The two men were busy at work, Tom, smiling and serving customers and Hal precisely cleaning the tables. The café was pretty dead, only one couple squabbling and an old man reading his paper, both men's heads popped up at the sound of the bell, and in came a girl, a very peculiar girl if you asked the vampire, because her hair was a long and curled, but a delicate powder pink, her skin was so pale you'd think her a corpse and her outfit was obviously the work of a mad man, her arms covered by grey leg warmers, wearing a hello kitty shirt and a pink thigh high pleated skirt, grey and pink knee length socks covering her milky skin and a pair of pink tap shoes to finish.

"hiya" she smiled innocent and brightly to the werewolf

His smile just big as he nods "alright, meat banquet with chips and extra bacon?"

She tilts her head and laughs "as always! How's the house hunting, didn't get a chance to ask last time?"

"I got a place with some mates, its good! How's the job hunting?" he politely asks while going through the back to make her order

The pink haired girl smiles and leans on the counter, counting out the money from her purse "crap, turns out you need qualifications to get a job!"

He walks back in with a smile "you'll get one soon, I mean you're a nice girl and people should be giving you a job… um, hang on, you've given us too much"

She shakes her head and says "nope you forgot my doctor pepper…"

His face shines in realization and he pulls a can from the fridge, she takes it and walks back "I'll be over there!"

She pops the can open, taking a long swig while sliding into the booth, Hal can't help but pick up the vague scent of copper and embers, he looks around to see the fighting duo now at peace and walking out with a smile, the old man having fallen asleep and the pink haired girl humming along with her headphones. He shakes off the feeling and goes to the kitchen, removing his rubber gloves and looks to his werewolf friend, who's plating up "Tom, you're aware that that meat is barely cooked right?"

He shrugs, handing the plate to Hal "that's how she likes it. Couldn't take this over for us could you, I need to call up the supply fella?"

He just nods and walks back out and over to the girl, he places the food in front of her, the smell from before washing over him. The girl pulls out her headphones and smiles up at him, her diamond blue eyes meeting his green glazed caramel (I'm not sure on the color of his eyes so I guessed, sorry) "you're new…"

"Um, yes." He nods lightly, feeling slightly uncomfortable

She laughs lightly at his nervous attitude "well crack a smile babe, not the worst job in the world."

"Try it" he says with a slight bitterness but she just laughs

He walks off as she starts eating her meal, drops of blood falling back onto the plate. He sends a look back over to her and then into the kitchen, just as Tom hangs up the phone "what's up with you? Someone get a paper cut again?"

The vampire sends a glare to the boy before asking "Tom, that girl, the strange one with the pink hair, who is she?"

"Don't know her name, nice she is though, comes in every now and then, always asks how I am and leaves a decent tip to, real lady. Why?" he stands with his arms folded, seeming confused

The vampire sends a cautious glance to the girl and says "there's something off about her, she's just… not quite right…"

The wolf joins him by the kitchen door and shrugs "she seems alright to me, she's nice."

Hal shakes his head "she does, doesn't she, but can't you smell it? She's different Tom."

"I think your just looking for trouble, things are quiet, leave it alone mate." But as the boy goes back to work Hal can't take his eyes of the girl as she devours the meat filled sandwich gleefully

The pink girls tongue swipes over her lips, cleaning the blood as she smiles over to Tom, who's waking up the old man. He walks over to her with another can "Here, you go."

"My hero." She beams up at him and takes the drink, but her gaze shifts the weary man in the threshold of the kitchen

"Your mate seems… nice." She says unconvinced

The werewolf looks back at Hal and shrugs "he's alright when you get to know him, bit OCD though."

She smiles and shakes her head with a chuckle "well takes all kind I guess, thanks for the grub."

She stands and slips a fiver into his apron and opens her can "see you next time babe."

He watches her go with a smile and Hal runs to his side "did you sense it?"

He just shrugs and sighs "she smells alright to me."

He gets back to work but the vampire can't help but stand for a moment, thinking back to a time when he'd smelt that scent… he just couldn't put his finger on it.

Its four days later when they see the girl again, but Tom's face falls at the sight, she storms in with tears rolling down her cheeks and arms cluttered with bags and she slumps into the nearest booth. Tom moves quickly, taking a can from the fridge and moves past Hal who tries to stop him, but he's already round at the table "you alright?"

