A Love Story

Chapter 1

The scene is a beutiful spring day in the Golden Pond.

The birds are chirping and the flowers are bluming.

Norbert and Daggett are in the kitchen looking through the mail that had just arrived minutes ago. Most of it is junk mail and Norbert is just tossing it a side.

"Hmm.. junk, junk junk..." Norbert trailed on.

But one post card got his attetion that caused him to scratch his head in confusement.

"Thats odd." He said.

"Eh.. whats odd?" Daggett asked looking over his shoulder.

Norbert pushed his brother off of him and looked at the post card again.

"This post card. All it says is ready or not. But there is no name no address." Norbert said.

"Ooh, that is odd."

"Yeah and you would know." Norbert laughed.

Daggett just looked at his brother confused as always. Norbert just tossed it a side and looked at the clock with a grin and a sigh.

"Well Dag a ling ding dong. I would love to stick around but I have to go meet up with my love of my life Treeflower tonight. So dont wait up." Norbert said as he walked out.

Daggett just gagged when he heard that. He did not care for her at all. Mostly because how she treated Norb over the years but also shes just a spooty girl. He just stormed up to his room and slammed the door behind him.

As soon as Norbert walked away two beavers a boy and a girl showed up.

They are the boys old class mates Cooper and Faith. Faith has curly light brown hair, tan fur with green eyes, wearing an El Grapadura green hoody, an Oxnard Motova tank top under, a black skirt and boots. Cooper has light brown fur, wearing a sports jersey.

Faith is really nervous to see the boys again.

"Faith, you gotta calm down." Cooper said as he rang the bell.

"Easy for you to say. Youre not going to tell youre ex that you still have feelings for him." Faith said.

Just then the door opened and Daggett gasped.

"Cooper?" He asked jumping up and down clapping excidetly.

Cooper and Daggett was best friends during highschool. They did a nerdy handshake and hugged.

Faith laughed and shook her head at the twosome.

"Hey Dag." She said.

Daggett ignored her as he and Cooper talked about all the newest Musclar Beaver comics. Faith looked around the room and then back at the boys.

"Is Norbert home?" She asked.

She didnt get an answer and didnt really feel like listening to them talk about comics so she just walked out.

"Where did she say?" Daggett asked.

"Who cares! Shes just my sister." Cooper said.

Daggett laughed at that. Finally somebody that aggreess with him.

"Girls are just nothing but trouble."

"You got that right brother." Cooper said.

They high fived each other and looked back down at the comic books.

Norbert had just arrived at Treeflowers house, he pulled out the springy doorstop thingy that she gave him awhile ago. He kissed at, once he got to her door he saw a note on her door with his name on it.

He just got a bad feeling about it a d sure enough when he read it, it was a dear John letter to him, he just broke down crying.

"Treeflower... why..." He cried.

Faith is walking around the forrest getting a feeling about everything.

"Where can Norbert be?" She asked with a cough.

Shes been trying to get rid of this cold for a few days now. Shes really exsited to find Norbert again. They have a very long past together, best friends turned boyfriend and girlfriend and then married for 2 months after highschool. But since they was both just kids at the time it didnt work. But they still act like they are together when ever they get together.

She spotted Berry and some other animals up ahead and walked over to them.

"Excuse me," She said.

They looked over at her.

"Hey, Beaver sister. What can I do for you?" He asked.

Her green eyes widen and she gasped when she saw it was thee Barry Bear. She is such a big fan of his music and goes to all of his concerts. She quickly shook the thoughts out of her head and calmed herself down.

"I'm Faith..." She trailed on.

Just then Bing came out and ran around her like crazy.

"Oh wow super cool! Norbert talks alot about you.." He said.

Faith blushed and smiled when he said that and brushed the hair out of her face.

"Really? Um do you know where I can find him?" She asked.

"Sure beaver sister, Hes probably at his baby dolls Treeflowers house." Barry said.

Faiths mood changed when she heard that, she did not like her at all. She only heard bad things about her from Norbert. And she just doesnt understand why he keeps taking her back.

"Are you kidding me? Shes no good for him! And who names their daughter Treeflower? Thanks anyways." She said walking away.

The boys just shrugged and contuined to talk to themselves.

Norbert is on his way home just sobbing, not watchinh where hes going. He walked into somebody or something.

"Umph." They both said.

Norbert scratched his head and looked up and saw Faith dusting herself off.

He gasped and smiled.

"Faith?" He asked.

She looked over and smiled at him.

"Hey Norby." She answered back.

The two some got up and hugged each other tight.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Just moving here actually." She said.

"No way! Why didn,t you tell me?" He asked.

"Didnt you get a post card lately?"

Norbert paused and scratched his head.

"All I got was a very strange post card that said ready or not."

She just raised an eyebrow at that as she couldnt believe that he didnt figure it out.

"Yeah, think about it Norby. Ready or not..." She said.

Just then it hit him like a ton of bricks and he smacked his forhead. It was there saying as kids.

"Ready or not here I come. Of course I cant believe that I didnt figure it out." He said.

She just luaghed and then she could tell that something was wrong and he was crying.

"Oh no. What did she do now?" She asked crossing her arms.

"Uh.. what are you talking about?" Norbert asked hiding the letter behind his back.

"Norb, you cant fool me. I know when something is wrong. Youve been crying."

He just sniffed and looked down, she saw the lettere from behind his back, and grabbed it from him.

As she read it she couldnt believe that she had the nerve to do it over a letter. He heart broke for him; and she looked up at Norbert who was starting to cry again.

