Chapter 5

Norbert swam up first and looked around frantic for Faith.

"Faith?" He askes.

Seconds later Faith swam up coughing.

"Faith are you okay?" Norbert asked.

Faith coughed some more when she answered back.

"I feel like I'm going to be sick." She coughed.

"Okay, come on lets take you home." He said.

They swam to the shore, Norbert helped her out, and she covered her mouth and took off running behind the bushes where shes getting sick.

"Guess I better get used to that huh?" Norbert mussed.

Daggett spotted Treeflower walking away from the scene.

He growled. "That spoot head." He mumbled.

Cooper is playing video games in the dam when Norbert and Faith came walking in.

He dropped the remote and gasped as they was all wet.

"What happend?" He asked.

Faith was about to respond but she started to feel sick again. She takes off running to the bathroom.

"The boat tipped off right when I was just about to ask her." Norbert sighed.

"So, she has no idea?" Cooper asked.

Norbert shook his head. "None." He replied.

Daggett ran to Treeflowers house and started to bang on her door.

"Hey spoot head open up!" Daggett exclaimed.

Treeflower answered the door and smiled at him.

"Daggett, what can I do for you?"

"Dont give me that spooty stuff. I know what you did!" Daggett growled.

"What are you talking about Dag?"

"You tipped over the canoe of Norby and Faith. Dont deny it. Face it hes over you." He said.

Treeflower rolled her eyes. "Oh please, hes just using her cause I dumped him."

"Ha! What they have is true love baby. And youre nothing but yesterdays spooty trash."

"No, I'm Norberts true love and I'll prove it."

Daggett just started to laugh as he walked away from her dam.

"He will be mine by the end of the week." Treeflower said determend.

Norbert is in Faiths bedroom as she walked in from the bathroom in tears.

"Norby, I'm so sorry." She cried.

"Sorry about what babe?" He asked concerned.

"You set up the big romantic thing for the two of us. And I ruined it." She cried.

He walked over to her and whipped the tears from her face, and kissed her.

"Babe you didnt ruin anything. Come on lets take a nap." He said.

They both climbed into bed and laid down next together. Their paws hooked together, Norbert is holding her tight as if hes never going to let her go.

With in seconds they had fallen asleep next with each other.

Treeflower saw this with her ultra night glasses and growled.

"This calls for the big guns." She said looking at a picture of her and Norb from the festival where they met.

She got an idea and grabbed her phone and dialed a number.

"Hey, I need youre help with something." She replied.

The next morning Norbert woke up next to Faith. He has a big grin on his face.

'Love sick sigh, I can never get tired of this.' He thought to himself.

He kissed her forhead and slowly climbed out of the bed.

Down stairs in the kitchen Caroline and Dusty are drinking coffee. They heard somebody walking down the stairs. It was Norbert trying to sneak his way out.

"Ahem, morning Norb. Did you sleep well last night?" Dusty asked.

Norbert peeked in with a grin and chuckled. "Morning Mr. Beaver. Nothing happened last night?" Norbert reasuured him,

"Oh you dony have to tell us anything. The two of you are adults. But remember Norbert, she has cancer."

"Trust me thats the only thing that I can remember. Since she told me."

"Good, and I dont have to warn you that if you do anything to hurt her."

"That you'll make me vanish and make it look like an accident."

Dusty chuckled and took a sip from his coffee.

"Good you still remember from along time ago." He said.

Caroline elbowed him and smiled over to Norbert.

"Norbert, we trust you. So you dont have anything to worry about."

"But if you do." Dusty mussed.

Norbert gulped and slowly walked out of the dam, Dusty busted out laughing.

"That never gets old." He laughed.

As soon as Norbert stepped out of the dam he spotted Treeflower in a distance.

"Treeflower, what is.." He trailed on.

Out came Treeflower wearing her old hippie out fit, she totally made over the forrest to look like the festival.

"Well I wanted to show and tell you how much I care and like you. By remembering about how we first met and fell in love."

Norbert smiled as he thought about it.

"Those were good times Treeflower. Really good times."

"They dont have to end Norbert. We can go back to that time, I know that we still have feelings for each other." She said trying to flirt with him.

He stepped back and shook his head.

"Not anymore. I also remember that you dumped me for Truckee and then you treated me like a stranger."

She laughed as she brushed it off.

"Oh Norby, you know how I feel about you."

