Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Nightshade characters, but I made up Embry, Arson, & Blaise.

Chapter One


Fire has always been and, seemingly, will always remain, the most terrible of the elements."

-Harry Houdini

The sky lit up as lightning flashed across it. The rain was beginning to let up though, it had been pouring down hard earlier. A growl worked it's way up from my throat as I pushed open the heavy, solid door to the Academy.

I snarled in surprise as a sword was as my chest as soon as I stepped in. If I had taken a stop closer it would have pierced my chest. I pulled the hood of my cloak off, and glared at the wielder of the sword.

"Nice to see you too, Connor. I would appreciate it if you moved your sword from my chest. Before I'm forced to rip your whole arm off." I snarled, flashing my sharpened canines at him.

"Embry!" Connor said in surprise, not hesitating to lower his sword, "Where the heck have you been?"

"Where do you think? I've been doing what Anika told me to do." I pushed past him, taking my cloak off as I looked around. The halls were lit, but they were empty. I tossed my cloak at Connor, who fumbled to catch it.

"Uh...thanks." He mumbled, hanging it up to dry. Droplets of rain were still rolling off of it.

"No problem. Where is everyone?" I glanced at him, running a hand through my hair.

"Dinner. It's a celebration." Connor stood next to me, a giant grin on his face, "We got big shot."

I stared at him for a moment, processing what he said. When I got it, I couldn't help the big grin the spread across my face, "The Scion? He's here. As in he's here in the Academy, working with us?"

Connor nodded, then laughed as my face turned from a grin to one of pure shock.

"Come on, Em. If I didn't know any better I would think you thought we couldn't do it." Connor's smile grew even wider as he looked at what I was wearing, "What was Anika having you do? That's the shortest skirt I've ever seen!"

"Shut up. Or I'm telling Adne." I replied, frowning. It hadn't been my idea to wear this crap. The tight, dark green tube top wasn't that bad. The black leather skirt was however, it made me want to go crawl in a corner and shield myself from the world. It was way to short for my liking. I liked the boots though, they were heels and they stopped at my ankle.

"Oh, yeah 'cause that'd kill me." Connor rolled his eyes, "Come on, you can come to dinner. You're already so dressed up." He winked at me.

"I swear to God, Connor. I'm telling her. Then I'm ripping your eyes out." I grumbled as I fell into step with him as he headed towards the dining room.

"Awe, don't go getting all mad, Embry. I'm just joking. Hey, did you do something new with you hair?" He asked, trying to change the subject.

I subconsciously ran a hand through my dark brown, almost black, hair. It was the same as it had always been. Barely brushing at my waist.

"My hair is the same. What're you talking about?" I glared at him, trying not to snarl. A growl rumbled in my throat though.

"Whoa, girl. Chill. I'm just trying to change your mind about ripping my eyes out." He sent me a sly smile, that I rolled my eyes too. Connor stopped outside the dining room, his smile fading. I could hear the laughter from inside the room.

"What's wrong?" I asked, tilting my head. Connor never went from a joke to pure quiet.

"Before you go in, you should know something." He looked guilty, and I stiffened.

"What?" I growled, it echoed through the empty halls.

"We brought the Pack. He refused to do anything without them. The Alpha female, Calla, is here." Connor took a step back, out of the reach of my fists.

I began to shake in fury, they had told me that they weren't going to involve the girl. Instead of saying anything to Connor, I ripped open the dining room door, it screamed in protest as it struggled to stay on the hinges. The room fell completely silent.

I stepped in, my eyes assessing everything. Anika stood when she saw me, a smile on her face. At her table with her, were Guardians. Ones that I met once, ones I swore I was going to get revenge on.

The Alpha female stood up when Anika did, her eyes narrowed in my direction. Her golden eyes bore into my emerald ones. The Scion, stood next to her. A confused look on his face. The others at their table stayed in their seats, watching me.

"Where are Arson and Blaise?" I growled, the other Pack sensed my hostility and bristled.

"They refused to join us." Anika said quietly, "Welcome back, Embry. You've made it just in time for our celebration. Please, join us." Anika pointed to an empty chair at the table, I didn't move.

"No." I snarled, that was when another Guardian at the table stood. His dark eyes stared at me, narrowed. I looked at the three standing, they were all Alpha's.

"Embry, please, not now. Join us." Anika's voice had taken on a commanding tone.

