Don't leave me...please!


I was sitting on my bed, crying. The reason why? all started out like this: Me and Zoey had founed out that we've been living in the same small town and goes to diffirent school's here. Zoey cares about my M.P.D, but those are the happy thoughts. The reason why I was crying was because of all of the student's from my school, how they're always picking on me, how they're always trying to activate one of my personalities to make fun of me, and how I'm always abused before or after school.

Of course, Zoey's always sticking up for me. Ever since I've told her about my M.P.D, she didn't mine at all. In fact..I could still remember the talk that we've had right after I took full control of my personalities.


"Zoey, charactors..they're not just for show..I..I have multiple personalities."

"Yeah..I know..Cameron just told me."

"Sorry!" Cameron screams from behind them.

"I should've told you first. I just didn't want you to think that I was a total freak. Because the real me..really likes you..a lot..." Zoey starts to giggle, causing Mike to get a little confused by this.

"Are you kidding? I love odd-balls. And you're the coolest ever! Multipiles just means there's more Mike to love."

They share a lovely embrasse.

*End of Flashback*,

I smile as I remember that happy memory. But I was so sad about my life still...except for the parts that inclued Zoey...she always makes me feel so happy, she rocks my world..and I would NEVER give her up for anything. Well...maybe just for one-

"NO," I shout to myself as I get up from my bed.

"I would NEVER do that...not to myself. I can't even bare to see Zoey like that if I did do that." I say sadly to myself, then plop back down on my bed.

You see...I was thinking about killing myself...for days, week, months...maybe even years!

I look at my desk...and sighs...I knew that I didn't want to suffer any longer, but I didn't want Zoey or my own family to suffer eather...if I did do this.

I then slowly walk towards my desk and start slowly writing a "will" at my point of view.

I then sadly place the letter, along with a picture of me, on the side of my bed. Then...I slowly take a pocket knigh from my bedroom drewer, that I got while I was in Cub Scouts, and whispers "I'm so sorry..."

I had tears rolling down my eyes, then slice my arm, but it wasn't that deep.

I faint and crash onto the eyes have tears rolling down onto the floor, along with some of my fresh blood. I close my eyes as I bleed badly, wondering if anybody will ever come to my aid as I think about myself dying...or am I...

Story's NOT done yet!

Just about 3 more chapters.