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(This takes place 7 Years After Albums & Auditions, and they're all 22)

At first, Ally didn't know how to tell them she was actually leaving this time, that she'd gotten the plane ticket and she was leaving for New York in 24 hours. Well, maybe she'd tell them one at a time, would it be easier that way? Or should she jut tell them all at once?

She decided to tell them one by one, that way they could have a little convorsation and it would probably be easier on all of them.

She started with Dez.

"Hey, Dez, can I talk to you?" Ally asked, approached her red headed friend.

"Yeah, sure. I just have to finish up this video, I'm almost done." Dez replied.

5 minutes later, Dez's video was done and Ally was getting ready to do one of the hardest things she'd ever done. Come to think of it, she'd never been too good at goodbyes.

"Remember that school in New York from a few years ago?" Ally asked cautiously.

"Yeah, I am so glad you didn't go. Austin's career would've been destroyed." Dez sighed, 7 years later and he was still, well, not the brightest.

"Yeah, well, um, I reapplied, and..." Ally's voice trailed off.

"It's okay, Ally." Dez said soothingly.

"It is?" Ally perked up a little bit, who knew Dez could be so supportive?

"Yes, even though they rejected you-" Dez began.

"No, you're on the wrong track..." Ally mumbled, "They didn't reject me."

"Oh, so you're trying to figure out how to reject THEM. I get it." Dez nodded.

"DEZ! I'M MOVING TO NEW YORK!" Ally shouted, frustrated.

"What?" Dez asked.

"They accepted me, and I couldn't turn them down again, this could change my entire life." Ally told him.

"But you already went to that college up the street." Dez told her.

"Dez, that was a community college and it was only a 6 week course." Ally said, acting more like her usual self.

"But I don't see why you have to go so far away? I mean, why can't you just go to Florida State or I guess Georgia would be okay too, but not New York!" Dez pleaded.

"Dez, it's sweet that you're going to miss me, but... I have to go." Ally told him.

"I get it..." Dez murmered, "Austin's gonna be crushed, Ally. He really loves you." Dez said.

Ally blushed, I mean, they'd been dating for a few years but, he loved her?

"How are you gonna tell him?" Dez asked her.

"I have no idea." Ally sighed.

"Hey, Trish, what's up?" Ally asked, trying to act normal.

"Nothin much, hey, are we still going shopping next week?" Trish asked her friend.

"About that..." Ally sighed.

"You're canceling?" Trish groaned, sounding frustrated.

"Not exactly... I won't be here next week." Ally told her.

"Why not?" Trish questioned.

"Remember MUNY?" Ally asked her friend.

"Yeah..." Trish's voice trailed off and Ally knew that Trish saw where this was going.

"I'm going to New York." Ally finished.

"What?! You can't leave me here with those two morons!" Trish screamed, latching onto Ally as if her life depended on it.

"Hey! One of those two 'morons' is my boyfriend!" Ally protested.

"Why do you have to go? Didn't you go to that college down the-"

"It was only a 6 week course!" Ally screamed, cutting Trish off, "I swear you and Dez have more in common then you think." she mumbled.

"Ally." Trish let a tear escape her eyes as she hugged her friend, "Does Austin know yet?" Trish asked. Ally shook her head, no.

"Wassup?" Austin walked into Sonic Boom, where Ally still worked part time.

"Hey, Austin." Ally said quietly, and that's when Austin knew something was up. Trish wiped her eyes and went upstairs to the practice room.

"Alright, who died?" Austin asked. "Our relationship" Ally thought to herself.

"Austin, I have to just come right out and say this-"

"ARE YOU BREAKING UP WITH ME?!" Austin shouted.

"No... not exactly, I'm leaving." Ally mumbled, unable to meet his eyes.

"Leaving where?" Austin asked, sitting on the counter.

"Here." Ally responded.

"Where are you going?" Austin murmered.

"New York." Ally replied.

"New York?" Austin gasped.

"New York." Ally nodded.

"New York?" He repeated.

