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Lenay woke in the dim light of a single candle. She glared at it hatefully in case it might go out and leave her in peace, but it flickered on bravely and with no regard to the pounding headache she was now nursing. Her head hurt so much that she hardly realized there was a figure sitting in a chair by her bed. He was smiling grimly.

His dark hair was plastered to his head with sweat, gritty warpaint was splashed across his face, and his hands looked like they hadn't been washed in ages. His bright yellow eyes stood out sharply in relief to the dark dirt all across him.

"Sorry, Lenay. I'm in a bit of a bind." He said, and Lenay groaned and let her head drop back against the cot she was lying on.

"Damn you, Trenden." She moaned, feeling the sorest spot on her head with a frown. Then a much cleaner, blond man walked into the room, his lips tight with unhappiness. Lenay thought she was going to throttle Trenden.

"You brought me to Wuthnir's house?" she hissed, glaring at her handsome nemesis.

"Trust me, I'd kick you out if Trenden didn't need your assistance." He snapped back, and commenced to lean coolly against the dark wooden door frame.

"About that, Lenay… I'm in serious trouble." Trenden said apprehensively. He was half-elven, with the slanted eyes and pointed ears of an elf, but with the robust frame and a strong face of a human. Whenever he was nervous he would tend to finger his ears until they were red, a strange but lovable habit of his. However, it also made him rather readable. Lenay sighed and sat up, rubbing her head.

"Fine. Fine! What've you done this time?" she asked wearily, hair falling in her eyes.

"Well… you see… I pissed off the Thalmor." He cringed slightly as if she were going to slap him. She certainly felt like slapping him.

"Look, you know you could have got my attention by other means than kidnapping? I've been abducted twice in the last two days. Do you realize how annoying it is? Ugh! Why does everyone think I can't just be called on to listen once and a while?" she rubbed at her eyes angrily, and Wuthnir snickered slightly.

"That was my condition for letting you both stay here," he smirked, a bit infuriatingly.

"Seriously, Trenden, what do you want me to do? I might be able to hide you in the Thieves Guild, but it's a temporary solution." She threw the covers off, overheating, and began working to remove her mangled armor while Trenden considered his options. A few panels had bent inward and now placed uncomfortable pressure on the left side of her ribcage, enough to hinder her movement. She tossed it on the floor and glared at Wuthnir, who was smirking to himself.

"What's so funny?" Lenay hissed suspiciously.

"I'm remembering a few spats. You just reminded me of the one where we'd starting throwing stones at each other, and I somehow threw one down your armor, and you started clanging around whenever you moved." He looked like he was holding in laughter.

"You had a mage friend along with you. He was a sweet kid until you got to him."

"How do you know? Did you kiss him?"

"Oh, gods, you know what I meant. And wouldn't that mean that you had been snogging him?"

"…Alright, you win."

"I'm impressed, Wuthnir. You've matured."

"Like fine wine." He flashed her a grin.

"We'll see about that. Can you shoot?"

"I haven't got your skill."

"Then maybe you have improved." Lenay raised her eyebrows, regarding Wuthnir.

"Do you still look like a praying mantis when you wield a blade?"

"I imagine so, yes," she laughed.

"Well, you're still alive, so you must not be too shabby."

"I hate to interrupt the first civilized conversation you've had in years, but I think you need to smuggle me out of the country." Trenden cut in, his head in his hands. Lenay and Wuthnir stopped to watch him a moment, stunned.

"You're going to leave? You love this country." Wuthnir asked incredulously. Trenden sighed and shrugged dejectedly.

"What else am I going to do? I'll just go where the Aldmeri Dominion doesn't have an influence." He said wearily. Lenay patted him quietly on the shoulder, not protesting. She knew what the Dominion did to its prisoners.

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