Words: 173

Author's Note: This was originally written for a small event on Tumblr. I have quite a few of these that'll I'll be posting periodically. Enjoy!

Loved and Lost

Harry used to leave letters around the house for her to find. Despite what most people thought, Harry was quite the romantic. That's why Clara married her. Harriet was the best thing that happened to her.

But then things changed. Harry started drinking. She would come home later and later, and eventually days would span before she even saw Harriet again. Clara - she couldn't take the worry. Her worst fear was that she would get a phone call one morning informing that they had found her wife dead in a ditch somewhere.

She couldn't take it.

One morning after Harriet had remained home - before she started drinking, Clara spoke. "I can't do this anymore, Harry..." And she left.

She found Harry's last letter in her purse. A vast proclamation of love and adoration and apologies. She wanted to run back, but she just couldn't. Not now after she stormed out.

She closed her eyes and let her heart break and spill over the last declarations of her wife before she left.