Her blue eyes snap up to meet his chocolate ones and she bite back a sob, giving a sad little smile as he offers her the Dr. Pepper "not really, thanks."

She takes the can and looks up at him as he asks nervously "anything I can do?"

Before she can answer the bell of the door chimes and in storms a tall blonde man, he pushes past the werewolf and starts grabbing the girl's bags but she shouts "get off Mick!"

"Come on, can't we talk about this back home?" he pleads, leaning onto the table

Her gaze is hard and cold as she meets his emerald eyes "go fuck yourself!"

He sighs and hits the table with the flat of his palm "for fucks sake Sunny, grow up and come home."

"Home? Oh, you mean that place where you were just caught shagging your ex?" she screams back at him

He grabs her arm and gives a tug, but is quickly pulled back by the werewolf "shouldn't grab women like that mate."

The blonde turns and eyeballs Tom, not seeing Hal coming from behind the counter "push off yeah, kid"

"Leave him alone Mick, it's not his fault you're a twat." Stands the pink haired girl, Sunny

He turns to her and shoves her back into the both "why don't you just shut the fuck up for once?"

Hal looks to the three and stands before the man, beside his wolf friend, holding him back from killing the human "that was uncalled for; I think it would be best for you to leave…"

"I think you lot should mind your own business." He bites back in an annoyed tone

Suddenly they are all shocked as the bully is thrown across the room, laying down for the count against the floor, the two left standing turn to see the sweet looking girl panting furiously, her radiant blue eyes now coated over with a yellow glow, the milky skin now almost grey with black veins pulsing, her pearly white teeth now jagged and razor-sharp "I'm not a punching bag!"

Both men look at her with wide eyes as Mick comes to, he stands and looks at his girlfriend, seeming unfazed by her monstrous appearance and rubbing his throbbing head "you know what Sunny fuck it! And you wonder why I went for Jess, Maybe because she's not a fucking freak."

A sharp gasp escapes the girl, her ferocious features in place and her manicured hand coming to her mouth in shock as she sobs "how could you say that to me?"

He shakes his head, arms flying in defeat "because it's true, when we got together you were exciting and new and now I realize you're just some freak with an addiction problem."

She quickly throws her can at him and screams "you bastard! You know I haven't touched a human in over twenty years."

"A junkies a junkie sweetheart." He shrugs casually

Tears stream down her cheeks as she goes to climb over the table and kill her boyfriend, but two strong hands quickly pull her back, the vampire having been closest to her and Tom round the room, punching the man square in the jaw, but before her even as a chance to stumble he's got him by the collar "you're not a nice man and I don't want you coming back here."

He throws the man out by the scruff of his neck and Hal releases the girl who just falls into a fit of sobs against the extremely uncomfortable vampire's chest, he looks to the Werewolf for help and he gently puts his hand on the girls back "hey, come on, I'll get you another can…"

He sweetly helps her back into her seat, much to Hal's relief, she wipes at her eyes and says "sorry about that, didn't mean to coarse use any trouble."

"It's alright, no bother, right Hal?" the boy sits facing the pink haired girl

"Um, well, considering the hassle we usually have it was barely a glitch." He answers with a slight shrug

She looks up with a shake of his head "two years I was with him, I trusted him and then he goes back to that? Don't get me wrong I know I'm not a tall, skinny super modal but I'm adorable, look at me, cute as a button, but Jess, the girls a dog, a fat round orange dog!"

The two men exchange nervous and hesitant glances, when Hal chirps in "you seem like a lovey girl, so it's his loss."

She smiles up at him as Tom continues "yeah, and you have pink hair, it's pretty"

She laughs and wipes a tear from her cheek, her eyes blue again "thanks, you two are really sweet… I don't even know your names."

"Well, I'm Tom McNair and this is Hal." He offers the girl who just nods

"Sunny Clayton" she smiles to them then puts her head in her hands

The vampire sighs and folds his arms "look may I just ask… what are you?"

Her head lobs into one hand as she sighs "oh, I thought you knew… I mean being a werewolf and a vampire I just assumed…"

They both shrug lightly and Tom asks "hang on; you knew I was a werewolf all this time?"

"Well yeah, I knew he was a vampire the second I walked in to, it's the smell thing…" she shrugs

They stare at her for a moment until Hal sighs "well… what are you?"

She shakes her head for a second then answers "oh, right, I'm a Wendigo!"