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She barely had time to duck as the lone zombie went for her throat again; she dodged the deadly blow, staggering back. She'd seen it; the black ring looped around it's neck showed it was worth every effort. Only, they hadn't been with her when she had spotted it. Yet the urge to be of use to the others was stronger than her sense of self-preservation.

She was beaten and bruised, fighting it with a long pipe she'd found nearby. The fight had started with that pipe, she had thought that she could kill it with a good knock to the back of it's head. All she had really succeeded in doing was pissing him off and making him dizzy. Hell, she had even left Zarame back at the dorms! She got lucky at last when the zombie took a hit to the head and it fell into an ungraceful lump.

She preformed a soul guidance as Zarame had told her to and let her body relax. She slumped to the ground; her body ached and her mind spun with the knowledge that she had killed. Yet, she no longer felt like a burden, no longer just the gopher to Chika or… Her cheeks stained a red color….Shito. Forcing her body to move, she climbed to her feet.

She was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't realize she was back until her foot hit the pathway into the dorms. As soon as she walked inside (She was going to sneak by unnoticed.) two glares immediately settled on her form. (Koyomi's snores took some of the edge off however.) She faced Chika first, unable to meet Shito's anger.

"I-I took down a zombie with a black ring…"

Chika's face changed dramatically at that, forming a grin.

"Woo!" "Good job Gopher!"

He turned to the hallway, making his way to his room.


When Shito's face didn't change, she tried to move past him to her room. He was suddenly blocking the entrance to the hallway, one long arm leaning his body against the doorframe. His eyes locked on hers and he began to move forward at an even pace. Then he began to speak.

"You are late."

She tried to speak but was quickly interrupted.

"You could have been killed."

She couldn't say anything against that; she very well could have died. Every statement was bringing him closer.

"You made me worry."

He was only an arms length away now.

"…But you made me realize something…"

He was so close she only had to twitch and their skin would brush.

"…I can't let you go."

She didn't see him move, his lips meeting hers in a searing kiss. Arms came down beside her body blocking her in; he pulled back breathing heavily, lips moving to her ear.

"So no matter how much you wish to leave this earth…."

His hands moved, one going to the small of her back, the other wound into her hair jerking her head up.

"…No matter who else holds your heart..."

His caress turned possessive.

"….I own you now; you are mine."

His mouth moved to her neck lingering there.

"You cannot die without my say, cannot have another, and cannot endanger yourself."

His teeth grazed her neck.

"You are important to me and I have lived far to long to be left alone again."

He bit down, piercing deep into the delicate skin, drawing blood. He then soothed it over with his tongue, but that wasn't what she was stunned by. He had resisted his Zombie urges, even if he had lived for that long he would still be hard pressed once he had bitten down. He moved up and gave her one last kiss full of promises and claim before moving back.

He stepped backwards; every step seemed to be in direct contrast with what he really wanted to do. He pointed to the mark he had made before speaking once more.

"You will never be able to forget my claim."

He left then, alone with her thoughts one question overtook her.

"What the hell was that?"


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