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The blunette Junior spent the next morning searching for Nero in the halls, but by lunch he had not seen him at all. Sitting down among his group of friends, the gang that the rest of the school called "The Nobodies", Saix looked around the cafeteria for the raven-haired Senior.

Zexion studied his friend with calculating blue eyes, "Saix? What's wrong?"

The older of the two snapped out of his thoughts and shook his head once his friend's voice reached his ears. "It is Nero... I have not seen him all day. Have you?"

"No, I haven't. Why don't you just go and ask Weiss where he is?" The younger teen said sarcastically.

Saix smiled, "That is a great idea, Zex."

"What? I was joking!" The slate-haired boy watched his friend stand up and make his way across the cafeteria to the Tsviet's table. He sighed and mumbled to himself, "Saix, you're so stupid..."

Azul lifted his head, his pointed ears twitching as he heard footsteps coming close to their table, "Saix is coming over here, Weiss."

The younger O'Conner brother looked at Saix as he walked over, narrowing grey eyes, "What in Gaia's name do you want?"

"Relax, I only want to know where Nero is."

"He's at home." Weiss muttered, turning and he continued to poke at the mystery meat on his tray with the plastic fork in his hand.

"Is he alright?"

"Oh, yeah, he's just peachy."

"Weiss, honestly. Tell me how he is."

"He came home late." Weiss put down his plastic fork and took a sip from a water bottle on his tray, "Father did not take his coming home late very lightly."

"What happened?"

Weiss sighed, "If Brother told you what I think he did, I think you could guess."

"You mean... your Father b-"

Weiss quickly held up a hand to silence Saix, "Silence. If you wish to see my Brother, you may visit him after school. I'll bring you, if you'd like. Nero seems to be taking a liking to you, as shocking as that is."

The blunette arched a brow, "He is? I thought he just liked to beat on me."

Weiss shrugged, "I think you may be the closest thing to a friend that he's got. He admires you, actually. He admires how no matter how hard he beats you, you don't squeal, you just suck it up and move on."

"The only friend he has? What about Azul, Rosso, and Shelke..?"

"They are more like family to the two of us."

"Hn... okay..."

Weiss stood up, towering over Saix by nearly a head, he looked down on the Junior and smiled kindly, "Meet me outside the front doors once school lets out and I'll bring you to see Nero."

The blunette nodded, "Thank you, Weiss."

Saix turned and walked back to his table, missing the dry chuckle behind him.

Back at the "Nobodies'" table, Zexion looked up from his book to arch a brow at his friend, "What happened? Are you alright?"

The Junior sat down and nodded, "I am fine, Zexion... I will be going to see Nero this afternoon."

Axel, being the eavesdropper that he is, popped into the conversation, "What? Are you crazy?"

Saix shrugged, "Well, yes, I am but I do not see what that has to do with what we are talking about."

Zexion sighed and shook his head, making more of the slate blue hair go in front of his eyes, "You can't go see him, he's your enemy, Saix."

"No, Weiss said that Nero sees me as a friend now."

Zexion stood up from his seat and slammed his hands down on the table, palms down, causing some other tables to turn and look at him. The small Junior hissed through clenched teeth, "You cannot be that ignorant and stupid!"

Saix crossed his arms over his chest, neither raising nor lowering his voice, "Calm down, Zex. You are acting like an overprotective mother."

The younger of the two took a few deep breaths, sat down and hid behind his hair, "I apologize, Saix. That was uncalled for..."

"I can take care of myself, Zexion."

"I know... Just be careful, okay?"

"You know that I cannot make any promises."

. . . . .

Saix raced out of his classroom once the final bell rang and he darted to his locker. Quickly, the teen opened his locker and threw his books inside; he snatched his backpack and slung it over one shoulder. Slamming his locker shut the blunette darted down the hall toward the front doors.

He slid to a stop when he saw Weiss leaning against a tree, a lit cigarette between two of his fingers.

Walking over to him, Saix muttered, "You know those can kill you, right?"

Weiss chuckled dryly, "Like I care..."

"When are we leaving?"

"Right now." The elder teen took one last drag from his cancer stick and put it out on the bark of the tree. Weiss nodded toward the direction they were going in and he started walking. "We'll take the shortcut through the woods."

Walking beside him, Saix nodded, "Alright."

"Oh, just a warning, say that you are a friend of mine if you meet my father, and that you came home with me to study for a big test in History. Okay?"

"Err... yeah... Okay..."

"I just don't think Father would like any friends of Nero's, so you have to pretend, okay?"

"Oh, alright." He nodded, "I get it."

Walking through the woods, Saix followed behind Weiss as he jumped over fallen logs and ducked under branches. Weiss pointed to a solitary white building that was in the middle of a clearing in the woods, "That's home."

"You live in the middle of a forest?"

Walking toward the house the elder teen nodded, "Yeah, we O'Conners like our privacy."

"Well... That makes sense."

Weiss opened the door, "Come on, Saix."

The blunette stepped inside the house and looked around. "You have a nice home."

"Thanks." Weiss said, locking the door after they entered.

Saix walked over to a photo hanging on the wall among others in the hallway. In the photograph it showed a younger Weiss, a younger Omega and a beautiful looking woman. Pointing to the picture, Saix asked, "Is this your mother?"

"Yeah. That's her, her name was Lucrecia." Weiss stood next to the blunette and looked at the picture.

Looking over all of the photos, Saix turned to look at Weiss, "There is not a single one of your brother."

"Yeah... I know.."

"So, where is he?"

Weiss started walking down the small hallway, "Please, follow me."

Saix walked behind him, watching as the elder boy looked into each room before passing it by. Leading him down another hall with a solitary door at the end, Weiss stopped. He opened the door and flicked on the lights, showing stairs leading down. "After you, Saix."

Carefully, the blunette walked down the old stairs, Weiss following. "He lives down here?"

Weiss nodded, moving to walk in front of the Junior. "Nero? Are you here, Brother?"

A cough sounded out in the near empty room, followed by a soft voice, "G- Go away..."

Weiss started to walk toward the voice, "Brother, it's me. I brought someone to see you..."

The voice's tone wavered, "You brought Father didn't you..? You've finally turned on me, Weiss... I knew it.."

The two Juniors followed the Senior's voice until they saw him. Nero was curled up on a dirty mattress that was resting on the floor, nothing supporting it. The dark teen was only wearing a pair of black boxers, he kept his back to the two that had started talking to him. Saix couldn't help but gasp at what looked like whipping marks on the boy's back. The pale skin was nearly all black and blue.

Weiss shook his head and crouched beside his brother's mattress, "No, no. It's Saix. He wanted to be sure you were okay."

Tensing up, Nero spat out, "Saix? You brought the dog? He doesn't care. No one cares!" He hugged himself, hands clutching at his own arms as he tried to curl up even more.

The blunette stepped forward, "Nero, I want to help you."

The raven-haired teen sat up and kept his head down, no doubt hiding more wounds, "How can you help me?"

"You can come with me. Come live at my house. My Mother will not mind, she will take good care of you, I promise."

"Live... with you..?"

Weiss smiled, "Go for it, Brother. You would be safe."

"... I..."

Weiss looked into Nero's eyes, grey orbs meeting beautiful crimson, "Brother, you are eighteen. You are free to leave."

"I am..?"

"Yes. You are."

The two brothers shared a hug and Nero looked over to Saix over his sibling's shoulder,, "I think... I'll take you up on that offer, Saix. Thank you. I won't hurt you anymore, I promise, I won't."

"I believe you, Nero. Let's get going, now, Mother will get worried."