"Okay yeah... that Music Academy accepted me and I-"

"Save it. I gotta go." Austin mumbled, he stood and walked out the door.

"Great, now he's upset." Ally sighed.

"I'd be upset too, I mean to love of my life leaving me and going somewhere so far away, then there's the fact that she'd be with tons of possibly attractive guys who are interested in the same things as her, I mean, I'd be crushed." Dez rambled. Trish slapped the back of his head.

"You are not helping." Trish hissed. Dez glared at her and turned away. They began to argue back and forth, while Ally stood silently.

"You got everything?" Mr. Dawson asked, they were standing in the Miami Airport saying their final goodbyes to Ally (And everyone was crying by the way)

"I want you to remember me." Trish placed the heart necklace that she always wore in Ally's hand. Trish hugged her best friend tightly and for a few seconds they just let their tears fall. Then they pulled apart and Dez stepped forward.

"I want you to have this." Dez handed the short brunette a DVD. Ally could only wonder what was on it. Dez and Ally hugged Dez rubbed her back, trying to be the supportive friend he should've been from the begining. The only one left was Austin. And Ally started to debate whether or not she should do it, she wanted to, but did he?

"Bye, Als." Austin stepped closer to her and pulled her tight against his chest.

"What? No goodbye present?" Trish asked angrily. Ally glared at her, she was just happy Austin wasn't so upset anymore.

"This is all I brought." He took his hoodie off and handed it to her. She smiled, it smelled just like him.

"I'm gonna miss you." She said.

"Well, only 2 years and you'll be back." Austin reminded her, trying to make the best of things, as usual.

"I'm coming back for Winter Break." she smiled sadly.

"See you at Christmas then." Austin said, leaning down to kiss her. Some people stopped and Awww'd quietly, but kept going. Austin and Ally pulled apart and then she started off towards her plane, regretting every minute she could've done it, but didn' really should've done it, but it was too late now. She looked down at the object in her hand, then she slipped it into her jacket pocket and wiped the tears from her face.

Every hour on the plane felt like years to Ally. As soon as the plane lifted off the ground, she wanted so bad to turn back and do it! Just like Trish told her to. But she didn't, it was too late now. She'd made her decision and it was too late to change her mind. She sat in her seat, next to some sweet old woman who decided to show everyone pictures of her grandchildren.

Even after Ally got off the plane, she was regretting her choice to come here and not go through with her and Trish's plan. It seemed like everywhere she looked, there were blonde boys. It just made her feel even worse and she'd decided in her mind that after Chrismas break she was staying in Miami. There was no coming back to New York, Miami was her home.

"Excuse me?" Someone tapped Ally on the shoulder. Ally turned around, her face still damp with tears.

"Austin?!" she screamed. Sure enough, her boyfriend was standing right behind her, flanked by Trish and Dez on his right and left side.

"Did you know that Flight F41 would've gotten here 15 minutes earlier?" Austin asked, smiling. Ally threw her arms around him and cried happy tears.

"What are you doing here?!" Ally shouted, laughing.

"I had to say goodbye again, your dad paid for 3 tickets up here." Austin told her.

"We now owe your father $289.41." Dez added. Austin and Ally pulled apart and Trish mouthed "Do It". Suddenly, Ally's stomach was doing flips and turns. She pulled the box out of her pocket and got down on one knee.

"Um..." Ally started crying, after a few minutes of a very emotional Ally, a very proud Trish, a shocked Dez, and a confused Austin, Ally spoke up again, "See this is why girls don't do these kinds of things." She said, still crying.

Austin chuckled and joined her on one knee, he took the box from her hands and smiled, "Ally, I am so tired of losing you, will you marry me?"

"Yes, she will marry you!" Trish shouted, Ally smiled at her.

"Yes, of course!" Ally replied, Austin threw his arms around her waist and spun her around.

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Break Down These Walls

Austin Moon and Ally Dawson lead very different lives, he's a worldwide, sensational popstar, and she's just Renita Killman's songwriter. What happens when they cross paths?

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