"No. I'm not sitting with them. They aren't even supposed to be here. We made a deal." I snapped, some of the Searchers at the other tables flinched.

"What are you talking about? We're here to help." Calla, the Alpha female said, hearing the anger in her voice made me even more angry.

"You don't get to talk! I'm talking to Anika, shut up, Mutt!" I growled, Calla bared her canines at me.

"What's going on? I'm confused." The Scion said, his gaze fell on me. There was nothing but friendliness in his eyes. He looked at Calla, and his eyes changed. They had an intense look of caring.

The dark haired Guardian that was standing tilted his head at Calla and the Scion, his eyes narrowing. He softened when he looked only at her though.

"I don't know. Ask her." Calla gestured to me.

The Scion looked at me, and that's when I couldn't contain my laughter anymore. I just let it out, and it caused everyone to look around in confusion.

"Aren't you one lucky girl?" I taunted her, "You have two guys all over you. You can't choose a mate though, can you? Because you're one selfish bitch." I growled.

Calla's eyes flared, she moved toward me, but the Scion grabbed her wrist.

"Calla, stop." He whispered, watching me. That's when he realized who I was.

"Who the hell are you?" Calla demanded, her canines sharpening in her mouth.

"My name is Embry Pultina. I'm the Alpha of my pack." I snarled, taking a step closer, a hand grabbed my wrist. I growled and whirled around, Arson looked at me, a grin on his face. Blaise was standing next to him.

"Nice to have you back, Alpha." His grin faded though, as he looked at Calla, then he let my wrist go, stepping back. He wasn't going to get involved in Alpha problems.

"I'm Calla. I'm the Alpha female of this pack." She looked at the two guys, "This is Shay and Ren. The Alpha Males for my pack." Her eyes weren't any nicer, and I was happy. I didn't want her to try to play nice.

"So, you're trying to do the whole sharing thing? That's pathetic. Choose one or the other. I hate people like you." I snapped at her.

"Hate people like me? Don't you wonder why you only have two pack members? Why you have no mate at all? You're the mean, hostile one." She growled.

"Calla, you don't underst-" Shay began, but I cut him off.

"I did have a mate, and more members, you Mutt." I growled, fighting the urge to shift.

"No you don't. Otherwise he'd be here next to you, and your members besides those two would be next to you." As she said this, my fists clenched at my sides. Arson and Blaise stepped closer, low growls coming from each of them.

"I did say did. Don't you ever listen?" I snapped, my muscles shaking as I fought the urge to shift.

"Then what happened to them? You drove them off?" She smirked at me, clearly thinking she had me caught.

"No." My voice was deathly quiet, and was very dangerous sounding, "You tore my mate's throat out when they sent us to get him." I growled, gesturing to Shay, "You took the rest of my pack as well. You ambushed us."

Calla looked surprised for a moment, then she hid it, "Now who's fault is that? He was basically begging me to do it. Anything to get away from you." Calla snarled, "The feeling of his wind pipe crushing in my jaws. He called for you, now that I think about it."

The rest of her pack was staring at her in horror, Blaise snarled loudly. Arson stood stoic. I couldn't hold it anymore, I shifted into my wolf. My golden red fur replacing my skin. Thinking about how she killed Cole, I could only think of one thing. Ripping her throat out.

"Embry! No!" Anika cried as I lunged at Calla, she shifted right before I hit her. We went slamming into a wall. I snarled as I bit into her shoulder, she howled and kicked me with her hind legs. Her blood filled my mouth, then she dislodged me, and kicked me again, I tumbled backwards. Before I knew it, her jaws were closing around my foreleg. I snarled and closed my jaws around her neck.

Embry, no! Arson screamed in my mind, I didn't listen, I tightened my hold. Someone grabbed me before I could crush her windpipe. They yanked my away from her, I didn't resist. I shifted back, blood was running down my arm. Where she bit me looked really bad.

Ren was the one who grabbed me, his arms woven tightly around my waist, it was almost hard to breathe. I was panting as I stared at her, she was whining quietly. Shay was kneeling next to her, trying to coax her to shift forms. She finally did, the blood on her throat was good to see. Shay bit his arm, and put it up to her mouth. His blood poured into it, she swallowed without hesitation. Her wounds were healed quickly, I growled in agitation.

"Here." Ren said quietly, biting his arm. I glared at him.

"I don't need your blood." I snapped, he almost smiled. It was tugging on the corner of his lips.

