Hey, guys! Basically, this is just a poem that I've written, and I was hoping for some feedback on it as I was wondering if it was much good or not. While it's significant to me (personally, this is my favourite poem that I've written recently, but that doesn't necessarily make it a good poem for the reader) I was dearly hoping to get proper feedback on it. I struggled to relate it to the Worst Witch initially, but after reading it a few times, I decided to take the angle of why Constance is so bitter against "the male of the species", by rendering the reason to an unrequited lost love. It's one angle of Constance that I've been looking to take for a while now, so this might be suitable.


We have a turbulent relationship.
When I think of the future I am reminded
Of a dark night where angry clouds loom overhead.

You are like what nature is to me. Something unique,
Something beautiful and something that will move along.
Nature captivates me.

I know now that when I walk outside, that the blanket of
Air that consumes me will move on to better places and better
Times, to people more deserving than me.

I can predict the future.
I know that I will be looking out of the window, next to my bed,
Looking through the ferocious wind and rain,

Wondering how you are, where you are and who you are with,
If you are happy...
Or if you remember me.

I will hear the traffic on the road nearby, wondering if
You are one of those drivers. Every time I see the colour blue,
I will think of your car.

Or every time I see a glimpse of happiness, I will think of how you
And I were lost. We got caught on intersecting timelines, Where you
Will have managed to move on and I forever linger.

The daffodils that grow every spring will remind me of how they were
Thrice perched upon your table. The sweet scene will transcend me
Into snares of nostalgia.

I will recall your bitten-lip and those deep brown eyes - those eyes that
Encapture you - with black holes perched in the centre that
Draw you closer and closer

Until the light is destroyed and it lives there in your eyes.
Those brown jewels are gems that I shall never forget.
I will see other eyes. Other eyes that will never be the same.

It will be like when I again walk outside and feel the air ensnare me.
It will feel similar but the air will be different.
Never as good as that first time under the skies of a winter to spring domain.

Reviews would be dearly appreciated. =) Just as a note to people who have reviewed my fics or posted new material lately, I've two huge, very important projects currently on in school, and I should be more present on fanfic as of mid to late next week. So apologies if replies to reviews are delayed. Thank you for reading. =)