This is a one shot. BUT its a series of one shots involving Auslly in either friendship or romance. After all, my friends don't call me cupid for nothing. For some reason they consider me a hopless romantic, I go "AWWWW!" at like everything. Alright, they may have a point. ANYWAYS... feel free to motivate.

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"But I feel bad about it." Austin said AGAIN as they walked up to the store.

"Would you please stop aplogizing?" Ally sighed as she unlocked the door.

"But you never get any recognition. Dez had a point!" He was still dwelling on the fact that Dez had made a point, and even though Austin got her song on the radio... well... that didn't turn out well but... still she deserved some recognition!

"Austin. I don't mind. I shine through you." Ally laughed.

"But still, people don't know you." Austin pointed out.

"And that's that way I'd like it to stay." Ally walked over to the counter.

Austin sighed, "Stop being so stubborn." he complained.

"I'm not being stubborn. I'm being logical." Ally told him.

Austin sighed louder, "Come on. Let's go work on the new song." Austin said sadly, dragging Ally up the stairs.

"I'm sorry. It was a sweet idea, but I just don't think I belong in the spotlight. That's your place. I'm happy with mine." Ally said, they both sat on the piano bench.

"Okay." Austin agreed, an idea already forming in his mind.

"Trish?" Austin asked.

"What?" Trish spun around.

"I need a favor." Austin said.

"Austin and I are going to preform!" Trish squealed excitedly.

"Great! Which song?" Ally asked happily.

"The new one." Trish replied, the smile on Ally's face disappeared, then came back in less then a second, so Trish assumed she imagined it.

"Oh. Have fun. When are you preforming?" Ally wasn't doing so well at hiding her disapointment.

"Um, tomorrow night." Trish replied.

"Great." Ally smiled and went upstairs. Trish pulled out her phone and texted Austin.

Trish: Plan GAOSAMHFILWY is working well.

Austin: Plan what?


Austin: Can we shorten it to like plan G11 or something?

Trish: Why G11?

Austin: It starts with a G and there are 11 letters.

Trish: Oh. You're smarter than you look, Moon.

Austin: Yeah.

Trish: Don't get used to the compliments.

Austin: I know.

Trish: Just making sure. Are you positive this will work?

Austin: Knowing Ally and her loyalty, it will work perfectly!

Trish: Okay, but if something goes wrong it's all your fault.

Austin: Gee, thanks.

Trish: Anytime.

Austin had been smiling all day. And frankly, it was creeping Ally out. He kept staring at her.

"WHAT ARE YOU SMILING ABOUT?" Ally finally screamed around 5:00.

"Nothin'." Austin replied.

"You are going to drive me insane." Ally sighed.

"Okay." Austin still kept smiling,

"You're really creeping me out." Ally mumbled.

"Okay." The smile didn't leave. Ally sighed.

"Would you stop that?" She started unpacking a box.

"Nope." Austin replied. Ally rolled her eyes.

"Show time!" Austin screamed before running onstage.

"Trish, go on." Ally urged.

"I can't do this!" Trish ran off somewhere. Ally started to go after her. Dez stopped her.

"Ally, what are we gonna do. Austin doesn't know Trish bailed hes gonna bomb this." Dez pointed out.

"But Dez, she's-"

"I'll take care of Trish. Figure something out for Austin!" Dez ran off to find his frenemy. Ally did the only thing that came to mind. Austin was starting.


Well baby I fell for you


I wrote you this song

Austin waited, Trish didn't come. He looked like he was gonna panic. So Ally grabbed a microphone and ran on stage. Staring at Austin so she wouldn't look at the crowd. She sang the part Trish was supposed to.



I'll wait outside your door

Even though I know it's wrong


7 days a week

Every hour of the month

I gotta let you know where my heart is coming from


I shouldn't feel this way but I gotta say

Baby I gotta let you know


I will try everything

To make you come closer to me


And baby do you believe

That it's not just a phase

How can I get it through

To tell you

What I can't lose


I will try 365 Days

365 Ways to get to you



Yeah you get to you

You, you, you, you baby


Every second

Every tick, tick of the clock


Every second


I want you all to myself


I just can't handle being guilty

But girl I can't stop

Girl I don't want nobody else


No one else


No one else...


I will try 365 days

365 ways to get to you

Austin gave Ally a huge hug.

"Thanks." He mumbled into her hair.

"You owe me." Ally laughed.

"I know I do." Austin agreed. Ally looked over and saw Trish standing with Dez grinning evily.

"So your plan was to make me jealous by pretending you were going to sing the new love song with Austin? Bailed? And you knew I'd have to sing with him?" Ally recapped.

"Yeah pretty much." Dez said.

"You were in on this?" Ally screamed.

"Austin told him." Trish rolled her eyes.

"What? He guilted it out of me!" Austin said defensivly.

"So am I the only one who didn't know about this?" Ally asked, crossing her arms.

"Uh-huh." Trish nodded.

1 down. 99 to go. What did you think? I liked it.

365 Days- Tori and Andre from Victorious