No! It Was Not The Butler!

The bulldog was digging in its bone yard. He was tireless. One, two... five bones and a toy had been discovered by the dog. The next treasure was interesting. Spooky dug out a golden jeweled cross.

This peculiar cross was placed there on 1880, when Neville Carter´s great-grandfather had bought the mansion. This cross kept demons, like Boos, out of the house which laid on top of a destroyed Satanic temple´s ruins. When Spooky took it away of its special place, the cross´s protection faded away.

Of course, the dumb dog knew nothing. Neither did its master.

Neville Carter, the master, was a red-haired man in his early forties. He had mustache and a highly scholastic mind. He read a lot, that was for sure. Even though, he never read about the mansion´s dark past nor the sacred cross. He was the fourth owner of the house, after his father, who never told him about the important cross. The late father was dead now. Nothing he could do to stop his son, Neville, from dying of the imps who longed for the removal of the cross.

At the time, the actual owner sat with his wife, Lydia Mallory, sharing teatime. They sat peacefully until their twin children shouted in despair.

"Mommy!Daddy! Come to the bone yard, please! Spooky is...!" they screamed but cut short.

The parents were puzzled. Hurriedly, they scrolled through the stairs and halls. The couple arrived at the bone yard, where the family´s dog laid dead.

Spooky was in the floor, with its dead jaws clinched to something. The curious object called old Neville´s attention.

"Hmm?"he said, picking up the treasure. He realized that the cross might have importance. He took it to his study for analyzing it and investigation in books.

In the study, Neville sat, and took a book from the bookshelf. This book held the whole written story about the Carter family. Several pages were blank, for further generations to fill in. Amid the book, Neville saw a picture... a picture remarkably similar to the cross. He read the description and he realized that...

"The cross is sacred!"he hollered.

Just then, a cataclysmic tremor shook the mansion.

"What happens?" everyone screamed the question.

What happened was that the house was falling down. Old, wooden stairs cracked, bricks fell, furniture dismantled, and people died. The innocent family died because of the former Satanic temple´s lost souls. All was the bulldog´s fault!

This was the bitter end of the Carters, and even in the early XXI century, the ghastly manor appeared, with the last people who inhabited it.

Inside, Neville kept studying to find if there was a way to restore the once prosperous Carter family. Luckily for them, there was a prophecy about a green-clad hero who would take the Christian Carter family (and maybe, by the Lord´s mercy, the sinful family members) to another resting place, away from the impish devils´ wrath... even if that meant a portrait.