A/N from A.C.: This is an AU-High school fic. There are OCs and they belong to my friends and I. Half of this was written by "Bradley". :3

This was pre-written and I'm re-posting it here where it won't get murdered by screwy coding. There will be many pairings including SAxel, Zemyx and XemSai. It will eventually get smutty. I mean... it's high school after all.

Saix rushed down the hallways of the school, running into one of the Seniors. He yelped, "Ah! Xemnas, I am so sorry. I did not mean to-"

A smooth, monotone voice fell gracefully from coffee colored lips, "It's fine." The blue-haired Junior ducked his head and tried to get away as fast as he could. That is, until Xemnas called out to him, "Hey... you know my name, but I don't know yours."

"Err, Saix. Saix Luna."

"Very nice to meet you, Saix."

"A- Ah, yes, and to you, Xemnas." Saix muttered, giving a slight but respectful bow,"Yes, uhm... Well, I must be getting to class... See you later?"

The Senior nodded, "See you later, hopefully, Saix."

The Junior ducked his head and rushed to his next class, arms tight around his books. With only a few seconds to spare, Saix ran through the door of his Home Economics class. The bell rang and Miss Alehyyx clapped her hands,"Great job, Sai! Made it before the bell!"

Saix cracked a smile, "Yeah. Thanks."

"It's great to see you in my class again this year, little buddy!"

He nodded, "The only class I look forward to."

"Aww, you flatter me, Sai!" She glanced at the small class, spotting an empty seat right away, "Oh, you can sit next to that kid over there, okay?"

"... Sure." He walked off to put his books on the table and sit beside the redhead.

"Hey, dude." The boy smiled at Saix,"What'd she say your name was? Sai?"

"... Saix."

"Ah, right, Saix. Well, like the Teach said; the name's Axel. A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?"


Miss Alehyyx clapped her hands together, getting everyone's attention. "Okay, kids! First day of school, eh? Awesome!" A series of groans came from the class. "Oh, c'mon. I know we're all excited, no girls this class either. I bet most of you guys joined this class because 'Oh! Sweet, an easy class and free food? No way!' She rolled her eyes, "No way indeed. This will be the hardest class you guys will ever have. Ever."

Saix let out a low chuckle and Miss Alehyyx laughed, "Oh, C'mon, Sai. Can't ya even let me have one moment and let me scare them?"

He smiled, "Sorry, ma'am."

"It's fine; and don't call me that. It makes me feel old." She grinned and addressed the class, "As you can all tell... I'm not a 'normal'-" Yes, she used air quotes, "-teacher. I don't really care if you talk, okay?"

Axel piped up, "So, 're ya gonna do roll call, Teach?

"Oh, yes. One of the joys of being a teacher. Remembering names... Thank Gaia there's only seven of you. Awesome. Small class. Like you always do, say 'here' if you're here, if you don't say it, I'm markin' ya absent. Now... Saix Luna... Yeah, you're here."

Saix grunted lowly. "Yes, ma'am."

"Don't call me that. Axel Rose?"

"Here, Teach!"

"Zexy Schemer? Hey, I remember you!"

A short boy in the back of the class spoke up, shaking a bit of the silver-blue hair more into his eyes than out of them. "It's Zexion... not 'Zexy'."

"Whatever. Reno Sinclair?"

"Ova here, yo." He looked like Axel but with longer hair and different tattoos. He had biker goggles on his head, over his eyes.

"Great.. Uhm... Demyx Sanders?"

"Here!" Called a tall boy with a blond mullet-mohawk and striking blue eyes.

"Mmkay... Luxord Lavache?"

"'lo, mate..." This one was another tall boy, with short platinum blond hair, earrings and a goatee.

Miss Alehyyx almost squealed, "Heheh... Awesome, British." She looked down at her papers and hummed, "Well that's everyone except a mister Xemnas Heart. Anyone see him in the halls?"

Saix meeped, "Uhm... Yes... I saw him in the hallway."

"Alright, he's probably late."

Right as she finished her sentence, Xemnas busted through the door;"Sorry, Miss. Coach Tennson wanted to see me."

She gave Xemnas a 'kind of' death glare and said, "Take your seat, you're late. I'll have to get onto Pheo about when he takes time away from my class to annoy my students."

Then without warning she slammed a book down on the table. Then she smiled. ""Okay Mister Heart, all is forgiven, just don't let it happen again."

Saix looked around the class, then he turned to Axel. "Hey Axel," he said, "D- Do you know anything about cooking?"

Axel replied, "Of course, I can get anything the right temperature, though I always end up burning everything."

"AHEM, Sai-Sai, why are you talking in class without my permission?" Miss Alehhyx was grinning ear to ear.

The whole class started laughing and Saix bowed his head in embarrassment. "Sorry ma'am it will not happen again, I will ask from now on."

"Sai! I'm just kidding!"

After that class Saix quickly ran to his locker. He got his books and prepared for History Class. He hoped it wasn't boring and he had heard that it was a tough class. Saix scooted into the class as a few heartless scurried into their seats. Xemnas sat down in the seat next to Saix. Very nervous now, Saix started copying notes off the board.

He started to wonder where the teacher was. Then, a large fellow wearing oddly eccentric clothes wandered in. He was mumbling something about having to teach so many classes and not ever getting a break. "Good Morning Class, I'm going to teach you about all of the facts for your existence. If you need tutoring, head over to the memory area with the proper cards and I'm sure you'll remember something."

Xemnas chirped up, "Hey Coach!"

Bradley waved him off, "Yeah, hey Xemnas, already had to deal with Alehhyx cause of you not getting to class, it was such a pain. Sometimes I'm afraid she'll get Miss Reynolds to come in and beat me in the head with one of her big books."

Coach Tennson turned around and quickly counted and made sure everyone was in class.

"Mr. Natchfalx, the office wanted me to tell you that your application along with Mr. Dreemada's have both been approved for apprenticeship in the agricultural department. Or in other words, you both get to work in the gardens and take care of the animals."

Two boys, one with pink hair the other with black stood up and smiled at each other.

Saix looked, and at first didn't recognize them.

"Thanks Mr. Tennson." They said in unison.

After an hour, everybody was done with the coach's class. They got up to leave and Saix felt awkward after sitting next to Xemnas the whole period without saying anything to him.

"Listen up, everybody who has alchemy with Professor Harkon next, be sure you have your proper supplies!"

Saix ignored that comment because he knew he had gym next. On his way out he noticed Bradley walk over to his desk and look at a picture of him and another teacher. It was his wife, Emily. Saix was glad he didn't have her class. He had always heard it was a tough class, but the teacher was nice.

Saix was walking toward the cafeteria. He looked around cautiously as to not bump into anybody else. As Saix approached the line he was picked up by Riku and moved aside. The young blunette became infuriated, but then the Principal, Daxam, walked up and began to yell at Riku and made him go to the end of the line. Daxam hated Bullying. He would never let it get into the school. As Saix looked for a seat he looked over into a group of familiar friends. Axel was with a Sophomore named Roxas, Marluxia was with Ladex, Demyx and another boy, a friend of Saix's named Zexion, who was always reading and had an odd shade of hair were sitting next to a girl with an iPod in her ears, named Kaxtriana. Saix had never met her, but he heard she was sweet, but when she got angry or somebody mentioned her favorite comedians, she went crazy. Saix took a seat near Xemnas who sat at the head of the table.

He decided it would be a great school year.