Chapter one: Dancing Benny

Third person point of view:

Ethan and benny were in Ethan's room. Benny was on the computer. Ethan was on his bed reading a spell book Benny brought over. "Having fun over there? Why are you reading that book? It's mine and I don't even read it." Benny said while he was looking through Ethan's songs on his computer. "Just seeing what kind of spells you can do." Ethan replied. It was Friday so Benny was staying a night. Benny hit a song on the computer (Beyoncé: Upgrade) and stood up and started dancing.

Benny's point of view:

I was getting so bored so I hit a random song and got up dancing. It was a stupid dance. I just did to not to be bored. I heard Ethan start laughing. He had a weird laugh but it was funny and cute. Wait! Did I just say his laugh was cute?

Ethan's point of view:

He hit that song and was dancing to it and it just made me laugh. When he stopped he hit another song (Eminem: Superman) and pulled me up then started dancing again. "Benny I'm not dancing." I said sitting back down and watched him dance. All I could think of is him making himself look like a fool. He was so goofy and acting like a fool. All I did was laugh. Then that thought popped in my head again. I thought he was funny goofy and cute. When I look at him I always think he is so cute and I just keep the thought to myself I knew I might be gay but he is the only guy I like. When I realized I liked him I kept trying to think of Sarah to keep myself from thinking of him. I just want to play with his brown hair and just stare into his green eyes. I always notice everything about him. Like every inch he grows. His clothes like right now he was wearing one of his polo shirts. It was blue and had a small stain at the very bottom in the back of the shirt that was from when he sat in ketchup that was part of a prank pulled by some jocks. His pants were black and were just a little bit too short. I was staring at him when I notice the song stopped and he was looking at me. "What am I just that good you couldn't stop looking at me?" He said jokingly not knowing I was looking at him with my secret crush. I just said "Yea you wish." He just went back to the computer and played another song (Aerosmith: Walk this way) and just started dancing again.