"Oh really? Hows that?" He asked.

She smiled and snapped her fingers out came her three friends from her band, and soon the music for 'I think I like you' started to play.

Faith who is just waking over to the kitchen looking rather green.

"Morning hon, do you want me to make you some of mine lucky .

She covered her mouth and ran to the bathroom, Cooper sat down in her place, and grabbed a fork.

"I,ll take them dad." He said as he grabbed the plate of pancakes and shoved them down his thoart.

"My son the animal food despencer." Caroline said shaking her head.

Just then the phone and everybody gasped at it. It could be Stump with the results from the chemo treatment.

Caroline ran to the phone and answered it.

Treeflower started to sing her part of the song and Norbert acutually thought about what the words to the song.

"So you just like me you dont love me?" He asked.

Treeflower looked at him confused. "What?"

"The song, you just say I like you. You dont say anything about love. So I was just wondering."

Treeflower had to think of a responce fast but before she could Faith came walking by.

Which Norberts attetion went to her.

"Faith what are you doing out?" He asked.

"Cant a girl just get some fresh air?" Faith asked.

Norbert could tell by the sound of her voice that something wasnt right.

"Faith did you hear back from Stump?"

She shrugged and looked down. "They uh... want to hold on the next chemo treatment. Apperantly, my uh.. cells arent high enough."

"So youre on a just wait and see now?" Norbert asked.

"Pretty much. Unless my dad finds another treatment."

"Babe, dont give up hope. We will fight this."

They kissed.

"Oh dont worry Norb. Im not a quiter. I will fight this to my dying days."

"Hopefully that wouldnt be for a long time coming." He said.

She then saw Treeflower dressed in her hippi outfit.

"Huh, I actually like you in that." She said as she walked away.

Norbert turned back to Treeflower and shook his head.

"I know a better song that I would fit myside of the story." He said.

He walked over to the keyboard and started to play Ce Lo Greens 'Forget you'.

Treeflower was taken back by his backbone. She never seen this side of him before.

As he kept walking away and singing she watched him walk into Faiths house.

"Fine! If he wants to spend his time with the cancer chick. Be my guest. I am so out of here."

She walks back to her house and packs her bags and took off by a taxi.

Hours later she arrived at a beach just looking at the ocean. Her phone has a picture of Norbert and she smiles.

"You will be mine again."

Years past and she is still at the beach, she looks around and spotted someone fimaler at the beach. Norbert who is setting up a stand, wearing his black speedo. She got a grin on her face.

"Hes all by himself. Guess I was right." She laughed.

She was about to walk over to him when a little 2 year old girl with blonde fur, curly hair, brown eyes, little pig tails, heart shapped hair clips, wearing a pink and purple swim suit with a unicorn on it comes running up to him.

"Daddy!" She exclaimed.

Norbert smiles and picks up the little girl, tosses her up in the air.

Behind her was Faith wearing a multi colored swimsuit holding a 2 year old boy who is light fur, Norberts hair style, wearing a light green swim suit with dinosaurs on it.

Faith who looks a lot better kisses Norbert. Treeflower stepped back and watched as the family play in the ocean together.

Her heart was crushed seeing him with Faith, she slowly walked away.

Faith spotted her and ignored it, didnt tell Norb.

Photo through the years are start playing. The first one shows Norbert and Faith at a cancer treatment in New York, shes in a giant bubble her and Norb have their paws on each others, shes looking rather green and is losing her fur, the next photo shows her getting better and out of the bubble, finally Norbert propsing to her, she says yes, their wedding picture, honey moon in Paris, standing infront of their new dam, next picture shows Daggett running from a burning dam, next shows Daggett living with the two married couple, hes still living with them which is really getting to them, next shows Norbert kicking Daggett out, next shows Faith holding up a positive pregecy test, shows Norbert and Faith holding a boy named Logan and a girl named Summer. Summer has blonde fur with Faiths hair style wearing a purple princess dress, holding her stuffed unicorn Mr. Purpleton. Logan has Faiths tan fur with Norberts hair style, wearing a green beavers jersey holding his stuffed El Grapadura doll.

The last picture is the whole gang. Stumps a famous doctor as he came up with Faiths treatment, Berry is even more famous, Truckee is now an ice road trucker with Big Rennee, Bing is still Bing, Stacy and Chelea are now 12 years old.

The End