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Greyback's Trial

"Are you ready to go?" Harry asked Ron as he straightened his tie in the mirror.

"Almost," called Ron, swiftly pulling on his jeans before throwing on his robes. He didn't exactly know how to feel about Greyback's upcoming trial. Thousands of emotions overwhelmed him all at once – fear, anger, pity, vengeance – and he didn't know which one he felt more strongly. As he and Harry made their way downstairs and said goodbye to Mrs Weasley, he felt his heart race faster and his palms sweat. What if his testimony wasn't enough? What if Greyback was released? After everything that he'd done, Ron couldn't – wouldn't – let him escape. Greyback could rot in Azkaban for eternity as far as Ron was concerned.

He and Harry arrived at the Ministry and promptly reported to Courtroom 10 in the lower levels of the Ministry. Harry looked around in apprehension – he had been there only once before for his disciplinary hearing and it was not a pleasant experience. Kingsley approached them, looking extremely regal in his midnight blue robes, and took them over to the witness stand, where they would watch the trial. The entire room was filled with members of the Wizengamot, all dressed in similar robes to Kingsley's in shades of maroon, emerald, grey and purple. In the centre of the room sat a rather menacing looking chair with shackles that lay open on the arms and legs. Ron shuddered when he thought of what they were used for, but when he remembered it was for Greyback, he felt a sense of satisfaction and justice.

Already over at the witness stand, were the members of Harry's Auror team. Winston looked completely healed and gave them a hearty wave, which Ron returned half-heartedly. They sat down next to Tess, whose face was heavily bandaged and she gave them a weak smile.

"Hey, how's it going?" asked Ron.

Tess sighed and shrugged. "S'alright, I guess," she mumbled sadly. "Hard to come to terms that I am stuck with this for the rest of my life. I'm hideous!" She pointed to her bandaged face, where underneath, lay torn and scarred flesh. Ron patted her shoulder sympathetically.

"It's okay, Tess," Ron assured her. "The same thing happened to my eldest brother, and he ended up getting married to a part-Veela. These scars show the world that you are brave. That's much more important than looks."

Tess gave him a grateful smile and turned back to watch the trial begin. Kingsley assumed his position at the lectern and rapped his gavel on the desk three times.

"Attention, attention," he said in his deep, loud voice. "Would the defendant please be brought forward!"

Ron shivered as the room suddenly turned icy cold. Two Dementors appeared, holding Greyback roughly by the arms, and brought him to the chair. Greyback didn't seem to struggle. In fact, he was so pale, he looked as if he could pass out any second. As soon as he sat down, the shackles bound his arms and legs, restraining his movement. The Dementors returned to their posts outside the courtroom and Ron gave a sigh of relief. Although they had never affected him as bad as they did Harry, Ron still felt extremely uncomfortable around Dementors. They seemed to bring all his worst nightmares to life. Once they were gone, Greyback livened up too, and his familiar malicious grin slowly reappeared on his face. Ron glared at him. That urge to rip Greyback's limbs from his body with his bare hands resurfaced, and Ron gripped the arms of his chair tightly to stop himself from leaping over the platform.

Ron didn't even realise he was shaking until Harry put his hand on his shoulder.

"It's alright, mate," he said. "He's not going to be released."

Ron nodded his head stiffly.

"Attention!" Kingsley shouted again, rapping his gavel. "Are you Fenrir Horatio Greyback?" He peered down at Greyback with narrowed eyes, no emotion evident on his face.

"Yes," said Greyback proudly.

"And do you currently reside in the London underground?"


"Do you agree that you were amongst Lord Voldemort's supporters?"

Greyback hissed, exposing his long, sharp, yellow teeth. "He promised me victims! He promised me blood!"

Kingsley turned up his nose in disgust, while many of the Wizengamot bellowed curses down at him. One particular woman stood up and yelled, "You disgusting animal! You're a merciless monster!"

Ron whole-heartedly agreed with her but remained silent, letting his hatred boil inside of him.

"Order, order!" cried Kingsley, rapping his gavel again. The woman sat back down and the courtroom quietened. "Does the accused deny his most recent assault on the magical community; ambushing, kidnapping and torturing for three nights, a group of trainee Aurors?"

"No," Greyback sneered, his eyes flicking straight to Harry. Ron reached inside his robes and wrapped his hand around his wand. "They would have made a good meal."

