Author's Notes: Written for Inkfire's "Politics" challenge on xoxLewrahxox's Bellatrix Lestrange forum.

The challenge theme for the next two weeks is to be: Politics! I thus want you to write a 100-word, 500-word or 1000-word fic featuring a character being involved in politics, judging them, discussing them – anything you'd like, as long as politics is an important theme in your story. I am mostly thinking of wizarding politics and the Ministry of Magic, but if you want to mention Muggle or foreign politics instead, that's fine as well.

And dedicated in whole to Expecting Rain, who was the one who suggested that I should write this (and therefore can take one hundred percent of the blame).


500 words.


Cornelius was in his office, reading and re-reading the Daily Prophet article concerning Dumbledore's escape and wondering where in the name of Merlin he could be, when he heard a soft, familiar, feminine cough from his doorway.


He barely had to glance up to see Dolores, standing in his doorway with her usual all-too-bright little smile on her face. Merlin only knew what she was doing here now – simply trying to disturb him and prevent him from doing any work, he supposed.

"What is it?" he snapped.

Dolores seemed unfazed, and approached him, her smile never so much as faltering or slipping even slightly from her face. He kept one wary eye on her, while still keeping his focus upon the article.

"Minister," she repeated, coming around the desk and looking at him with genuine worry in her eyes, "You are under so much pressure lately. I think… let me…"

"Let you what, Dolores?" Cornelius had little patience left for Dolores's simpering. It had been a difficult week, what with Albus Dumbledore's escape from right under their noses. Dolores should have been at Hogwarts, he thought, frowning at her. It was a wonder the woman got any work done at all when she was always coming down to the Ministry to see him.

Dolores let out a little giggle, then she leaned forward and kissed him.

Cornelius's automatic reaction was to push her away, but he was so stunned that he couldn't quite make his hands work. He had suspected for quite some time that Dolores harboured for him some form of affection beyond that of a dedicated employee for the Minister, but he had never expected her to act on it. He had always thought her too restrained. But no, here she was, kissing him, and…

Her hands went to his shoulders, massaging him, and Cornelius sighed softly, almost involuntarily relaxing. It felt surprisingly pleasant.

He was barely even aware of what was happening as she skilfully flicked his robes undone. Dazed and vaguely confused, he looked on while she undid her skirt and blouse, letting them slip to the floor, and straddled him, pressing flutterly kisses to his jaw while she rocked against him. His body was vaguely aware of the pleasure, but his mind quite absent and he bucked slowly against her. She was far more agile than he had expected and he moaned softly, clutching the arms of his chair while she slid down on him, clutched him and rode him.

Climax hit, and with it came a moment of blissful oblivion. For just a second, nothing existed in Cornelius's world except himself and Dolores on top of him and the chair pressing against his back.

But then it was over, and even as they clung together in the heady aftermath, Dolores still on his lap and her head resting on his shoulder, body trembling from climax, Cornelius could not take his mind off the search for Albus Dumbledore.

It did rather ruin the mood.