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Mercedes woke up to her dark bedroom, instinctively knowing something was off. Sam's usual warmth around her was missing—the man was a notorious cuddler—and his now familiar snores failed to sound in the silent room.

Squinting her eyes against the glare, Mercedes checked the time on the alarm clock on her nightstand. The bright green LED numbers let her know it was just a few minutes past 3am, and cast a tiny glow around the bedroom—enough for her to determine Sam wasn't there.

She sat up blearily, looking toward the bathroom—after his particular faux pas with that night's dinner, she wouldn't be surprised if he was spending his night in there. He'd insisted on trying a new marinara recipe, heavy on the sriracha as Tina had been raving about it. Sam had downed about a gallon of water with his meal.

Seeing that the bathroom lights were off, and not hearing the telltale signs of an overworked bladder, Mercedes rubbed the sleep from her eyes and resolved to go off in search of him in the one place she knew he'd be.

As if on cue, she heard some shifting on the baby monitor that sat on her nightstand, before Sam's soft humming permeated the quiet room. She smiled as the hum transitioned into Sleep,Baby,Sleep and their son, Cameron, cooed faintly.

After gently easing her still-sore body out of the bed, Mercedes quietly padded down the hallway to their son's nursery. She peered around the door, not wanting to disturb them—it was a small thrill for her to look in these moments.

She watched as Sam cradled their son to his chest, almost reverently, as he continued to sway around gingerly with him to the lullaby he sang. Cameron fussed lightly, one of his tiny hands clutching onto the fabric of Sam's t-shirt, while he sucked on the thumb of his other hand. Sam rubbed his large hand across the baby's back in a soothing motion and interrupted his song to drop a kiss to his son's forehead. Cameron quieted, closing his eyes again.

Mercedes' heart melted as she watched them—her little family. These were the moments they'd dreamed of, way before she and Sam had made it official—back when they were just two teenagers in love, spouting lofty ideas of the kind of life they might make together. But, it wasn't just a dream anymore—this was it. They'd made it passed all the heartache, passed all the drama, passed everything that threatened to keep them apart with the sheer strength of the love they had for one another—they made it. And now they were here, counting their blessings and simply basking in their happiness.

Mercedes couldn't help her heart feeling full at the sight—or her feet from moving toward them now.

Sam's sway slowed slightly when he saw her, and he offered her a soft smile as she moved closer, reaching a hand out to bring her into their embrace. Mercedes went without hesitation, wrapping her arm around his waist and placing her free hand on their son's back.

She smiled again, tearing up at Cameron's relaxed stance, as he continued sucking on his thumb. She felt Sam's arm squeeze her a little tighter and smiled wider when he dropped a kiss to her forehead. Tearing her eyes away from Cameron, she looked up to her husband.

"He was crying," Sam said quietly when their eyes locked.

"I didn't hear the monitor," Mercedes said, eyes furrowed in concern. It was a fear of hers that she'd be sleeping and fail to hear Cameron's cries. She was always obsessively checking and re-checking the settings.

"Alright, so maybe he was about to cry and I was already standing in here watching him sleep," Sam admitted a bit sheepishly.

Mercedes concerned expression transitioned into a fond smile. She closed her eyes, giggling as she rubbed at her face with her hand, before settling it back on Cameron's back.

Sam had been doing the same thing for the two weeks Cameron had been home with them, which is how she'd guessed he'd likely be in the nursery when he wasn't in their bed. Simply put, Sam was in awe of his son. He watched him constantly, fascinated with every little thing he did—from opening his eyes, to breastfeeding, to sucking his thumb, to sleeping.

"I can always catch up on sleep," Sam had said, brushing off Mercedes' concern. "You remember that article we read? The one that said that they change real fast when they're this little. I just don't want to miss anything."

Mercedes didn't think he would—the man was like a one-person paparazzi crew as it was. His camera was permanently attached to his hand. She was sure they had enough pictures and footage of the seventeen days of their son's life to fill a gallery. And, if she was being honest, she had not an ounce of room to judge his fervor—she was just as bad as he was.

Surely Kurt and Blaine hadn't needed to see all of the 150 shots she'd showed them when they came to visit the baby, but she'd showed them off proudly anyway.

The only people who seemed to understand and match their passion were Tina and Mike, whose son, Tyler, was born the same day. They eagerly traded pictures back and forth, fawning over each other's baby boys, and eagerly planning how the 'twins' would do everything together.

"I can't help it," Sam whispered in the quiet nursery, nuzzling his nose into the baby's soft honey-blond hair."We spent so much time dreaming him up, dreaming this life up for us, and now he's here and it's happening. It still just kinda blows my mind."

Mercedes offered him a smile so full of the love and admiration that threatened to spill out of her. That feeling of contentment she felt every time she thought of their little family, of the life they were building together, she knew Sam felt it, too.

She laid her head on the free side of Sam's chest and tightened her hold on his waist. "He's asleep," she whispered quietly, running a finger gently over Cameron's forehead. He continued sucking on his thumb and sleeping peacefully.

Sam's only response was to pull her tighter to his chest, still humming and swaying gently.

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