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The sound of his ringing cell phone had Sam lunging across his bedroom to the dresser before it could wake up his sleeping wife. He'd just managed to calm her down after her latest crying jag. The absolute last thing he wanted was for his Guy Love ringtone to wake her and send her into another frenzy.

Sam quickly pressed the answer button but didn't say hello yet. Mercedes was stirring slightly on the bed and he held his breath as he watched her rub her very pregnant belly with her hand.

She mumbled something and Sam thought he was doomed. She was going to wake up and start crying about her extremely swollen feet that she couldn't see or how her pregnancy face made her look like a chipmunk—and no matter what Sam said to reassure her, she'd fall apart.

Sam watched his wife's hand settle onto the bed once more and breathed a sigh of relief when she went right on sleeping. Praise!

Most days her pregnancy didn't affect her this way, but some days—like today—she was wreck. That morning, he'd had to use soapy water to pry her wedding ring off of her swollen fingers—and that had set her off. She had cried about everything since. It was all he could do to keep her and himself sane when she got like this.

Sam almost forgot about the phone pressed against his face, but Mike's voice saying, "Hello? Sam? Are you there?" brought him back.

"Hold on a second," he whispered into the receiver. He looked fondly over his wife one last time before stepping out of the room, walking down the hallway, and heading down the stairs.

"I'm here, man. What's up?" Sam finally spoke normally into the phone.

He was making his way toward the living room but promptly switched paths when Mike said, "Dude, come open the door. Tina kicked me out."

A few seconds later, an alarmed Sam opened the door with his eyes nearly popping out of his head. "What do you mean she kicked you out?" Sam asked, so horror-struck by the idea that he was still talking into the phone, even as he stood face-to-face with his best friend.

"It's a long story," Mike said, staring tiredly at Sam. The look on his face said, 'Dude, you don't even want to know.'

But, Sam did want to know. He wanted to know why—and he also wanted to know, on a scale of 1-10, how upset would Mike say Tina was? Because if she was anywhere near a 10, she'd no doubt call Mercedes and wake her up—and the two of them would have two very emotional pregnant women on their hands.

Yes. They were best friends. They did everything together. Apparently that bromance went as far as getting their wives pregnant at the same time. In theory, it was very cute. In reality—on days like this—it was a nightmare. Tina and Mercedes did everything together, too, and that included driving their husbands up the wall.

"What the hell happened? And, keep your voice down. Mercy's sleepin'." Sam hissed at Mike, hoping against hope that Mercedes' cell phone wouldn't ring upstairs. He stepped out of the way to let Mike inside, and then the two headed to the living room to sit down.

"Uhhm, so she asked me to go on another McDonald's run—like, the 3rd one today. All she wants to eat are chicken nuggets—morning, noon, and night!" Mike whispered.

Sam wondered how ridiculous they looked whispering at each other, on an entirely different level of the house, just so they wouldn't wake Mercedes. Whatever. He'd do anything he had to do to keep the peace for another moment.

Sam looked at Mike expectantly, not yet understanding where Tina would have cause to kick him out.

"I don't know, dude. I should have kept my mouth shut, but I got irritated," Mike said sullenly.

"What'd you say to her?" Sam asked, bracing himself for the worst.

"I told her if she didn't stop eating those damn nuggets, she was going to give birth to a chicken egg, and we'd have to wait around another nine months for it to hatch," Mike mumbled sheepishly.

And that was all she wrote. Sam was dead. He fell back against the couch, pulling one of the pillows over his face to muffle the raucous laughter he was failing to contain.

Mike scowled at his friend, not at all amused. "I'm glad to see you so overjoyed at my distress," Mike said sulkily. Instead of shutting Sam up, it only spurred on another round of laughter.

"Dude, I didn't come over here for this," Mike said, his tone laced with annoyance.

"No. You came here because you called your wife a mother hen and got yourself kicked out. Why would you ever think saying that would be a good idea? What on earth were you thinking?" Sam asked looking at his friend.

He'd quieted down enough to take the pillow off of his face, but he was still chuckling sporadically as he waited for Mike's answer.

"I was thinking it was a joke! I didn't think she'd completely freak out." Mike explained, taking his time to draw out the last two words. His face took on a pleading expression that begged Sam to understand him.

And trust, Sam understood just perfectly.

"She started saying how I was casting bad luck on the baby, and then she marched right into the kitchen, "Mike continued. "Next thing I know, I'm dodging flying eggs all over the place. It was a train wreck. Then, she started crying because the house was a mess and would never be fit for a baby. When I tried to comfort her, she said it was my fault for being an ass. So, now I'm here," Mike concluded.

