Drabble War March 2012

If you are interested in participating in a future "War of the Words" then come on over to the Drabble War Forum group on Facebook. In the docs, there are sign ups available for every month this year. "Wars" will take place on the middle weekend of each month. It is first come, first serve so come on over and claim your spot. We hope to see new "faces" each month!

The Drabble War Forum is not for authors only…it's also for the readers who want to follow along with the wars. It is a central place to meet and discuss the stories as they are posted. With each round, banners and summaries will be posted in the group as well as links to author profiles.

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While we are labeling this a war, please be aware that no official winner will be determined. This is all in good fun…just friendly competition. The real winners are the readers who get eight new stories each month!

Allow me to introduce the March participants:

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1.) CullensTwiMistress www . fanfiction . net/u/2593677/CullensTwiMistress

The Long Way Home by: CullensTwiMistress

Summary: Single mom Bella decides she's had enough of raising her daughter in the city and ends up moving back to her hometown near her family. Edward, also a single parent, tries his best to ignore his new neighbor but fate may have a better plan. AH. BxE. M for language and lemons. Romance/Family/Humor

2.) WitchyVampireGirl www . fanfiction . net/u/2624495/WitchyVampireGirl

I'll Stand By You by: WitchyVampireGirl

Summary: Bella and Edward meet briefly on her 21st birthday. When fate conspires for them to cross paths again months later, will they have the courage to make it last while facing their darkest fears?

3.) mmsinful www . fanfiction . net/u/1798291/mmsinful

Simply Promised by: mmsinful

Summary: Edward and Bella, best friends since babies, have promised to always be together and have each other's baby someday. Now, Edward is married and Bella has a fiancee. Edward reminds Bella of their simple promise, when he learns that his wife is unable to conceive. Surely something as simple as a baby won't come between them and their significant other.

4.) Lisa Fanfiction Harris (my slash profile) www . fanfiction . net/u/2951616/SlashGal

Therapy by: SlashGal

Summary: Edward Cullen is a user...an arrogant prick who is rich, independent, handsome and who only cares about two things…money and sex. He hooks up with randoms that come into his popular gay club in Hell's Kitchen, taking what he wants, when he wants, until the newly hired dancer, Jasper Hale, walks into his life and turns it upside down. Discovering that his new employee is immune to his charms, Edward sets himself a challenge to add Jasper to his list of conquests.

5.) TrueEnglishRose www . fanfiction . net/u/3069569/

Phoenix by: True English Rose

Summary: She's been part of his life longer than she realizes. When he stakes his claim, will she let him in, or turn him away? Will she have a choice? Can she rise from the ashes?

6.) Breath-of-twilight www . fanfiction . net/u/1795233/Breath_of_twilight

The Lie We Live With by: Breath-of-twilight

Summary: As a teenager, she loved him. Placed on a pedestal too high for most, he failed her. Paths chosen, decisions made, lives changed, they find their way back to one another. Now,Bella has it all. The perfect house, the perfect husband...the perfect life. But sometimes past decisions come back to haunt you. Now, Bella has to confess how she failed Edward and hope he'll be able to forgive her.

7.) Wants2BeACullen www . fanfiction . net/u/2120357/Wants2BeACullen

Dysfunction Junction by: Wants2BeACullen

Summary: Edward has been dating Bella for the last six months and finds himself falling hard. He comes to the conclusion that its time to invite her, her father and brother to his family's lodge on Lake Crescent to meet the Cullen's. When Jasper, Bella's brother meets Edward he wants him for himself. Rated: M for language and lemons. OOC AH BxE Humor/Romance

So, who's ready to rumble? We will begin posting Friday, March 16th…hope to see you all there!

A/N: Hello! It's been a while since I posted a new story or updated my WIPs. I hope you will all stick with me during this madness coming up and even after when I can dedicate my time fully to the other stories. This is a drabble and will post next weekend. Please put the other authors on your alert as well as me and I hope to hear from you all! You can find me on FB as Isobel Bitz Naught.

Special Thanks to HollBeth for taking time out her life to fix my chapter prettily.

Here is the first chapter. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. Plot belongs to me.

Simply Promised

Chapter 1

Renee POV

"Push, honey... Push!"

I look towards my right, directly where I know his crotch is located and think about hitting him there.

No niceties today... none.

I"m dying on this godforsaken hospital bed while his child demon tries to rip its way out of my small body.

I can't... I can't... It's ripping me apart!

"One more push, Renee," says Dr. Cullen, encouragingly.

That's it!

"You said one more push three fucking pushes ago!"

And if that doesn't get my point across, then I'm sure the growl I just made did its trick.

Dr. Cullen gets to work faster and then...

Unfuckingbelievable pain...

OH... MY ...GOD!

And just like that, relief enters my body as the cries of the baby fill the room.

I'm too tired to look.

I've never, ever done anything this hard in my life.

I'm never, EVER doing is again.

The nurse places the baby on my chest. She's heavy for such a small little thing.

Clear light skin color, rosy cheeks and nose. Small puff of brown hair covered in some type of nasty goo. Her eyes are grey, and I pray they turn like mine... ocean blue.

"Isabella," I whisper. "Isabella Marie Swan."

She is so beautiful and worth the pain.

Charlie's arms wrap around the two of us and when he smiles down at both of us with tears in his eyes...

I know, I feel it too.

Yes, very worth the pain.