vindicated chapter 9

shegra got up and ran from him.

"hey wait! come back!" he called. she dashed down the harbor and through a dark tunnel.

"hey i just want to talk!" he grabbed her by the hand. "hey its ok i won't hurt you."

"its over." she whispered.


"its over dont you get it!" she growled. " we can never go back!"

tsume hugged her tightly. "i know...i know."

"we didnt go to paradise did we?" she asked.

tsume sighed and pulled away so he could see her better.

"no no we didnt."

she looked behind him at kiba who was waiting.

"hey kiba!" she greeted.

"tsume we are leaving to the next town." he murmured. tsume nodded then got up. "yeah sure."

"hey can i come with?" she asked.

kiba grabbed her by the hand and helped her up. "sure."

toby and his pack waited restlessly for them to return. "good their here now we can get going."