Sam tucked in his lips to keep from falling into another laughing fit and nodded. That had been quite the story—but he knew exactly how Mike felt. He'd been through the wringer with Mercedes the entire day.

"Well, if you're looking for an escape, I'm not sure here is where you wanna be, man," Sam said quietly with a sigh after a while. "Mercedes has been completely nuts since she woke up this morning. I'm surprised I'm still allowed in the house," he lamented. "The nursery incident this afternoon was almost a deal breaker. She cried for a whole hour before I finally convinced her a nap might do some good."

Mike sat quietly and looked to Sam expectantly for elaboration. Although this particular visit had been forced by Tina, the boys had a tendency to get together throughout the week to discuss their mutual woes. Supporting their wives through their first pregnancy was scary stuff, and they were happy they had each other to lean on.

"She was crying because we haven't finished painting one of the walls," Sam shared. "I told her she was being ridiculous because—."

Mike cut him off right there. "Sam, you never tell her she's being ridiculous about anything. Remember that time I told Tina she was being ridiculous for buying every baby outfit in 4 different sizes?"

They both shuddered at the memory.

All four of them had gone shopping for the babies. The girls were convinced they all needed the bonding time since they and their babies would all be spending so much time together.

"Dr. Laurel's book says it's important for everyone who's going to be involved in the babies' lives to be on the same page," Tina said smiling happily as she and Mercedes walked into one of the boys' clothing aisles. Their latest ultrasounds had revealed both families were welcoming baby boys.

Mercedes turned to smile at Sam and Mike and nodded her head in agreement with Tina's statement. "It's important that the babies have a nurturing and stable environment," she added.

The two of them had been reading baby books together since Mercedes found out she was pregnant a few weeks after Tina. So had Sam and Mike—but the girls had taken it to another level, practically memorizing the text line for line.

Sam and Mike nodded their heads at their wives and followed along behind them with the carts. They didn't think they needed any more bonding, but they wouldn't complain if it made their girls happy.

As soon as they turned into the clothing aisle and saw the baby shoes, though, they couldn't suppress their feelings. They both headed off eagerly toward the shoes. Mike picked up a pair of red and black baby Jordan's and held them out for Sam to see.

Sam, in turn, held up a pair of blue baby Chuck's and the two grinned at each other, barely containing their excitement. They both turned enthusiastically back to the selection to pick out some more.

It was then that their wives walked over, each carrying an armful of baby clothes to dump into the carts. Mercedes grinned at Sam, happily watching him pick out a few more pairs of Chuck's. She was completely enamored by his enthusiasm.

Similarly, Tina flashed Mike a fond smile and told him, "I should have known your first purchase for our kid would be sneakers."

"They're so cute," Mike explained, holding up another pair of sneakers to show them.

"We need to get each one in a few different sizes," Tina said sweetly then. "The baby is bound to grow out of them quickly. That's what we did with the clothes."

"That's ridiculous," Mike said without thinking. "We'd just be wasting a lot of money." Sam nodded his agreement.

Mike and Sam had returned to their shopping, oblivious to the impending storm. Tina, who was prone to cry even when she wasn't hormonal, full on started sobbing in the aisle, saying that she was just trying her best to be a good mother—that she wanted to be prepared.

"How could you ever think that was a waste?" Tina asked through her tears. Her crying had spurred on Mercedes' and the two boys turned bewildered eyes onto their hysterical wives.

The pair of women stood in the aisle, their arms wrapped around each other in an awkward hug as they cried—their baby bumps keeping them from getting close enough for a proper hug. Their husbands struggled for the correct response. When Sam attempted to place a comforting hand on Mercedes' back, she shook him off.

Grabbing their shopping carts, she and Tina took off for another aisle still in tears, leaving their husbands behind feeling like a couple of befuddled jerks.

Another pregnant woman who'd been in the aisle with them walked past the boys, shooting them a glare on her way, while her husband walked silently behind her smiling sympathetically.

It'd taken the rest of the day to get the girls to forgive them. Sam had come up with an idea for a double date. They'd apologized, gotten their girls some flowers, and taken them to dinner. Tina and Mercedes had come around after that.

Mike and Sam made a note to choose their words more wisely from then on.

It seemed, however, both men had struggled to remember that lesson today.

"I know, but she was. We're more than a month away from the due date—and, I'm pretty sure the baby is not going to come home from the hospital, look around, and refuse to stay in his room because the wall isn't painted."

"I get it, man. I agree with you, but it's like some hyper-nesting thing. I read about it in one of those pamphlets they have at Lamaze. Like, they just need to organize everything and everything has to be perfect or it's like they can't breathe. It gets worse closer to the due date," Mike said.

