Simply Promised

Future Outtake

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As soon as the coast is clear, I sneak out of the house.

I need to see her, even if it's from a distance.

I have to be careful and not get caught.

If Bella were to find out of my sneaking around...

Well, between her, Emmett, and Rosalie, I'd be a dead man.

Those three are as thick as thieves.

But I cannot worry about those three...

I'm on a mission.

As soon as I clear my back yard, I follow through the narrow path in the woods that will take me to her.

She always goes there.

That used to be our place... for me and her.

A place where we could be together alone and not be bothered by outside forces.

Until him.

When he moved next door...

I ceased to exist.

All she saw was him and all the good times they could spend together.

I was out of the equation and non-important.

Well, I guess I matter, but only when she needs advise regarding him.

Oh, how I hate him.

I reach my hiding spot and it doesn't take long before I see her in the center of the meadow.

She's sitting down reading the new book I just bought for her.

A smile graces my face.

How I love her...

She will always be my first, no matter what.

A minute later my smile fades.

What is that chump doing?

He walks up to her shows her something cupped in his hands.

She smiles at him and my insides churn

He leans close to her... close enough to kiss her.

I stand up without making noise...

I'm bringing him down... no matter what.


Oh shit!

"Don't you dare go in there and interrupt," Bella hisses quietly in my ear.

I look at Bella, still as beautiful as ever, even if she is scowling.

Has it been thirteen years that we've been married?

I can't tell, unless it's my anniversary.

Times does not matter to us.

"What do you think you're doing, huh? Did you think I wouldn't see you sneaking off?"

I press my lips together.

If I learned anything from the twins is to never admit to anything... unless there's undeniable proof.

"I just came for a jog," I whisper.

She cocks her eyebrow. "A jog?"

I feel my muscles tighten, ready to bolt.

Isabella Cullen is no one to be messed with, wife or not.

"You better walk back the way you came from right now."

"Or what," I taunt. "I'll sleep on the couch?"

She won't let me spend the whole night there because her feet get cold.

She needs me and she knows it.

"No. But I will tell Claire that you were spying on her during her first date with Richard," she threatens.

My heart almost stops.

"But she's only fifteen," I whine. "What if she needs me to protect her?"

"Edward," she says in a softer tone. "She doesn't need you to watch her every move. She will bust her ninja moves on you if she finds out. What she needs is for her daddy to be home so she can tell him about how she kicked his ass when he tried to get frisky with her."

I smile a little.

She's done that before.

But this chump... he's different.

I can see it.

Sense it.

With one last look at my daughter, my little girl, I let Bella pull me away from my heart.

Good thing I installed the cameras last night.

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