"You're bleeding, and I'm offering help. Just take it." I rolled my eyes, and brought his arm to my mouth. His blood went down my throat like honey, but had a bit of a smoky taste to it.

When the pain in my arm was gone, I let him go. I glared at him as his arm went back around my waist.

"You can let me go now." I shook my head in agitation.

"I think as soon as I let you go, you're going to attack Calla again." His eyes shifted back to her, they filled with sadness as he watched Shay hugging Calla closely.

I looked at Arson and Blaise. Arson was still in his wolf form, Glowering at Ren and I.

"Arson, go back to your room. Take Blaise to hers. We'll talk in the morning." I ordered, he shifted back and gave me a curt nod before leading Blaise out of the room.

"That was a bold move, Alpha." Ren said quietly, "Leaving yourself in here alone with a pack of wolves who's alpha female you just attacked."

"Well, since I seem to have someone stuck to me, and I'm no longer looking for blood, it's pretty safe to say you guys aren't in any danger." I couldn't stop the sarcasm in my voice.

"You're one cocky Wolf." He shook his head, looking down at me.

"Alpha wolf. Don't forget that." I growled, shaking my head, "Now, can I go to my room, or are you afraid I'll kill the statues?" My look was directed at Anika, who was having the rest of the pack move out of the dining room. She ordered Shay to take Calla back to her room.

Ren stiffened, and I frowned. Why was he getting so jealous? When I wrinkled my nose, that was when I got it. I caught Calla's scent, and snorted. She smelled like Shay. Not like because he'd been giving her his blood, but like in a way that wouldn't go away.

"Jesus Christ, she slept with the Scion." I gasped, Ren looked down to glare at me.

"Do you really have to state the obvious?" He growled, and I bristled.

"Just because she's being a bitch to you, by totally not choosing an Alpha but sleeping with him, doesn't mean you get to growl at me. I will rip your throat out. Slowly. I will make sure it hurts, and you die slowly." I smiled up at him sweetly.

"You two are more alike than you know." He said, shaking his head.

"So you're saying I'm a heinous, whore, bitch who likes to play people? Yeah, I don't do that. Thanks though. I'll try to think of it as a compliment." I growled, ripping his arms off of me. Deciding that since no one else was left in the dining room I could leave. I turned toward the door, my heels clicking on the floor as I walked proudly.

"You're right. You're nothing like her." Ren said quietly, I glanced back over my shoulder. I stopped walking.

Ren looked broken, his face torn. My breathe caught, because the last time I'd seen someone look like that was when...No, I shook that thought out of my head.

"Ren..." I trailed off and went back over to him. I looked at him for a minute, deciding that no matter how much he didn't like me because I just attacked his Alpha, he still needed someone to talk to. I pulled him into a hug, he tensed. After a moment he relaxed and fell into the hug.

"It's okay. It'll turn out okay. I promise." I said quietly, and I let my mind wander off to Cole. How he had promised similar things to me, and now he was gone.

Ren sighed after we stood like that for awhile, he pulled back, "Thank you. I know I must look stupid and we-"

"No." I cut him off, "I know how you feel." I stared at the floor, not being able to meet his eyes. I'd felt this way when Cole had been killed.

"Was Calla really the one that did it?" His voice had taken on a curious tone.

I nodded, "Yes, I was there. I'm kind of surprised she didn't recognize me as soon as I walked in."

"She was busy staring at Shay." The Scion's name came out as a low growl. I grinned.

"I never properly introduced myself to you. I'm Embry Pultina. Alpha female of the Searcher pack. You can call me Em or Bry. Or Embry. Whichever one works for you." I smiled as he snorted and rolled his eyes at me.

"I'm Renier Laroche. Ren for short. I was supposed to be the Alpha Male of the Haldis pack, but I guess that's not happening now." Ren sighed quietly, and glanced around the room.

He really needed to take his mind off things, and I knew just the way.

"Ren, do you want to go to the garden?" When I asked he perked up like a child, I tried to hold back a laugh.

"Sure. That'd be nice. Let's go." He headed for the door.

"Race you!" I grinned, shifting into my wolf form, golden red fur with bright emerald eyes. I glanced back over my shoulder as I ran, just to see a charcoal grey wolf at my heals.

Wait, isn't it raining? Ren thought to me, I turned and looked at him over my shoulder.

That makes it so much more fun. It probably stopped though. I ignored his protests and ran faster.