"Oh Norb, I am so sorry about this. I know how much you loved her." She said while patting him on the back.

"Whats wrong with me? Why does she keep doing this to me? I loved her with all my heart." He cried.

Faith didnt like Norbert talking like that and sat down next to him.

"Norbert look at me hon. There is absoltulty nothing wrong with you. There is so'ething wrong with her. The way that she treats you... I'm not going to talk about it. Cause you already know how I feel about her. So tell you what, how about the two of us have a Treeflower free day. We're not going to talk about her all day long. And to make sure that you dont. Give me youre paw." She said.

Norbert looked at her strange.

"Why?" He asked.

"You need a distraction..."

He then started to cry again.

"Thats how we met I..." He cried.

She just grabbed his paw and put a rubberband on it.

"Eh.." Norbert asked looking at it.

"When ever you think about her, I want you to snap it."

"Are you nuts! That will hurt." Norbert said pulling away.

"Thats the point Norby. The more you think about her the more it will hurt. Until the pain goes away. Now come on, I just know the thing to do." She grabs his paw and dragged him away, he kept snaaping the rubberband.

Minutes later they arrived at a arena where El Grapadura was performing.

They got to their seats. "I still cant belive that you actually got tickets." Norb said.

"I didnt. I took Coopers tickets." She smirked.

Norbert chuckled and shook his head. "He,s going to be so mad."

"What else is new?" She laughed.

The bell rang and her cell phone was going off, she just ignored it.

When the announcer started talking it got his attetion.

He thought it sounded fimaler but couldnt figure it out.

"Norb?" She asked.

He scratched his head in confusement.

"That voice it sounds familar. But I cant think..." He said as he tried to figure it out.

Faith looked at the paper to see if it says and she said his name. But that didnt help, Norbert grabbed his paper and gasped at the picture.

It was one of Treeflowers old band members from back in the day, he started to snap the runnerband again, until his eyes filled up and broke down crying.

"Hes one of Treeflowers old band members. We... sang a song together..." He cried.

Faith rubbed her forhead and sighed. "Of course he did. Come on time for plan b." she said.

She took a last look at the arena and walked out.

Their now at a theme park and her cell phone is still going off from her brother, she just turned it off and looked at the crying Norbert who is waiting in line for a ride.

"Does this remind you of everything?" She asked.

Norbert sniffed and shook his head.

"Nope." He said.

"Good." She replied.

They smiled at each other and was up next to get in the seats. When they did the guy who was in charge of the ride reconized Norbert. It was the bouncer from the festival.

"Hey, didnt you and the one beaver girl perform at the awesome beaver pond rock festival together?" He asked.

Faith just gleared her green eyes at the guy, cant she get one break? And she was just waiting for Norbert to break down again and with in minutes he did.

"Gee thanks alot." Faith said.

"Whoa, I'm sorry... I didnt mean too..." The guy said.

"Treeflower..." Norbert cried.

The tan girl sighed and rubbered her head again.

'I'm getting a head ache.' She thought to herself.

She cleared her head and grabbed Norberts paw again.

"Come on Norby. I know where this is heading." She said.

They walked aways from the ride and the bouncer just shurgged.

Now they're sitting near a pond with a few bottles of yahoo and a box of jalopeno poppers between them. Faith takes a sip while listening to Norbert talk about Treeflower. They did this all the time when they was younger, just sit and talk.

He has a stick in his right paw and is twrilling it around in the water in circles.

"I just dont get her Faith. One minute she wants me and the next she doesnt want anything to do with me." He said,

She coughed again and took a sip of the yahoo.

"Most girls do that to make sure that youre paying attetion to them. But then again you know how I feel about Treeflower. So Im not going to say anything else." She said.

Norbert smiled and shook his head. "Thats what I like about you Faith youre up front and dont play any games. I always know what youre thinking. Just by looking at you, youre just easy."

"Hey!" She said shoving him.

"Not like that... I meant..."

He was just used to have Treeflower yell at him over it, that he's not expecting what she did.

Faith just laughed and hugged him. He wasnt used to this reaction at all, it took him by surpise.

"Oh Norby, I know what you meant. But you have known me for literally forever. So that might have something to do with it." She said while taking a sip of yahoo again.

"No, I doubt thats the only reason." He said.

"Maybe its because we was married for two months as well." She coughed.

Norbert laughed and took a sip of his yahoo. "Those were some crazy two months."

"Very crazy." She laughed.

They then both reached for those jalopeno poppers at the same time and looked at each other. The sparks are still there between them and looked away.

Faith took a deep breath and was about to tell him everything, when his phone started to ring.

He grabbed it and looked at it, with a smile and gasped.

"Its Treeflower! She wants me back!" He exclaimed.

She put a finger next to her head like a gun and pulled the trigger when she heard that, and put a smile on her face when he looked at her. He was happy so she bite her tongue about it.

"Oh wow. Dont keep her waiting Norb." She said.

"Thanks! Its great to see have you back Faith! And you really should do something about the cough. I knew that she would change her mind." Norbert said hugging the phone.

'Gee I wonder why. Probably because thats what she always does.' Faith thought to herself.

She watched as Norbert ran off to her house, she grunted as she fell back on the ground.

"Oh I can't believe that he went back to her." She said.

She then pulled out her necklace to show her wedding ring on it, she kissed it.

She then turned the phone back on and answered it.

"Yeah yeah Coop. I'm coming back..." She coughed.

She hung up and put it back in her pocket, grabbed the bottles and the empty box and threw it in the trash. And headed back to her home.

To Be Contuined...