"I just can't stand to watch her get so upset. Mercy's a trooper. She never cries about anything, and then suddenly it's like waterworks for everything and it literally kills me every time," Sam said.

"Well, Tina always cries, but this is overdrive. She was reading an article on the internet and it said that Asian babies are commonly born with this inherited blood disease, like 100,000 babies are born with it each year. No joke, she cried for hours. I had to find another article that claimed something different so she would calm down. Then I had to call the doctor to confirm," Mike said.

"Mercedes cries over Lifetime movies. It used to be her thing with Santana. They'd watch one or two every few weeks and just laugh at them. Now all Mercy does is cry so Santana stopped coming over for that. She said Mercedes would get her hormones all over her," Sam said with a roll of his eyes. "So, now I'm the Lifetime movie partner."

Sam lay back, dropping his head onto the back of the couch and Mike copied the action, resting his sneakered-foot against the coffee table.

Sam immediately lifted his socked-foot and kicked it off. "Dude, you're not the only one trying to survive these uncertain times, alright? And now that you've gotten yourself evicted, we gotta play this right or we'll both be out on our asses. I don't need another lecture about maintaining a cleanly environment for the baby."

Mike nodded, setting his feet firmly back on the floor. "You too?" he asked Sam.

Sam nodded solemnly—glad he had his friend around who understood exactly what he was going through.

He and Mercedes had always been in tune as a couple. Everything between them just worked so well. They could talk about anything for hours. She appreciated his humor and he adored her sass. If one of them was upset, the other one knew just what to do. Whatever the bond was between them, it was strong and it simply worked. Sam had always taken great pride in that.

During her pregnancy, however, he felt like they'd lost that a little bit. It made him crazy to think that he didn't know how to help her. When it came to her, feeling like he didn't understand her or that he was at a loss for words wasn't something he liked. He wanted to be her everything and he couldn't help feeling like a disappointment every time she fell apart like this.

He knew that this wasn't a walk in the park on her end, either, and tried to be as sympathetic as he could, but he couldn't deny that, sometimes, he just missed his wife.

"She tells me not to touch her because she's too bloated and nauseated, but if I don't touch her, then she says I think she's gross," Sam said.

Mike nodded in agreement. "If I'm around, I'm smothering her. If I'm not around, I'm having second thoughts and I'm going to leave," Mike added.

"I wish there was some sort of handbook to tell us what to do," Sam said.

"Yup," Mike agreed. "A manual would be good right about now."

At that moment, what Sam had been dreading since Mike's arrival finally occurred. Mercedes' cell phone went off upstairs and Sam was up in a flash.

"Stay here," he hissed at Mike and then quietly made his way toward the bedroom.

"T, slow down. I can't understand you. Take a few deep breaths and try again," Sam heard Mercedes saying as he approached the door.

He peered around the open doorway and Mercedes waved him over, grabbing his hand in a death grip when he got closer to her. The look on her face was intent as she listened to Tina on the other end.

"What do you mean Mike left you?" Mercedes said in the same alarmed tone Sam had used when Mike showed up earlier. She turned wide eyes to Sam whose throat had suddenly gone dry.

"He called your baby a what?" Mercedes asked—her little button nose scrunched up in confusion and Sam had to battle hard to keep from succumbing to another round of laughter.

"T, stop crying. You did tell him to leave so he's probably just waiting it out. I'm sure he didn't go far," Mercedes said. If only she knew just how close he truly was, Sam thought.

"I'm gonna get Sam to take me to you. We're gonna figure this all out," Mercedes said. A few seconds later she wrapped up her call with Tina and moved to start the process of getting out of bed, and waddling to the car.

Sam stopped her, holding her in place with his hands on her shoulders.

"Sam, I don't have time. It's already going to take me an hour to toddle my way outside. Tina's in bad shape right now. I have to get there," she said attempting to move his hands. "Did you speak to Mike?"

Sam swallowed. Mercedes was nothing but fiercely protective of her best friend. Mike was a wanted man and he was going to get it. Sam would probably be roped in for harboring a fugitive. Nevertheless, he went with honesty.

"He's downstairs," Sam said.

"In this house?" Mercedes asked incredulously. Sam nodded and braced himself. Mercedes didn't disappoint.

"Why the hell didn't you say anything? She's over there crying," Mercedes said shaking him off.

"Baby, calm down, okay?" Sam said. "It's not good for you to get so worked up."

