Me: Hey guys well I promised. But I think I am going to try writing two stories at once. I will be in process of writing Ant-Phineas' Revenge and Freaky Phineas Friday. Hope you guys enjoy them. This one is Freaky Phineas Friday obviously. I own nothing except Marissa. Please review. First chapter for Anti-Phineas' Revenge coming shortly after this. Enjoy.

Candace's POV

I woke up this morning feeling great. Wait, where's the pink in my room. My room looks exactly like Phineas, Ferb, and Marissa's room (A/n: Yes, my character shares a room with the boys because she likes them that much.) "Good morning Phineas, morning Ferb," my younger sister said. "What? I'm Candace," I said. I didn't see Phineas in the room. Where is he? "Phineas why are you imitating Candace?" she asked me. I got out of bed, and I felt shorter. I looked down, and I wasn't in my purple tank-top and pants for pajamas. Instead I was wearing orange striped pajamas. I asked where was the nearest mirror. Marissa pointed it out. I looked at myself, and I screamed. "Triangle head, red spiky hair, a short body, these pajamas, (I point at Marissa) you calling me Phineas? AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… I'M PHINEAS!"

Phineas' POV

I woke up this morning. Wow, why is my room pink, and why do I feel long hair coming down my neck? Where are Ferb and Marissa? I got out of bed and I was A LOT taller. I looked in the mirror in Candace's room. Hmmm pencil neck, round head, tall legs, long arms, purple pajamas, long orange hair? Uh oh this is not good. I'm Candace. That's freaky. Hmmm I feel like a sense like I have seen this before. In a movie… oh yeah Freaky Friday…coincidentally, today is Friday. Wow that is freaky.

Yes Phineas yes it is Freaky Phineas Friday. Lol anyways, that's the prologue. Hope you liked it. Please review, and the prologue for Anti-Phineas' Revenge is coming your way. Please review and for now

Carpe Diem!