Daphne rolled her eyes, the moment she had seen the two friends crash she had placed wards and spells, ensuring their privacy, but seriously enough is enough, especially when they get into these little roes.

"Hey princesses! Get in the compartment before I kick your asses," Daphne threatened with a chilly tone.

The reaction was immediate as the two boys, immediately broke apart and scrambled into the seats, before Harry remembered Cole.

"Oh right! Cole," Harry was back up grabbing Cole's hand pulling him into the compartment much to the confusion of his three friends.

"Cole these are my friends Draco Malfoy the pounce who crashed into me, Blaise Zabini the lazy sod and Daphne Greengrass the most beautiful lady in the world," Harry introduced his friends ignoring Draco's indignant shout and Blaise's lackadaisical grin.

"The world Mr. Potter?" Daphne asked with her eyebrow arched.

"I meant the Universe milady," Harry corrected with a smile, "And this is Cole Silverman."

All three Slytherin's arched their brows as they looked over the newcomer, not missing that their hidden snake had yet to let go of this 'Cole's' hand. They were pleasantly surprised when the newcomer met their stares with an ice cold expression daring them to find him lacking.

Blaise was the first to speak saying, "Well maybe Cole will be able to calm the hyper snake down. Now it is time for my mid-train ride nap seeing as Harry is safe," the last bit aimed towards Draco who was stilling scrutinizing the other blond male.

Daphne pursed her lips before flipping her hair saying, "As long as you don't betray Harry or us, besides I believe Harry and I are supposed to show you around and the such."

Draco got right up into Cole's face saying, "You have one chance. Not two or three, but one. I don't like you as of yet but seeing as Harry has claimed you as a friend I will be civil. Don't disappoint or I will make your life hell."

Before Cole could even respond to the threat, Harry was laughing and pulled Draco into a side hug crushing him into Harry's arm pit shouting, "AH! DRAY! YOU DO LOVE ME!"

"Salazar…Harry! I told…you," Draco gasped as he fought Harry tenacious hold, "Not…to do that! Gah," Merlin the boy was strong, "Leggo!"

Blaise was snickering even if he was supposed to be napping and Daphne was fighting a losing battle to not smile and laugh while Cole was watching with amusement marring his features as he fought back a fit of jealously, not knowing where it came from.

A little while later after Draco and Harry had settled down the four friends and the newcomer were relaxing in the compartment snacking on the goodies that Harry purchased before telling Cole about Hogwarts, its wonders and dunders, when Daphne delicately inquired about Harry's mate issue.

"Every year we've had a different Defense Teacher and only Lupin, the Fake Moody, Uncle Lucius have been decent and we actually learn something. Is he teaching again this year Draco?" Harry asked from his position on the floor. The four friends had been used to each having their own corner and space so with Cole added into the mixture, Harry opted for sitting against the Window allowing Cole to have his usual spot by the window, opposite of Blaise.

"I believe so, although Father hasn't said as much but his," Draco paused for a moment before continuing, "defense books have been laying around," Draco answered with a shrug.

The other three caught the hidden meaning as well as Cole.

Cole had been listening to their conservations and soaking up the heat radiating from Harry as they told him about their castle that has hidden passage ways that apparently only Harry and his three friends knew about, about the moving staircases and the Forbidden Forest equally impressed about their knowledge of their school as well as tame adventures they told. He knew that they were using discretion around him as he was intruding in their 'catch up' time, so he was shocked when Daphne asked had asked a personal question in front of him.

"Harry have found out in more information discerning your … dream?" Daphne asks delicately as she uncrosses her leg only to recross them at a different angle.

Cole lifted an eyebrow inquiring as he looked from Daphne to Harry who shrugged and said, "The most I can figure out is that I'll be getting a clean break and that some cute guy is gonna steal my breath away," ending with a wink towards Cole.

Cole for the first time felt a hint of blush creep to his cheeks and was thankful for when Draco turned Harry's attention to him as they talked about the clean break meaning that he could finally lose the annoying traitors. As curious as he was about the rising jealously and the traitors, Cole felt Daphne's eyes on him. They stared at one another for quite some time, before something shifted and a hidden knowledge gleamed in Daphne's eyes.

He resisted the urge to gulp as the female smirked and announced, "I'm going to go introduce Mr. Silverman to the perfects so he knows who to bother if we are not around."

Cole was surprised when Harry went from bubbly and talking about what a fraud Trelwany? was, whoever that was, to what he would describe as a frozen flame. He could see the fire of anger that hidden beneath an icy mask as he questioned, "Only the Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff prefects correct?"

"Of course Harry," Daphne answered demurely with lowered lashes.

Cole with rapt attention at the different dynamics as all three Slytherins seemed cowed by this cold Harry Potter. Then with just as fast as the frozen flame appeared it disappear once more the a warm bubbly chattering Harry Potter as he wished him luck on meeting new people as he turned back to his discussion with Draco.

"Lets go meet the other prefects and leave Harry and Draco to their gossip," Daphne joked pulling Cole's arm.

Cole was reluctant to leave the warmth that he seemed to soak in from Harry but the heat in Harry's eyes and the hidden jealously was enough to let Cole know that Harry was only interested in him and followed the tugging of his arm turning back only to gift Harry with a small upturn of his lips as he disappeared.

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