"Don't tell me to calm down! He walked out on her and he's just sitting around down there while she's bawling her eyes out," Mercedes said finally managing to stand up. She waddled towards the door, and even though it was completely inappropriate in the situation, Sam couldn't help his smile at how adorable he found her in her maternity footie pajamas. The yellow rubber duckies printed on the pink material pretty much sent the cuteness quotient through the roof.

"In all fairness," he said as he followed after her, "she told him to leave."

"Because he was being an ass," Mercedes said angrily. She grabbed onto the banister and descended the stairs slowly—refusing Sam's offered help.

"All she wanted were some chicken nuggets. She's carrying around a child who weighs as much as a bowling ball in her belly because of him. The least he can do is get her some damn chicken nuggets if she wants them," Mercedes said.

Sam could certainly see her point and apparently so could Mike because he appeared before them then.

"I know," Mike said sheepishly coming around the corner. "I tried to apologize, but she started throwing the eggs and she told me to get out. I just came here to let her cool down before I went back to try to talk to her again."

Mercedes stopped short on the stairs to take him in and Sam watched her warily. "Well, she isn't cooling down," Mercedes said tightly. She loved Mike, but if it came to picking sides, she'd always be on Tina's. "She's over there bawling her eyes out. You need to go home and make this right and bring her those damn nuggets. Then, you need to bring her to me for some girl time," Mercedes said.

Even in pink, duckie-covered pajamas, the diva commanded authority.

Mike nodded his understanding, waving at Sam before he headed out. Sam sighed as he continued to follow behind Mercedes. She finally reached the bottom of the stairs and made her way to the living room.

She sat down on in the spot Mike had just recently vacated and Sam sat next to her, watching her intently. He didn't know what he expected her next action to be, but the series of tiny sniffles he heard threw him for a loop. She'd been the picture of collected and in control mere minutes ago.

"Hey, why are you crying?" Sam asked, squatting down in front of her and rubbing her arms in a soothing effort.

"I'm not crying," she said—the tear that streaked down her face a moment later said different. She swiped at it and rolled her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Sam pried. Even if he didn't always know exactly how to deal with her rapidly changing moods, he would always try.

"I yelled at you earlier," Mercedes said and then the dam truly burst. "I didn't mean to. I just got nervous because we're so close to the due date and I just want everything to be ready. I don't want the baby to have an ugly room." She practically wailed the last sentence and looked at him with the widest, apologetic eyes he'd ever seen.

Sam stifled a chuckle at that. "It's okay, baby, really," he said softly. He was unable to resist kissing her plump cheeks, even as her tears marred them. She was honestly the cutest thing he'd ever seen. She'd always have him wrapped around her little fingers.

"No it's not. I'm sorry I'm so ridiculous these days," she said dejectedly, looking down at her hands, and Sam felt a pang of guilt at her choice of words—knowing she was only echoing what he'd told her earlier.

"No, you're not," he said cupping her cheeks with both hands. "I can only imagine all the changes you're going through, baby. So, it's okay. I just wish I knew how to help you more."

She cried harder at this and lurched forward to hug him as she sobbed into his shoulder. Sam frowned. He was trying to make her feel better.

"You're being so understanding. It's okay if you're mad, you know?" she said quietly into his shoulder. "I know I'm not the easiest person to deal with right now."

Sam rubbed her back comfortingly. "I'm not mad. We just have to work together through this. It's a scary time for us both, but we'll be alright."

She pulled back and smiled at him—the first genuine one he'd seen all day and his heart fluttered at the sight. Even if she was going through major changes, this was the woman he loved. She was still with him.

"There's my beautiful smile," he said to her and pressed a light kiss onto her smiling lips. He pulled back to kiss her protruding belly, rubbing it with his hands. He felt tiny kicks against his hands and smiled at her in awe. Feeling his unborn son moving around would never fail to amaze him.

"Hi, Cameron," he said, laughing when he felt more kicks against his hand.

Mercedes sat back against the couch while Sam amused them both, having a serious conversation with her belly. He made sure to let Cameron know he certainly wouldn't be coming home to an ugly room and Mercedes rolled her eyes at him.

No matter how many times he griped about the crazy things this pregnancy was putting them through, he knew he'd go through it a million times and more. The moments like this were worth every bit of difficulty.

A little while later, Mike returned with a smiling Tina in tow. He also held two bags of 10-piece chicken nugget meals from McDonald's in hand. The girls settled in the master bedroom with their food, happily chattering away—the drama of the day forgotten. Sam left a box of tissues close at hand as they tuned in to a Lifetime movie, before he and Mike headed downstairs to watch a football game in the living room.

The exhausted pair was asleep by halftime.

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