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It was hot in Rush Valley at the best of times, but that day the sun seemed to shine as if it had something to prove. Winry was working at Atelier Garfiel by herself for the weekend, as the titular owner was in Dublith on a rare house call to a customer that had recently moved. Whatever. Business wasn't exactly booming that day, so she spent her time tinkering away at an automail kneecap.

Winry always got lost in her work. It was almost like falling asleep, drifting away from the world; she could block out absolutely everything that was unrelated to her automail. Which, of course, was why the bell at the front of the shop had probably been rung many times before she took note of it.

She couldn't see the storefront from the back workshop, so she set the kneecap and her tools down on the table, and scooted out of her chair.

"Just a second," she called, wiping her grimy hands on her pants. The bell kept ringing obnoxiously, as if the costumer had somehow not heard her blatant call.

"Asshole," Winry hissed through gritted teeth. She pocketed her wrench, just in case. The jerk at the front was still ringing the bell over and over again as she rounded the corner.

"Didn't you hear me?" She snapped. "I said—"

Edward was leaning against the counter, a lazy grin on his face. He hovered his hand over the bell and let it drop, ringing it once more, just to piss her off.

Winry took in a quick breath. The last time she had seen him was six months prior, when he had boarded his train after their little awkward love confessions. Everyday since then she had jumped whenever the phone rang and ran when there was a knock at the door, just in case it was Ed. Very slowly, her lips parted from a grimace into a smile.

"Hey, alchemy freak," she said, walking towards him. "I missed you."

"Hey, automail geek," he let himself in met her in the middle. "I missed you, too."

They were so close that their arms brushed, and Winry curled her hands into his. She was still amazed that she was the one who had to tilt her head to see his face, but she didn't mind too much. She stood on her toes, wrapped her arms around his neck and gently kissed his soft lips. The noise of the city was blocked out as much as it would have been had she been working.

When their lips parted, Edward blushed. "What was that for, Win?"

Winry smiled tenderly. "For coming back." She removed his hands from him and reached into the pocket of her pants and pulled out her wrench. Edward knew what was coming before she had even raised it above her head. "But this is for not calling first!"

Author's Note- This is going to be a collection of ficlets and drabbles focusing on multiple pairings of friendship, romance and even hate from the point of view of many different characters. I'm using the manga/Brotherhood 'verse, so spoilers abound! Enjoy.