Kingsley pretended to ignore that particular remark, as more shouts of rage erupted from the crowd.

"This Kiss!" shouted a young man on the opposite side of the courtroom. "He deserves the Kiss!"

Ron shuddered at the thought of the Dementor's Kiss. It was a punishment worse than death in his opinion, and as much as he hated Greyback for what he had done to innocent people, Ron didn't think anyone deserved their soul to be sucked out.

"Order! Do you admit that you were responsible for the death of Lavender Brown and other victims? Or the injuries to William Weasley and Tess Anderson?"

"I quite enjoyed it," he jeered. "Especially ripping that girl's throat out…" his voice trailed off as he looked up at the ceiling as though remembering eating a rather delicious sweet instead of a human being. "She tasted real good."

As the outraged shouts began and Ron's hatred burned in his blood, he realised that Greyback was playing the crowd – trying to get one of them to bite.

"Order!" Kingsley bellowed. "Would the accused please refrain from describing his offences?"

Greyback nodded his head, but his tongue flicked out and licked his lips.

"Now, seeing as you have confessed without the use of Veritaserum, we have no need to hear the witnesses. Wizengamot, all those in favour of conviction?"

Ron looked around gleefully as the entire room, including himself, Harry and the rest of the witnesses, raised their hands. Some even raised both arms.

Kingsley looked around the room quickly and then turned back to Greyback. "Fenrir Greyback, you are now sentenced to life in Azkaban under the charges of murder, kidnapping, torture, assault and association with enemies of the Ministry!" He rapped his gavel loudly for the last time. "Wizengamot dismissed."

Ron and Harry shared looks of relief. Finally, justice had won. They watched contentedly as Greyback was withdrawn by the Dementors – his face growing pale again. Then, the rest of the courtroom filed out.

"C'mon, let's get out of here," said Harry quickly. Once they were out of the courtroom, they both laughed and hugged each other.

"We did it, mate!" said Ron. "We sent him to Azkaban for life!"

Harry slapped his back. "You did it, Ron. If it weren't for you, we'd all be dead and he'd still be roaming around looking for more innocent victims. You're the hero."

Ron's ears grew hot and he gave Harry a punch in the arm. As they turned the corner, they bumped into someone. They gave a grunt of annoyance and Harry and Ron looked up to see none other than O'Keefe standing in front of them with his arms crossed.

"Watch where you're going, Potter," he said aggressively.

"Ah, O'Keefe."

The three of them turned around to see Kingsley standing behind them with a proud grin on his face. "I see you're talking to young Weasley here. He's quite the hero, you know?" Kingsley patted Ron's shoulder, never taking his eyes off O'Keefe. "Got the makings of a fine Auror, wouldn't you say?"

O'Keefe, Ron was glad to see, looked extremely uncomfortable and began to squirm and wring his hands together.

"Erm – yes I completely agree with you Minister," he said quickly.

Kingsley merely smiled. "I simply can't believe he wasn't accepted as an Auror, with skills such as his. It quite astonishing, don't you think?"

Ron was being to enjoy watching O'Keefe's torment more than he cared to admit. O'Keefe was crumbling under Kingsley's gaze and was trying to come up with arguments but kept coming up short.

"In fact," Kingsley continued, giving Ron's shoulder another slap. "I would think that, seeing as you are the Head of the Auror Department, that you would offer him a place right now! You certainly can't refuse such raw talent, can you?"

"Er – erm – certainly Minister… Weasley – tomorrow. Be here at 8:00am sharp."

Harry, Ron and Kingsley beamed identical grins.

"Wonderful!" cried Kingsley. "Well, good day to you, O'Keefe, Potter, Weasley."

"Nice seeing you, Minister," muttered O'Keefe bitterly. Once Kingsley was out of ear shot O'Keefe leaned closer and hissed, "Don't think that because you are the Minister's favourite that you get any special treatment. You will still have to complete the same workload. You'll get no special treatment from me. Potter, Weasley."

O'Keefe deliberately knocked into Ron's shoulder as he passed but Ron couldn't care less. He had finally been accepted into the Auror department.

"Congratulations, mate," Harry said proudly. "It's about time you got in."

Ron beamed at him and agreed. He couldn't wait to tell Hermione.

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