Hi. This is a short one-shot that I wrote tonight after a very, very, very, very long day.

An unusual view of Dean's drinking habits. I hope you will enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING.

They wait, crammed against each other in the dark, a constant and pervasive chill turning their once warm skin to match the temperature of their environment; of ice.

They remain silent save for the occasional moment when their surroundings tilt; as one of them stumbles and lists to the side, the clang of their body against the wall left to reverberate through the enclosed space before silence takes hold once more.

They wait for the next time the latch will be lifted, signalling the moment when another will be taken.

The squeak of a rusty hinge rattles through their confines and the compartment is flooded with light from above. Not a word is spoken as one more of their kind is grabbed roughly by the neck and pulled through the opening so quickly that they barely feel a ray of sunshine before they are again thrust into darkness.

They wait. There were a dozen of them when this started; their numbers since have dwindled down to three. The others have gone; have served their purpose and likely lay discarded among a mountain of carcasses; of so many previous visitors to this place.

The temperature continues its steady climb upwards and time continues to march on. Their bodies have begun to lose their appeal; the once frozen shavings they were placed within having since melted into a warming pool of water.

The hinge opens; the passage of time apparent as the sun no longer shines as brightly, unable to reach inside.

They are pelted with ice as it cascades from the opening above like raindrops that fall over a parched desert. Soon they are covered up to their necks in the frozen substance but, as the lid closes and they are left alone to continue their vigil, it is now only a matter of time.

It is clear that those remaining will also be called upon to play their part, like so many others before. It is their turn; to quench this human's unstoppable and unending thirst, if even for a short time.

The End. Thanks for stopping by!